A Regional Institution for Improving the Quality of Education


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There are many opportunities for synergies through cooperation between regional education quality programs as well as clear areas of overlap which can benefit from consolidation. We articulate an integrated approach for a regional quality institution that promotes interorganizational synergies and cooperation to drive a cohesive, unified regional quality improvement strategy.

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A Regional Institution for Improving the Quality of Education

  1. 1. Higher Education Quality Assurance in the Arab WorldAbout Us Tahseen Consulting is an advisor on strategic and organizational issues facing governments, social sector institutions, and corporations in the Arab World. You can read more about our capabilities at tahseen.aePublic Sector ▲Social Sector Thought Piece on Creating an Integrated Regional ApproachCorporate ResponsibilityCONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARYAny use of this material without specific permission of Tahseen Consulting is strictly prohibited www.tahseen.ae
  2. 2. Activities of international organizations and emergent locally grown initiatives are complementary Summary of core program activity for pan Arab educational quality initiatives International Organizations Emergent Local Organizations UNDP Arab Society for Quality Assurance in Education• Program assessment (completed from 2002), institutional reviews, and • Technical assistance to education institutions and quality assurance student testing (Arabization of standardized tests) agencies and program accreditation• Quality Enhancement support • Research/information dissemination• Publications/dissemination of information through newsletter, websites, • Professional development and training and other outlets (regional benchmark reports) • Establishing quality assurance expert database and practitioner network• Training on evaluation methodology and performance monitoring • International participation in quality assurance networks (affiliation through training of trainers network (100 member ToT network) w/CHEAA (USA) QAA (UK))Core Competencies: Training network, established university Core Competencies: Strong advisory board, well articulated membership relationships, in country offices, management expertise, international services model, inclusive org. structure, strong leadership consultants, program review and student testing UNESCO Arab Network for Quality Assurance of Higher Education• Training and technical assistance targeted at Ministries, quality • Evaluating quality assurance agencies assurance agencies, accreditation authorities, and academic institutions • Standards/guidelines for quality assurance agencies/ institutions• Spreading quality culture by support of Arab Association of Universities • Facilitate quality assurance research, studies, and best practices• Studies, research, and information exchange on quality standards • Cooperation with regional and international quality assurance bodies (conducted feasibility study for regional quality institute) (UNESCO, Arab Assoc. Univ., Intl. Network of Quality Assurance)• Strengthen regional and international cooperation on quality standardsCore Competencies: Management expertise, in country offices, Core Competencies: Strong leadership, strong advisory board, quality govt./universities buy in through prior feasibility study, supports local agency focus, affiliated with Arab Assoc. of Universities and UNESCO initiatives, intl. consultants, intl. best practices backing, intl. affiliations, membership/networking services | 1
  3. 3. There are many opportunities for synergies through cooperation between quality programs as well as clear areas of overlap which can benefit from consolidation … Program Activities UNDP UNESCO ANQAHE ASQAE Setting Standards Currently Doing Program Assessment Has Proposed Technical Assistance Quality Enhancement Accreditation Knowledge and Research Awareness, Training, Education Network and Stakeholder EngagementSource: Interviews, Received Proposals, HE Situational Analysis | 2
  4. 4. Intl orgs. played a strong role in the past but a new era that builds local institutions, increasescooperation, and reflects Arab Interests is possible Support International Organization to Lead Regional Support Emergent Local Organizations In Cooperation With Education Quality Initiatives Intl. Orgs. to Lead Regional Education Quality Initiatives (Traditional Approach) (New Approach) Examples of Intl. Orgs. Include UNDP & UNESCO Examples of Local Orgs. Include ANQAHE & ASQAHE Strategic Rationale for This Approach Strategic Rationale for This Approach • Intl orgs have significant implementation experience, pull from • Inclusive of key regional stakeholders; local responsibility in addressing international best practices, and have large consultant pools challenges while stressing local institutional capacity building • Intl. orgs. have in country offices, providing local oversight capabilities • Establishes a new regional higher education quality vision that is consistent with Arab needs and no longer defined by external parties • More experienced with development methodologies and financial / program management • Reinforces role as a change driver in region which promotes collaboration and a shared vision of the future • Existing programs that could fast track impact • Enables implementation of many of other proposed higher education Potential Risks With This Approach interventions though training and membership networks • Development agenda is defined by outsiders and continued funding is Potential Risks With This Approach based on political will • Uncharted territory -organizations have less implementation experience • Intl. orgs. serve as replacements for local initiatives and institutions • Remaining free from direct government engagement • Reinforces passivity in which intl. orgs expected to shoulder • Achieving stakeholder buy in and participation in decision making responsibility for solving development challenges This change requires supporting emergent local organizations in cooperation with intl. orgs. • Leverage experience of international organizations to create a strong, locally grown quality institution to meet current and future challenges • Exploit resources/capabilities of constituent organizations to create a new integrated organization with a common agenda • Promote local solutions to local problems with international organizations playing a complementary role | 3
  5. 5. • For Further Information About This Initiative ‫للمزيد من المعلومات عن هذه المبادرة‬ • To get a copy of the full presentation or to ‫للحصول على العرض التقديمي الكامل لهذه المبادرة يرجى االتصال بـ‬ discuss the findings, please contact Wes wes.schwalje@tahseen.ae ‫ويزلي شوالييه على العنوان‬ Schwalje wes.schwalje@tahseen.ae• For Inquiries About Our Services and Requests for ‫• لالستفسار عن خدماتنا ولعرض أفكاركم علينا‬ Proposals ‫لالستفسار عن خدماتنا أو عرض أفكاركم علينا يرجى االتصال بنا عبر‬ To inquire about our services or submit a request for ‫اإلنترنت باستخدام النموذج أدناه أو إرسال بريد إلكتروني إلى‬ proposal, please contact us using the online form or fikra@tahseen.ae send an e-mail to fikra@tahseen.ae• For Organizations Interested in Alliances ‫• بالنسبة للمنظمات التي لديها اهتمام بالدخول في اتفاقيات شراكة وفي‬ ‫تحالفات مع شركة تحسين لالستشارات‬ We are interested in opportunities where our technical skills and expertise can be used to complement or ‫إننا مهتمون بالفرص التي يمكن من خاللها استخدام مهاراتنا وخبراتنا‬ diversify those of potential partners to pursue specific ّ ‫الفنية لتكميل أو لتنويع مهارات وخبرات شركائنا المحتملين بما يمكن‬ government funding opportunities, commercial ‫من السعي للحصول على تمويل حكومي أو عقود تجارية. لبدء نقاش‬ contracts, or RFPs. To begin a discussion about entering into an alliance with Tahseen Consulting, ‫حول الدخول في تحالف مع شركة تحسين لالستشارات يرجى االتصال‬ please contact Walid Aradi at walid.aradi@tahseen.ae walid.aradi@tahseen.ae ‫بوليد العرادي على العنوان‬• For Members of the Press or Media ‫• بالنسبة للعاملين في الصحافة أو في وسائل اإلعالم‬ For media inquiries, please contact Wes Schwalje at ّ ‫لالستفسارات المقدمة من قبل وسائل اإلعالم يرجى االتصال بـ ويـزلي‬ wes.schwalje@tahseen.ae wes.schwalje@tahseen.ae ‫شـوالييه على العنوان‬