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Tahir Chaudhry

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Prof networking (new version)

  1. 1. ByTahir ChaudhryPresident & CEOFalcon Engineering Group
  2. 2. 4/17/2013 HR FORUMAgenda1. Learning Objectives Networking – What is it?2. Elements of Networking3. Physical and Virtual Networking4. Networking with Confidence5. Career Networking Evaluating Your Networks
  3. 3. At the completion of this training program, you will be able to:• Define the what and why of networking• Identify different types of networking• Apply techniques for networking with confidence• Use networking to promote career development, both inside and outsideyour organization4/17/2013 HR FORUMLearning Objectives
  4. 4. Networking – What is it?and what does itmean toYOU?4/17/2013 HR FORUM
  5. 5. • It’s not superficial connections and lunching.• It’s not about handing out business cards.• It’s not about asking for a job.• It’s not about short term payback.• It’s not about hanging with your friends and calling it networking.4/17/2013 HR FORUMWhat Networking is NOT:
  6. 6. • network / nétwerk n. & v. aGroup of people who exchange information, contacts, andexperience for professional or social purposes.(The Oxford Dictionary)4/17/2013 HR FORUMNetworking: What is it?
  7. 7. What is Networking?Establishing contacts with a purpose.4/17/2013 HR FORUM
  8. 8. • Networking is a Two-Way Street• Sharing information• Sharing contacts• Introducing people• Doing favors• Asking for help• Acknowledging support4/17/2013HR FORUMWhat is Networking?
  9. 9. The Networking AttitudeIt’s Not What You Can Do For Me,But What ICan Do for You!4/17/2013 HR FORUM
  10. 10. You already “know” 10,000 people.• Each of us has about 500 contacts• How well you know them, that’s anotherissue.4/17/2013 HR FORUMElements of Networking
  11. 11. People with direct influence on your job• Your boss• Your subordinates• HR• Accounting• Your pals4/17/2013 HR FORUMYour Work Network
  12. 12. "Doing business without advertising is likewinking at a girl in the dark.(Steuart Henderson Britt)4/17/2013 HR FORUM
  13. 13. WHYNETWORK ?Your network is your net worth.4/17/2013 HR FORUM
  14. 14. • School Alumni• Professional organizations:HR, Accountancy• Conferences even set asidetime for networking.• Speed networking• BNI – Business NetworksInternational• Theosophical Society• Chambers of Commerce•TRG•Burn Society of Friday Club and Yoga•Rotary Club•YPO•Art of Living•Breakfast Club•DIYA•21st Century Business Forum•Synergy Trainers forum•Distinguished Secretaries Society ofPakistan4/17/2013 HR FORUMPhysical Networking
  15. 15. Virtual Networking4/17/2013 HR FORUM
  16. 16. • Set your networking goal. Why are you going to this event?• to learn something new• gather business intelligence• for social reasons• to meet a specific person or two new people.• Dress Code• Business Cards• Be ready to answer the question: So, what do you do?• Your 30 Second Self Introduction: OM34/17/2013 HR FORUMNetworking: With Confidence
  17. 17. DURING• First Impressions• Approach NEW people• It’s Not What You Say, It’s What You Ask!4/17/2013 HR FORUMNetworking: With Confidence
  18. 18. • First 10 Seconds = 7 encounters• Stand tall• Smile Confidently• 55% Body Language• Impressions formed by 10 elements:Verbal NonverbalTone ClothingChoice of Words PostureAttitude Facial ExpressionsRate GesturesEnunciation Hair4/17/2013 HR FORUMFirst Impressions
  19. 19. DURING• First Impressions• Approach NEW people• It’s Not What You Say, It’s What You Ask!4/17/2013 HR FORUMNetworking: With Confidence
  20. 20. The 4 “E’s”• Establish…………….. eye contact and smile• Extend…………………Your hand• Engage………………… in conversation• Exchange…………….. business cards(if appropriate)4/17/2013 HR FORUMAgenda
  21. 21. • Get hung up with one conversation – move around…• Stay in your comfort zone and only talk to people just like you!• Make a promise you can’t or won’t keep!• Be a wallflower – show initiative and make the first move…4/17/2013 HR FORUMNetworking Don’ts
  22. 22. • Safe Topics:– Public information – read the newspapers– Travel– Business• Avoid:– Politics– Religion– personal questions, money, health4/17/2013 HR FORUMRisk Free Conversations
  23. 23. • Use first and last names• Introduce junior person to senior person. Senior = position orage, not gender.• Forget someone’s name? Don’t fake it, admit it.4/17/2013 HR FORUMMaking Introductions
  24. 24. AFTER• It’s an investment; get ROI• Effort• Time• Money• Calendarize follow-up within 48 hours• Email or handwritten note• Review• Add to database• Follow-up, give something away• Maintenance, 2x a year4/17/2013HR FORUMNetworking: With Confidence
  25. 25. • Tools• Computer Databases• Hand-Held Organizers• Business Card File• Index Cards• What to Record?• Name• Address• Phone Number• What school & major• Who they work for• Who introduced you• Key ConversationsThe key is to use anysystem that will keepyou organized andeffective in building anddeveloping yournetwork!Tip – Always bringsomething to putbusiness cards in4/17/2013 HR FORUMOrganize Your Network
  26. 26. • Follow-Up Immediately – Don’t Wait!• Send Thank You Notes/Letters• Send Holiday Cards• Remember and Acknowledge Birthdays, Anniversaries and Special Occasions• Update Contacts when important events happen in your Life• Keep your contact information up to date. Inform others of when you move or changephone numbers.• If involved in any type of group, attend meetings regularly• Find out what YOU can do to help those in your networkYOU MUST MAKE THE EFFORT!!!4/17/2013 HR FORUMMaintain Your Network
  27. 27. Tom Peters writes“We are CEO’s of our own companies: Me Inc”4/17/2013 HR FORUMCareer Networking
  28. 28. Your brand is a perception oremotion, maintained by somebody other thanyou, that describes the total experience ofhaving a relationship with you.4/17/2013 HR FORUMKnow your Brand!
  29. 29. • Up, with your bosses...• Down, with your subordinates...• Laterally, with peers inside and outside thecompany.In all three directions, effective networkingmeans that you identify key relationships, buildmutual understanding and act in ways thatbenefit both sides.4/17/2013 HR FORUM360 Degree Networking
  30. 30. • Why evaluate?• Meeting goals• Not meeting goals4/17/2013 HR FORUMEvaluating your Network
  31. 31. “Do not lie in a ditch and say God helpme. Use the lawful tools He hath sentthee.”- English Proverb4/17/2013 HR FORUMAgenda
  32. 32. It’s not whether you are looking for newopportunities or not, you should ALWAYS belooking for new opportunities.4/17/2013 HR FORUMAgenda
  33. 33. “If you want to be prosperous for a year, grow grain.If you want to be prosperous for ten years, grow trees.If you want to be prosperous for a lifetime, grow people”- Proverb4/17/2013 HR FORUMAgenda
  34. 34. "Networking is not a numbers game.The idea is not to see how many people you canmeet; the idea is to compile a list of people you cancount on. "- Harvey Mackay4/17/2013 HR FORUMAgenda
  35. 35. 4/17/2013 HR FORUM