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Class 5 early hotels mile markers boats 2015


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Hotels Mile Markers Boats

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Class 5 early hotels mile markers boats 2015

  1. 1. You know you’re a Tahoe Local if: You have gone off- roading in a vehicle that was never intended for such activities.
  2. 2. Week 5  Today’s date is October 29, 1846 where was the Donner Party?
  3. 3. Week #5  Mile Markers on Highway 50 from Placerville  Early Hotels and Luxury Resorts  Sail Boats and Steamers
  4. 4. “By the end of the 1860’s granite markers marking each mile had been erected.”Landauer pg 70 “The current markers date to 1907” Highway 50
  5. 5. Granite Markers on Highway 50  Right side of the road going towards Tahoe from Placerville.  All mile numbers are estimates from Placerville.  To be safe let the passenger find them on the trip to or from Placerville.  Some were constructed by Folsom prisoners. A large number made prior to the depression were stacked at Riverton.
  6. 6. Placerville Court House
  7. 7.  1853 the 3 Mile House was built in Smith Flat over the Deep Blue Lead Mining Channel. 3 Mile House became Home Ranch, now called the Smith Flat House Center for Health. Deep Blue Lead Mine was the best known and one of the richest in Placerville area.
  8. 8. Five Mile House
  9. 9. Cal Trans Camino Station Mile 10
  10. 10. MILE MARKER 13 is on Pony Express Trail.
  11. 11. Fresh Pond Old sign.  A house and ranch were built here in 1861 where several wagon roads converged, including the popular Gold Rush-era Johnson’s Cutoff route, which dropped from here into the canyon of the South Fork of the American River.  The Fresh Pond stop dates back to the 1950's. 1966 a Chevron gas station and a Greyhound Bus station. In 1983, everything but the sign was demolished. Since 2005 there is a new Chevron gas station/convenience store and restoration of the Fresh Pond sign.
  12. 12. Pacific House 1910
  13. 13. 1859 Pacific House was a roadside hotel. Horace Greeley and Mark Twain were visitors.
  14. 14. Bridal Veil Falls
  15. 15. 1915 Bridal Veil Falls
  16. 16. 1901 Riverton Bridge Construction
  17. 17. Sugar Loaf
  18. 18. 36
  19. 19. `
  20. 20. Old Strawberry
  21. 21. 1859 – The name Strawberry, came from Berry's alleged practice of feeding travelers' horses with straw, while the owners had paid for hay. Yet another story indicates that Berry’s lodge featured thin straw mattresses. Visitors would call for “More straw, Berry!” Hence the name – Strawberry.
  22. 22. Swan Henry Toll Road
  23. 23. There is a bowling alley in the basement
  24. 24. Slippery Ford Those who traveled on their own were at peril from many hazards like the killings at Slippery Ford in 1875. Laundauer pg 69
  25. 25. Slippery Ford Bridge
  26. 26. Phillips  Established in 1862 as a stage stop and way station. Located at the turn off for Sierra at Tahoe Ski Resort.
  27. 27. Echo Summit
  28. 28. 51
  29. 29. Approximating Mile Maker 55
  30. 30. Early Hotel and Luxury Resorts 1850’s (+) in the Upper Lake Valley  1861 Yank Clement- “Yanks” three story 14 room house. For passengers and Pony Express. Two saloons eventually became a small village on the Great Bonanza Road.  1873 Yank sold to George Meyers and moved to Tallac Point.
  31. 31. Ephraim “Yank” Clement  In 1861 Yank purchased from Martin Smith and developed into a complex (boomtown).  Stables, 14 room hotel, barn livestock corral, Pony Express riders, blacksmith, stockyard, slaughter house, wagon repair saloons, stop for stagecoaches.  1873 sold to George Meyers.  Ceilo family had the hotel open into the 1920’s.
  32. 32. Barton House
  33. 33. The First Tahoe Hotel on the Lake Highway 50  1859 Lake House – 8 room house. Judge Seneca Dean, nephew and William Lapham east of the Truckee Marsh. After 1868 fire rebuilt by Tom Rowland.  Judge Dean, W. VanWagner and R.G.Dean proposed the name Lake Tahoe and Tahoe City. Lekisch pg 127
  34. 34. *Lapham’s Hotel Highway 50  Stateline ran through the hotel
  35. 35. Lapham’s Stateline prior to 1899
  36. 36. . To Reno To Carson City 8989 89 28 28 431 50 207 Lake Tahoe 1860 Fridays Station Friday Burke and James Small 1860 Augustus Pray (Glenbrook) Lake Shore House and saw mills. 1863 Lou Colbarth and Joe Winters Glen Brook House 1865 Zephyr Cove House 1867 Pomin’s Tahoe House 1864 M.L. King built Kings Hotel 1869 Tahoe City Hotel 1871 Grand Central Hotel. Chambers Landing Sugar Pine Point Emerald Bay Idlewild 1859 Lake House 1860 Lapham’s
  37. 37. Is Tahoe City a City?  1864 Tahoe City William Pomin built home.  1864 M.L. King King’s Hotel.  1867 William Pomine Tahoe Hotel.  1869 M.L. King remodeled and called it the Tahoe City Hotel.  1871 M.L. King (A.J. Bayley was the owner according to Saga I pg 29) remodeled and called it the Grand Central Hotel. By 1875 up to 200 guests were dinning.
