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How to explain to your 13-year-old child in 2 minutes


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Published in: Business, Technology
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How to explain to your 13-year-old child in 2 minutes

  1. How to explain to your 13-year-old child in 2 minutes Tai Tran December 2008
  2. Characters Introduction Tim 13 year-old Secondary-school student Facebook user Chris In his 40s Recruitment Manager, HR Services Caravat user
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  4. Dad, wacha doin’ on ya lappy? I’m looking for a woman. A woman? Yup!
  5. Someone who is as smart and as beautiful as your mom. For what? For the position of a Marketing Director for my client. How ya do that??? I go over to this website named and look for one.
  6. What would you do if you find I’ll message her part of the one? offer. Then she might add me as a connection. Then I’ll follow up with more details via messaging and phones. Sounds like what my friends and I always do on Facebook! No dear, this is not Facebook. Oh yeah I know it’s professional like you call it. What I mean It looks like a Social Network on is, it’s another Social the façade, but it’s a head- Network. hunting portal in the core.
  7. If it’s a head- hunting portal then why don’t you go to Too much noise on Vietnamworks like Vietnamworks. There are you always have? every kind of job applicant there. I am in immediate need of someone who has extensive experience and leadership capabilities. Caravat centralizes the high- profile executives for me. Ah I see…
  8. BREAK 1
  9. Dad! Sis showed me CyVee last time. There’re many things about Caravat that Nah don’t worry about CyVee, look like CyVee Caravat is not competing directly with CyVee. Caravat is meant to supplements Vietnamworks. Supplement? How??? Like I told you, Caravat is an exclusive place for high-profile executives; Vietnamworks doesn’t do that.
  10. …Will she reply to your message? That is what I am hoping for… Will you two write on each other’ walls and give each other gifts? I’ll try myself, but she won’t have the time to. The connection on Caravat is just an excuse for us.
  11. BREAK 2
  12. …Dad?! Hmm? You’re looking for a woman as smart and as beautiful as Mom right? That’s right! So why don’t you just call Mom? … Darling, I don’t bring work home. Daaad! You’re currently at home at 9pm with your lappy hunting your target... I think you need a break from that Caravat thing. … OK, dear
  13. END
  14. Dependencies • The accuracy of this imaginary dialog depends on the author’s understanding of the product Navigos’ strategy • The probability of this dialog depends on the successful execution of the product the idea
  15. Are you a dare-dreamer? If you are, be more curious about ideas.
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