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Resume and Cover Letter Writing Session - Taher - Resala - Ver 2.3


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The Presentation of "CV Writing" Session at Resala NGO Nasr City

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Resume and Cover Letter Writing Session - Taher - Resala - Ver 2.3

  1. 1. Practical Tips  Sharing Some ExperienceBy: Taher Abdel-Hameed
  2. 2. Taher Abdel-Hameed Graduated from Faculty of Commerce – English Section – Business Administration Got two scholarships .... Business & Managerial Skills Worked in Sales and business development in training industry Then focused on my beloved career “Marketing” in a software company And nowadays I am freelance Marketing Professional Oops! and was a Job Seeker for 4 Months & this is why I am here today
  3. 3. 1. .........................2. .........................3. .........................
  4. 4. Do you think you have to do this?
  5. 5. Real?!
  6. 6. Know Yourself in General Know Your Dream JobWrite Your Resume & Cover Letter Job Searching Techniques Interviews & Offers Getting Your Job Feedback & Sharpen your Skills
  7. 7.  A brief history of your qualifications that you prepare for potential employers. It is Not to obtain a job. Simply to get an Opportunity to Interview Then in Interview SELLING YOURSELF It is an advertisement of your abilities .... so make it Perfect.
  8. 8. CV Comprehensive. 3 – 5 pages, but can be much more. Emphasizes professional experience, qualifications, accomplishments & activities. European StyleResume Brief. 1 – 2 pages maximum. Summary of personal & educational information as well as experience, qualifications, accomplishments & activities. American Style
  9. 9.  Who will Read it? ◦ HR Professional, Administrative, etc....... ◦ They are Humans   So there is NO one-solution- fits-all KISS: Keep It Simple & Short ‫أكتب ما تمتلكة من مهارات و إمكانيات بأحسن طريقة‬
  10. 10.  There are many types but the most famous are:1. Chronological form: ◦ job experience lists in reverse chronological order (Latest Positions are the first) ◦ clear & logical2. Functional form: ◦ arrange work experience according to areas of skill ◦ draws attention to accomplishments3. Creative Resume: if your career support that e.g. Media, Marketing, Graphics, etc…
  11. 11.  Prepare Your Pen Separated white Paper Volunteer Please ?
  12. 12.  Heading (Name & Contacts) Career Objective Education Experience Courses You Can Order it according to Importance Activities Relevance Languages Skills Eye-Catch Computer Skills Awards & Honors Hobbies/Interests Personal Details References
  13. 13.  Your Name in a big font Your Contacts: Phones , Mobile , Email , Online Profiles on Social Media Networks Your Address & City Hint: Regarding your address details ◦ If it’s far form Company Location write it at the end of Resume..... Why?
  14. 14.  Never put your photo except in these Cases: 1. Don’t put picture unless it is requested 2. If you will work as Model ???!!!!!! What if your name maybe Male or Female 1. You can put your photo 2. Next to Your Name write (Male or Female) with small font 3. You can select a nickname in your business life   Examples: Salama Vs. Salma  Be: Ahmed Salama Sahar ‫ ساهر‬Vs. /Saher ‫سحر‬ Reda – Alaa – Walaa – Islam – Nour ….etc…
  15. 15. Note Address !
  16. 16.  No Need for These words at the beginning: ◦ Resume ◦ Personal CV ◦ Curriculum Vita Why?!
  17. 17. ‫هل عمرك شفت قبل كدة مكتوب على بنزنس كارد ”هذا بزنس كارد“!!!!‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫تفتكر ليه؟!‬
  18. 18.  What Positions you are looking for .... Show two issues: 1. Field you would like to work in ... Marketing, Sales, Engineering, HR, Customer Service 2. Career Opportunity, Internship, Summer Training) Articulate it with Win-Win Just 2 or 3 lines Some People (Out Egypt) Prefer to be Just the targeted Position title !!!!!!!!
  19. 19.  An opportunity in Sales department at a reputable Company to increase company profits, and developing my skills at the same time. Assistant Marketing Manager Avoid General Objectives: ◦ A position allowing me to utilize my knowledge and experience in different areas.
  20. 20.  Bachelor of Arts  BA Bachelor of Science  BS or BSc Hint: If your grads is Fair don’t write it If your Secondary School is a distinctive write itExample: BS. Commerce, English Section, Cairo University, 2000 - 2004. ◦ Major : Business Administration. ◦ Grades: Good. !!!‫ماذا لو كنت من المعمرين في الكلية؟‬
  21. 21.  Starting with most recent position first. If you are seeking your first job, list any relevant work experience, including summer jobs and voluntary work Hint: You can Separate Achievements in another Section or include it here if it’s Related
  22. 22.  Write your responsibilities What you are doing in each position Choose Positive Words Your Task was  Wiped tables Write it in Professional way as Created healthy environment for customers and maintained positive image ‫قصة سنان بتقع – تفسير أحالم – ابن سرين‬
  23. 23.  Examples: Just Examples feel free to use your own layoutCompany Name Jan 2012 : Till NowYour Title - Your Main Tasks hereYour Title Sep 2010 : Dec 2011Company Name - Your Main Tasks hereYour Title, Company Name Apr 2009 : Sep 2010 - Your Main Tasks hereKeep on: one writing structure/layout for All your Experience entries
