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Summary of mobile app promoting strategy


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This is one of my work and an example of mobile app (Mercify) promoting strategy.

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Summary of mobile app promoting strategy

  2. 2. MERCIFY Mercify is the only app for raising money for charity by auctioning real life meetings. It is aimed to change our world for the better. Here you organize and auction off meetings of any kind. You can win a meeting with a celebrity, your industry guru, or love of your life. To make it simple, Mercify is an eAuction for meetings with the money sent to those who need it. The app gives us a chance to make friends, find partners, or even get professional advice. Not only we support such NGOs as CARE, German Doctors, OXFAM, or Habitat for Humanity but keep people united by helping them meet each other in real life. We socialize to help! 2
  4. 4. CHARITABLE FUND What you could offer to small and medium-sized funds Information partnership - interview / meeting with the partner, in which the partner receives a media kit (article with pictures, logos, links and @mercify), which translates into their social media. Also Mercify receives a similar media kit that broadcasts in their social media (This is not the same as to point the partner in the partner list). A separate variant is emailing (newsletters) and dispatching the media kit into messengers as well by partner, as by Mercify. In both cases, the partner asks for overall statistics of emails base, application’s audience and coverage in the social networks. What you could offer to big-sized funds The best option is a joint event, the more participating partners, the cheaper the cost will be for all the organization of the event. Do not forget about the media kit, which should be included in a price and will be expanded at the expense of souvenirs to the participants. 4
  5. 5. C E L E B R I T Y
  6. 6. CELEBRITY & INFLUENCERS What you could offer to Celebrity Those who have the audience 3M +, only money and / or expensive gifts. Do not forget here about the Media Kit, which should be posted into Mercify’s social media. What you could offer to Influencer From each community of funds is necessary to select local an Influencer or blogger (usually, they collect money for this funds) to make the media kit about one of its most successful campaign, specify its name, fund @mercify and share to save someone or something was activity. Do not forget about the media kit, which should be shared into so Mercify’s social media. 6
  8. 8. WHAT AND HOW MUCH TO WRITE ● 2 once a week - Advertising positions Mercify; ● 2 once a week - Events Company / video / events in the country / world / quotes; ● 1 once a ½ week - Articles about charitable funds; ● 1 once a 3 month - Stories of celebrity or bloggers / articles in news media; ● 1 once a 6 month - Contests for the audience soc. networks with good prizes; ● 1 once a month - Polls for audience in social media. PS: If possible is needed to increase the frequency of posts. Do not forget, this is not a complete list of topics of posts here to dispatch into Mercify’s social media. 8
  9. 9. CHANNELS & AUTOMATION ● Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, Twitter, In, Google+; ● Video content (live streaming) ● Website, email-marketing ● Messengers For cross-posting or broadcasting posts from one account to the above listed, use one platform - this will save time, allow to plan and analyze the reaction of the audience to the content. Do not forget to monitor the effectiveness in Analytics, Metrika, Google play and etc. Launch the Adwords advertising,, Yandex.Direct, Yahoo Ads, Youtube with targeting for language and country. Use remarketing for those who have not installed the application. PS: most importantly, with each country speak in their own language! For example, the United States, Russia and Germany, it will be English, Russian and German. One content should be translated into other languages and adapted for each country. 9
  10. 10. 10 SOCIALISE TO HELP
  11. 11. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION Taisiia Berg Zurich, Switzerland Skype: Phone: +41 78 669 65 36 Email: LinkedIn 11