Unleashing the Arab Imagination


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We take a strategic view of cultural creation to present an initiative that targets key stages in the value chain to increase the supply of Arab cultural outputs and build regional cultural consumption, creating a more vibrant regional market for culture.

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Unleashing the Arab Imagination

  1. 1. The Arab Cultural InitiativeAbout Us Tahseen Consulting is an advisor on strategic and organizational issues facing governments, social sector institutions, and corporations in the Arab World. You can read more about our capabilities at tahseen.aePublic Sector ▲Social Sector Unleashing Arab ‫خيال‬Corporate ResponsibilityCONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARYAny use of this material without specific permission of Tahseen Consulting is strictly prohibited www.tahseen.ae | 1
  2. 2. The Arab Cultural Initiative supports a cooperative environment that will reawaken theregional cultural community thereby unleashing Arab imagination Potential Strategic Objectives of the Cultural Framework • Promote the role of culture in socio-economic development - the link between creativity in the cultural community and innovation • With a strong emphasis on the youth and The Framework Achieves These Objectives By disadvantaged, improve access to and Taking A Value Chain View of Culture and participation in culture while also promoting Influencing Priority Behaviors for Social Change cultural respect and learning • The Arab Cultural Initiative takes a strategic view • Stimulate creativity, imagination, and cross of the cultural value creation chain, which is a border dissemination of culture and the linked set of value-creating activities from movement of artists, creators, and other cultural production/creation to consumption by cultural professionals and their works consumers • Encourage strategic cultural planning initiatives at the community and local government levels; nurture businesses and organizations engaged in the production of cultural goods and services • Foster intercultural dialogue to promote mutual understanding of Arab culture and history | 2
  3. 3. The Initiative targets key stages in the value chain to increase the supply of Arab cultural outputsand build regional cultural consumption, creating a more vibrant regional market for cultureThe Cultural Value Creation Chain – How Culture is Created The Challenge Support initiatives in Consumption Conservation the upstream and Production Distribution and Participation and Preservation downstream cultural and Creation and Touring value chain that promote participation in and appreciation for Arab culture. Upstream Downstream Focus on downstream support mechanisms Focus on institutions, cultural suppliers, distribution such as access, education, and promotion Key Issues to Address• Linkage between creativity and innovation and economic development • Expanding access to culture through technology and institutional strengthening• Regional dissemination of culture and mobility of cultural professionals • Engaging youth to participate in culture• Funding for and cooperation between institutions/organizations/governments • Promoting intercultural dialogue as a bridge to mutual understanding• Strengthening cultural industries which are large employers of youth and women • Protecting and rehabilitating cultural heritage | 3
  4. 4. The Initiative plays a critical role in promoting participation and appreciation for culture, creatinga foundation of creativity to form knowledge based economiesThe Relationship Between Innovation and Creativity in a Knowledge Economy Social Impact Socio-economic impacts of Culture • A 2006 National Endowment for the Arts study demonstrates a clear link between cultural• Cultural disciplines are exemplary forms of knowledge production participation and community health.• Economic and social value is created when innovation and creativity are brought together. • Cultural participants, engage in positive civic• The practices cultural disciplines play an important role in creating environments that and individual activities—from exercise to stimulate enquiry, sharing, and diffusion of ideas critical to a knowledge economies charity work, from hiking to amateur sports league attendance—at higher rates. Source: http://www.nea.gov/pub/CivicEngagement.pdf Knowledge Economy Cultural Community Culture is an Economic Lever • Culture has become an essential component in Knowledge Infrastructure Cultural Incubators the quality of life, a source of tourist revenue and • Higher Education • Clusters of Activity a “creativity lever” for new goods and services. • R&D Spending • Creative Environment • The contribution of culture to employment • Science and Technology • Cross Disciplinary Interaction can vary from 3 to 7 % or more Source:http://www.oecd.org/document/50/0,3343,en_2649_3 4459_34918578_1_1_1_1,00.html Knowledge Infrastructure Cultural Incubators Enables Innovation Enable Creativity Strategic Intervention Requires a Dual Focus on Upstream and Downstream • Several programs support the upstream process Innovation policies and systems employ a Creative disciplines benefit from pull - the institution, the artist, or creator push strategy aimed at industry and strategies which target consumers to • Many cultural projects provide inadequate government channel members. facilitate flow from producer to end user. investment to facilitate upstream development and lack downstream support mechanisms such as distribution and promotion. | 4
  5. 5. • For Further Information About This Initiative ‫للمزيد من المعلومات عن هذه المبادرة‬ • To get a copy of the full presentation or to ‫للحصول على العرض التقديمي الكامل لهذه المبادرة يرجى االتصال‬ discuss the findings, please contact Wes wes.schwalje@tahseen.ae ‫بـ ويزلي شوالييه على العنوان‬ Schwalje wes.schwalje@tahseen.ae• For Inquiries About Our Services and ‫• لالستفسار عن خدماتنا ولعرض أفكاركم علينا‬ Requests for Proposals ‫لالستفسار عن خدماتنا أو عرض أفكاركم علينا يرجى االتصال بنا‬ To inquire about our services or submit a ‫عبر اإلنترنت باستخدام النموذج أدناه أو إرسال بريد إلكتروني إلى‬ request for proposal, please contact us using fikra@tahseen.ae the online form or send an e-mail to fikra@tahseen.ae• For Organizations Interested in Alliances ‫• بالنسبة للمنظمات التي لديها اهتمام بالدخول في اتفاقيات شراكة‬ ‫وفي تحالفات مع شركة تحسين لالستشارات‬ We are interested in opportunities where our technical skills and expertise can be used to ‫إننا مهتمون بالفرص التي يمكن من خاللها استخدام مهاراتنا‬ complement or diversify those of potential ‫وخبراتنا الفنية لتكميل أو لتنويع مهارات وخبرات شركائنا المحتملين‬ partners to pursue specific government funding ّ .‫بما يمكن من السعي للحصول على تمويل حكومي أو عقود تجارية‬ opportunities, commercial contracts, or RFPs. ‫لبدء نقاش حول الدخول في تحالف مع شركة تحسين لالستشارات‬ To begin a discussion about entering into an alliance with Tahseen Consulting, please ‫يرجى االتصال بوليد العرادي على العنوان‬ contact Walid Aradi at walid.aradi@tahseen.ae walid.aradi@tahseen.ae• For Members of the Press or Media ‫• بالنسبة للعاملين في الصحافة أو في وسائل اإلعالم‬ For media inquiries, please contact Wes ّ ‫لالستفسارات المقدمة من قبل وسائل اإلعالم يرجى االتصال بـ‬ Schwalje at wes.schwalje@tahseen.ae wes.schwalje@tahseen.ae ‫ويـزلي شـوالييه على العنوان‬