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For examples of_nuclear_accidents


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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For examples of_nuclear_accidents

  1. 1. For examples of the nuclear accidents s1180212 Taisuke Kasai
  2. 2. Beginning of the presentation● Recently, the Fukushima nuclear plants are broken by the Tohoku earthquake.● We expose people working and living around the Fukushima nuclear plants.● But the nuclear accidents had happened on the world, and it had happened in Japan.● We should learn to have to do something for the nuclear plants from the nuclear accidents happened now.● Lets know about the nuclear accidents.
  3. 3. Before to know the nucler accidents● We should know effects of radiation on human health.● The radiation is measured as rem.● When you are exposed to ○ near 100 rems, you have ■ nausea, vomiting, headache, some loss of white blood cell ○ near 300 rems, you lose your hair. ○ 450 rems, you can be died. ○ 800 rems, it is certain that you are died.
  4. 4. Two atomic bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1)● The atomic bomb is a very cruel weapon.● Many people were died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the atomic bombs.● But there are more people killed by the radiation than people killed by the actual explosion .● For example, a case of 14-old boy exposed to radiation. ○ Two days later, the first signs come out on him. ○ Nine days later, his hair began to fall out, and his white blood cells decreased.
  5. 5. Two atomic bombs dropped is Hiroshima and Nagasaki (2) ○ On the seventeenth day he began to blood from his nose. ○ On the twenty-first day he died.● At that time, ○ There are only the few surviving doctors, and they hadnt examined and treated radiation patients. ○ So, they didnt know the cause of the symptoms and the method of treatment for radiation.● As a result, Many people died by the radiation● If the doctors knew the cause and the method of treatment , there may be some people living now.
  6. 6. The nuclear plants accident inChernobyl (1)● The nuclear plants accident in Chernobyl is more serious accident.● Because of happening the nuclear accident, though people used the Chernobyl to generate 1000 megawatt electricity, they didnt have any question plants, ignored, and were careless about the nuclear.● So they were late handling the nuclear plants accidents.
  7. 7. The nuclear plants accident in Chernobyl (2)● in the time of the nuclear accident, the nuclear plants spread the radiation like the nuclear bomb.● The explosion having gusses and radiation had happened because the people didnt think about the Chernobyl nuclear plants.● The radiation is in around the Chernobyl nuclear plants now.● They should had thought about the nuclear plants before the nuclear accidents.
  8. 8. Things learning for the nuclear accidents● We should needs to know the nuclear plants and the exposure of radiation, and prepare countermeasure against the nuclear accidents.● And we should prevent the nuclear accidents.● Because, the radiation remain for a long time.● Finally, ○ The nuclear accidents must not be happenned. ○ For that reason, we should know about the nuclear and make measures against it.