How craigslist works


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How craigslist works

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How craigslist works

  1. 1. S1180036 Taisuke HondaHow Craigslist Works
  2. 2. Introduction To Craigslist● Craigslist. org, originally a San Franciscocommunity electronic newsletter, is now one of themost visited English language Web sites, withlocal classifieds for more than 450 citiesworldwide.● The sites main function is to host classified adsthat cover practically every category you can thinkof, including housing, job postings, items for sale,services and personals.
  3. 3. The Craigslist Network(1)● Each craigslist site focuses on a specificcommunity. Originally, craigslist only listedclassifieds and announcements within SanFrancisco. As the service grew in popularity,expanding well beyond founder Craig Newmarksoriginal concept, craigslist added other cities to itsnetwork.● The first city to join the network was Boston in2000. Today, more than 450 cities have a craigslistcommunity site.
  4. 4. The Craigslist Network(2)● The executive team at craigslist maintains that thereason for the sites success is the usercommunity. The team believes that craigslist givesusers a place to communicate and help oneanother, fostering community spirit.● Craigslist members range from teenagers tosenior citizens. They post on the forums, shoponline, trade tips and make new friends.
  5. 5. Craigslist Financials(1)● In 1999, craigslist incorporated as a for-profitorganization. The company also purchased thedomain to prevent anyone frombuying it and misleading craigslist members.● Each year since then, craigslist has expanded tocover more cities and communities, becoming apowerful financial force in process.
  6. 6. Craigslist Financials(2)● The site earns revenue by setting fees for jobpostings in a few cities and for apartment listings inNew York City. The job posting fee in Boston, LosAngeles, New York City, San Diego, Seattle andWashington, D.C. is $25, while the fee in SanFrancisco is $75.● The fee authorizes the user to post a job in onecategory -- if the user wishes to post the same jobin multiple categories, he or she must pay a fee foreach one.
  7. 7. Craigslist Controversy● One of the biggest challenges for the craigslistcommunity is weeding out scam artists. The sitehas a section describing common scam tactics andwhat users should do if they come across them.● Scam might involve fake money orders or checks,bait-and-switch schemes, phishing schemesdesigned to obtain personal information, identitytheft schemes and other unethical and illegalactivities.
  8. 8. Conclusion● Craigslist communities appeal to a broad range ofusers. The simple, organized layout and helpfulsearch engine makes navigation easy.● They post on the forums, shop online, trade tipsand make new friends.● Various troubles and problems have occurred inCraigslist, but theres no denying itseffectiveness,while the site itself is the mostvisually interesting Internet destination.