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  1. 1. Apple’s iPad - A Gadget of Success Style and User FriendlinessApple has taken the technology trends and made them successful as if onlyApple could do! Apple’s first tablet computer was launched in 1993 creatingfurther innovative series continuously. Apple took a U turn and enteredmobile computing industry in 2007.After so much of research andinnovation, iPad was announced again for the launch and ready to takemarket by a clean sweep! iPad’s touch screen display is just 25cm that 9.7inch. This screen has a scratch resistant glass as it has to be controlled byfingers. There are gloves specially designed for this purpose. iPad has builtin application for screen rotation. It can be rotated in four orientations. Onemore attractive feature is, it has a switch to lock out screen rotation system.The iPad may use Wi-Fi network. Tiny iPad has got two speakers. Volumeswitch is on the right side of the unit. This iPad ahs got a microphone whichcan be used for voice recording.iPad has an internal rechargeable battery. It is called lithium-ion battery. Ifthe iPad is turned on while being charged with a normal USB computer port,it will charge much more slowly. Apple says that iPad’s battery can offer 10hours of video where as 140 hours of audio play back. Otherwise you canuse one month steadily. Somehow, its battery once worn out, are not meantfor reusable or user replaceable. This small device was launched in threestorage sizes, 16, 32 and 64 GB! This inevitably leads us to the Apple iPad,which was released on April 3 2010. Originally, there were only Wi-Fienabled models quickly followed by the 3G + Wi-Fi ready on April 30 of thatsame month. With over 3 million sold in the first couple of months Apple hasyet again entered the technology arena ready for a fight.With new apps released daily and the iPads ability to either use existingiPhone and iPod Touch apps this adds plenty of uses from business topleasure and many in between. The iPad can load iPhone/iPod apps in theirnative resolution or double the size to fit the newer larger screen size.Simply by syncing your iPad with iTunes, you are able to port over all ofyour existing apps without any major problems. Some apps do not fully portover to the iPad but designers often release updated "HD" versions of theirapp exclusively for the iPad itself.There are two plans that are offered currently, the lower plan costs $15 andsupplies the user with 250MB. This will be sufficient for most considering youalways have the choice to fall back on a Wi-Fi network when available. Theother plan is slated to cost $25 and offer 2GB, which arguably for the priceoffers the better bang for the buck. This plan is good for jet setters andanyone that generally likes to get out and about while staying connected tothe world.
  2. 2. The iPad and iPhone share similar development environments but currentlyonly the iPhone and iPod Touch are on the newer IOS 4.0. 4.0 is scheduledto come out for the iPad late fourth quarter 2010 and will include suchfeatures as multi-tasking for simultaneous app use, folders so you can groupyour apps by category, and an updated unified email client for ease of use.The world is watching to see where the iPad fits into the market a year ortwo down the road and what plans Apple has to further current hold on themobile pc market. Apple has launched one more unique piece of style anduser friendliness that never disappoints!iPad Application Development is a must nowadays to go with the time.Author Bio: Leading iPad Application Development Company, SemaphoreSoftware possesses expertise in iPad Website Design & Games Development.Hire iPad Apps Developer having Vast Experience in iPad Verticals.