  38. 38. M.L. King’s Grand Central Hotel Grand Central Meat Market Pomin’s Tahoe House Cardwell’s Bowling Alley J. A. Toulman
  39. 39. By 1863  Over 24 establishments were in operation around the lake. The shore line was linked by the steamer Governor Blasdel belonging to Augustus Pray (Glenbrook).  A resort could make a profit if it had a pier and was connected to the rest of the lake resorts.  1864 Nevada joins the Union (during the Civil War) and the United States residents have come to stay.
  40. 40. One Minute Review  What was the most useful or meaningful thing you learned during this session?  What question(s) remain upper-most in your mind as we end this session?
  41. 41. Tahoe Sailboats and Steamers
  42. 42. You know you’re a Tahoe Local if: You design your child's Halloween costume to fit over a snow suit.
  43. 43. Irene Mayn waves good bye 1915 c. Lady in the gold suit mural is located at Government building near Fox Gas Station.
  44. 44. Sailboats  Cargo Carrying sail boats  1860 Fish and Ferguson’s Iron Duke (Duke of Wellington) could handle up to 125 tons, 60 feet long 50 feet tall masts. Would work with the wind.  In 1862 hay brought 240 tons at $250/ton on the south shore. *Hauled Tahoe City and Squaw Valley hay from North Shore to South Shore for the animals used to haul equipment to Virginia City. Saga I pg 26. Unpredictable schedule. In service for 24 years, burned in 1884.
  45. 45. . To Reno To Carson City 8989 89 28 28 431 50 207 Lake Tahoe 1860 Iron Duke Route 1859 Lake House 1860 Augustus Pray (Glenbrook) saw mill supply house. 1860 Laphams1861 Taylor’s Landing Bijou pier 1864 Tahoe City Chambers Landing
  46. 46. Steamers  1863 Augustus Pray (developer of Glenbrook) launched the steamer H.G. Blaisdel (the name of the future first governor of Nevada)  42 feet long 24 feet beam - paddle. Towed log booms and some passengers.  The first steamer on the lake with daily cruises on Lake Tahoe.  After 13 years of service its boiler exploded.  In 1877, it was beached and sold for firewood. First Nevada Governor H.G. Blaisdel
  47. 47. Emerald I  1870 Ben Holladay’s Emerald 55 feet long 12 feet beam.  The first Emerald, arrived in Truckee by flatcar, carried by the new Central Pacific Railroad.  Powered by an underwater propeller, rather than paddle wheels.  Made daily cruises around Lake Tahoe.  1874 purchased by D.L. Bliss for towing. It could make 12 miles an hour and in addition to hauling freight and towing log booms, often carried passengers. It continued in service until 1881. 11 years
  48. 48. 1863 - 1872  Governor Blasdel  Emerald  Truckee  There were many sail boats but they were the only steamers on the lake.
  49. 49. 1872 Governor Stanford Governor Stanford at McKinneysGovernor Stanford at Custom House Tahoe City W.W. Laphams (Lapham’s Fish Market and Landing) wooden hull, 92 length, 16 feet beam, 125 passenger, 75 horse power, 7 knots side-wheeler, demolished 1883 winter storm. Daily cruises around Lake Tahoe. 11 years in service.
  50. 50. Niagara  1875 Niagara was launched by J. A. Todman. It was 83 feet long and had a 10-foot beam. 50-horsepower steam engine, propeller and could barely make four knots.  “The Niagara held the all time record of slowness in marine transportation on Lake Tahoe.”  1876 sold to Fish and Ferguson, the owners of the sailboat the Iron Duke, used to slow but steadily. It hauled freight and up to 35 passengers.  It was fully outfitted with every modern convenience, including life preservers, and suited tourists who were more used to sailboats, and therefore not in a hurry.  1880 sold to Hobart and towed logs to the mill at Incline Village NV.  In 1905, 30 years of service it became firewood.
