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Google Risks Explained


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A visual explanation of Google's Business Risks to non-geeks

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Google Risks Explained

  1. Google's Risks Explained<br />to my non-geek colleagues<br />Tai Tran<br />1 Sep 2010<br />
  2. The King of the Web<br />
  3. Who should Google fear?<br />I can name two gangs<br />
  4. Who should Google fear?<br />Social Media, led by<br />Mobile Gadgets, led by<br />
  5. Why Facebook?<br />
  6. Just two years ago<br />Search<br />Index<br />Return<br />Information<br />You<br />
  7. So what?<br />Search<br />Place Ads<br />Return<br />Display Ad<br />You<br />Advertisers<br />
  8. Today<br />Ask<br />Aggregate<br />Return<br />Connections<br />You<br />Search<br />Index<br />Return<br />Information<br />
  9. Facebook is particularly useful for<br />Product recommendations<br />Events<br />More personal information<br />
  10. and<br />Your profile<br />Your hobbies<br />Your mood<br />Your habits<br />Your connections<br />Facebook makes sure Google can't access its (your!) data<br />The great wall of Facebook<br />
  11. So what?<br />Ask<br />Sell Data<br />Place Ads<br />Return<br />Your profile<br />Your hobbies<br />Your mood<br />Your habits<br />Your connections<br />Display Ad<br />You<br />Advertisers<br />
  12. Why is it detrimental to Google?<br />Advertising budgets don't double for two kings<br />Google + Facebook+ Yahoo! + Others = 100% Budget<br />
  13.<br />
  14. Why Apple?<br />
  15. To make it clear for non-geeks<br />the Web  the Internet<br />
  16. This is the Web<br />You access the Web using a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari...)<br />
  17. This is the Internet<br />The Internet<br />Peer to Peer<br />The Web<br />Email<br />Others<br />
  18. One Perspective<br />Sources: Andrew Odlyzko, Cisco estimates based on CAIDA publications<br />Accessed from<br />
  19. Your interaction with the Internet isn't necessarily through the Web<br />Search<br />Index<br />Return<br />Information<br />You<br />Aggregate<br />Return<br />Mobile Gadgets<br />
  20. and<br />Your purchases<br />Apple makes sure Google can't access its data<br />The great wall of Apple<br />
  21. Your time does not stretch<br />Desktop Computer + Mobile Gadgets + Life = 100% Time<br />Why is it detrimental to Google?<br />One-trick-pony led by Apple<br />One-browser-fits-all Web led by Google<br />
  22. And here comes the bizarre<br />
  23. What are the implications for us?<br />
  24. Welcome to the world<br />with insanely overpriced & overhyped(*) gadgets<br />that are one-trick ponies<br />which give you your good time<br />(*) author's personal opinion<br />
  25. Welcome to the world<br />with better-equipped predators advertisers<br />I know where you slept last night<br />
  26. Welcome to the world<br />without (*) privacy<br />(*) or at least with much less<br />
  27. How much are you <br />paying for Facebook IPO?<br />Yuri Milner, Facebook Investor<br />
  28. Thank You<br />Tai Tran<br />Twitter: @taitran<br />LinkedIn:<br />Facebook:<br />LinkHay:<br />
  29. Reference<br />Fred Vogelstein, Great Wall of Facebook: The Social Network's Plan to Dominate the Internet — and Keep Google Out,<br />Chris Anderson & Michael Wolff, The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet,<br />Dan Frommer, iPad Owners Are So Desperate For A Facebook App That They're Paying For Bootlegs,<br />Conversations with @TanNg<br />