  51. 51. Baldwin’s Tallac – D.L. Bliss’ Nevada  1890 Lucky Baldwin’s Tallac 60 feet long, 11 foot hull, carried 40 people. E. J. “Lucky” Baldwin, wanted a luxury steamer to serve the patrons at his hotel.  The second year, while tied up at the hotel's pier, it caught fire and burned to the steel hull. It was towed to Tahoe City and 25 feet was added. 12 knots  1896 Sold to Bliss and was renamed Nevada.  Lasted 50 years, scuttled
  52. 52. Nevada
  53. 53. Steamer Tahoe  6/24/1896 D.L. Bliss Steamer Tahoe, 169 feet steel, two boilers, two - 4’10” diameter props, 18½ knots, 1200 horse power, 200 passengers mail and cargo.  Daily trips around Lake Tahoe until 1934. EB Scott Saga Tahoe I pg 433  Docked in Tahoe City until 1940.  August 29, 1940 towed by the Captian Saxton and son Jerry Saxton Quic Cha Kiddin and scuttled near Glenbrook. Mr. Ham opened the petcocks.  The Bliss family scuttled the Meteor 4/1940, SS Tahoe 8/1940 and Tallac / Nevada 10/1940 and scrapped the Emerald II and sold the parts to a boat builder in San Diego in 1940. 1940 was the last year for the commercial steamers on Tahoe. Lyndall Baker Landauer Ph.D Steamboats of Lake Tahoe 1996 Lake Tahoe Historical Society pg 19  Quic Cha Kiddin can be seen in the boat house next to the Boat House Theater near Camp Richardson.
  54. 54. Fremont’s Cannon (replica) Firing at the SS Tahoe’s 1896 Launch
  55. 55. .
  56. 56. August 29, 1940 Going to Glenbrook Quic Cha Kidin SS Tahoe
  57. 57. Steamer Tahoe Life Boat. The other is said to be in the Carson City Rail Museum.
  58. 58. 1936 Quic Chakidn
  59. 59. Tevis’ Consuelo”William Saunders Tevis, Sr's magnificent 72 foot, $60,000 twin screw Consuelo, a product of the Twigg's yards in 1909, purchased by George Newhall in 1915, and burning in Newhall's Rubicon Bay boathouse five years later.” Saga I pg 436 Pope’s Sheik Mfg Elco Tallant purchased land in 1894 from Baldwin, then sold to Tevis in 1899, who sold to Pope in 1923.
  60. 60. Boat House in Tallac Estate
  61. 61. . The Highest Lighthouse in the World is at Lake Tahoe. Where is it?  Sugar Pine Point
  62. 62. Where is the Old Light House Located? . Rubicon Point near D.L. Bliss State Park
  63. 63. Faster Boats  1925 Lucky Strike II 85 mph  1927 Mercury “Worlds Fastest”  Thunderbird: Whittell’s and Harrah’s  Tahoe Miss Bill Harrah’s Hydroplane 150+ mph at Tahoe, 200 mph at sea level.
  64. 64. L. Gordon Hamersley 1925  The V-12 produced 625 horsepower.  First all aluminum race boat ever built. At speeds of 67 mph the boat wanted to ride up on its chine and threatened to roll-over. Clarke determined the Allison was unsafe .
  65. 65. R. Stanley Jr. 1937  R. Stanley Jr. acquired the aluminum racer from Hammersley in 1937 and brought her to Lake Tahoe.  Seventy-five years after her first victory, the boat would go back in the water under her own power. A Mercury Marine, V-8, 420 hp. Subsequent operation has proved the weight to power ratio of the new configuration to be the best ever. Running on Tahoe at 6,226 feet above sea-level, at about 90% of throttle, she was recently clocked by a follow boat at 55 mph.  August of 2003, Mercury made her debut at the Concourse d'elegance, Tahoe's annual antique boat show.
  66. 66. Whittells’ Thunderbird  Purchased in 1939 for $87,000  55-foot Hacker – art deco-era designed  Honduran mahogany wood  Two Allison Aircraft V-1710 engines. 1936, 1000 horsepower, V-12 was WWII aircraft.  Recent applications; tractor pull competitions have tuned the V-1710 to 4,000 horsepower.  Gallon consumed for fuel on average - ½ mile per gallon.  Bill Harrah, “70 mph cocktail lounge.”  2007 operations and maintenance $200,000 per year. Tahoe Daily Tribune August 10-12, 2007 Julie Brown Lockheed - P38 Lightening Bell – P39 Aracobra Curtiss - P40K Shark mouth
  67. 67. DC-3 Duisenberg
  68. 68. Thunderbird prior to Bill Harrah
  69. 69.  George Whittell’s Thunderbird.  Refinished by Bill Harrah
  70. 70. US Coast Guard on Lake Tahoe ?  Coast Guard started 1916.  Closed in 1988.  Reopened in 1989. . To Reno To Carson City 8989 89 28 28 431 50 207 Lake Tahoe
  71. 71. One Minute Review  What was the most useful or meaningful thing you learned during this session?  What question(s) remain upper-most in your mind as we end this session?
  72. 72. Next Week #6  This week  Early Hotels  Mile Markers  Boats  Next week  Tahoe Natural Wonders second hour  Railroads  Lure of Lake Tahoe