  24. 24.  You can hide it Only in Resume.If they ask you in details Be Honest in Interview and show… why did this gap happen?
  25. 25.  Certificate of Achievement Vs. Attendance Course Name, Training Center/Company, Year Example: Marketing , XXXX, 2010 If you have many courses you can write them as points regardless center or year Also you can categorized your courses by sub-titles/sections such as: Interpersonal Skills Courses - Business Courses – “Your Specialization” Courses ….etc….
  26. 26.  Write your activities in your community & Student activities Examples: ◦ Volunteer at Resala NGO ◦ Member in IEEE ◦ Volunteer at Nobel Prize Simulation Model ◦ Delegate Member at STP 2010 ◦ Volunteer at Anwar Resala Team Watch Out! Don’t mention your political activities
  27. 27.  Arabic English French, Germany, Japanese .... etc.... Use these words ◦ Native .... Or .... Mother Tongue ◦ Fair >> Good >> Very Good >> Excellent >> Fluent OR ◦ Elementary >> Intermediate >> Upper Intermediate >> Advanced
  28. 28.  If your job is not a technical in IT .... Just give a quick view & stress on software related to your job Examples: Excellent Word and PowerPoint, Good Excel, Access, (ICDL) and MS-Project. Excellent Microsoft Office Good Photoshop, Flash, and Web design. Using SPSS Using CRM Using Matlab
  29. 29.  Date of Birth? Nationality? Driving License? Military Status: ‫الجيش‬ ◦ Exempted ‫ - معفي‬Postponed 3 years - Finished Marital Status: Single or Married Address if you didn’t write it above No need for place of birth!!! Also no need to your gender… Male or Female
  30. 30.  It’s about professional people who know you Just mention this: ◦ Available upon request. You Can mention Name & Title if you have high and famous references Dr. Ahmed Taha, CEO, XYZ Company Mr. Ayman Salah, Sales Manager, ABCAvoid writing their contacts in resume but give it upon request
  31. 31.  Fonts size 10:12 for normal resume body text Use simple fonts such as (Arial, Time New Romans, Tahoma, Verdana) Don’t leave much spaces, bold, italics, and underlining. Sending your resume in PDF (Recommended) or Word (doc not docx) format
  32. 32.  File Name: First Name + Last Name + Resume or First Name + Last Name + Resume +Job Dept or First Name + Last Name + Resume +Arabic Never write file name names Like: ‫ال تكتب اسم الملف بالعربي حتى لو السيرة الذاتية كانت بالعربي...لماذا؟‬ CV ..... Resume ..... My CV ....... etc... It’s better to replace spaces with _ or – Why?
  33. 33. 1. Abbreviations2. Personal Pronouns: I, Me, My3. Negative Words: Boring , Fired , Hate, Conflict,4. Colors: Attractiveness is a matter of content5. Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation Mistakes6. Word Arts, Clip Arts, logos & Graphics7. Don’t use Capital letters in writing the whole CV.8. Don’t use Highlight Shadow
  34. 34.  Writing your skills as points like:  Good communication skills  Good presentation skills  Team Worker  Able to work under pressure  Self motivatedWrite it as Situations & sentences inCover Letter or in Experience Section inResumeexamples1. Participated in many Researches, and Presentations with many teams.2. Motivated my team in many hard times
  35. 35. HOW?
  36. 36.  You can make your resume in creative way If your career & industry support that Use Graphical Design? Mind-Map Resume? Flash Resume? Animated Resume? Video Resume? Social Media Resume?  Using Colors Carefully !!! Hint: send it to potential direct manager rather than HR !!!!!! Why?
  37. 37.  It’s a letter attached before the resume to encourage employer to open your resume You can show some of your strengths which are not appear in resume Is it Important? Can it make a difference? YES it’s more than Important but in Egypt is underestimated
  38. 38.  Dear Mr. XXXXX XXXX Intro & position you are interest in 1 or 2 paragraphs about YOU .... Don’t write your resume Again .... Just mention some points why you are qualified for that position Last paragraph mention your attached resume & Closing Your Signature (Hand Write if it possible)
  39. 39.  Try to customize it for each company esp. your dream Company Try to link between your career goals & company objectives/Culture/so on......
  40. 40.  Subject Lines such as: ◦ Job Application to ........... Dept. ◦ Resume for ................ Dept. ◦ Application for a position in ................ Dept. ◦ Application for ......(Job Title)....... Avoid subjects such as: ◦ My CV, Resume ◦ ‫السيرة الذاتية‬ Write the “Job Code” in subject if it’s mentioned in the ad examples: Sales Manager SM004 Avoid misspelling in Subject !!!!
  41. 41.  It is NOT all about Resume & Cover Letter It’s an Equation Good Resume +Cover Letter + Job Search Techniques + Good Interview Skills +Career Passion + ‫رزق + توفيق ربنا‬ = YOUR Target PositionWatch this Video: Never Give Up
  42. 42.  All You need to know about Job Hunting in Egypt is here CV Writing Course by Amr Hussien from Bayan CV Writing Course by Dina & Al Waleed Vault Guide to Resumes Cover Letters and Interviewing, 3rd Ed(2003) (Download) )‫دليلك للحصول على وظيفة العمر (تحميل الكتاب‬ Career Coaching Videos by Dr. Salah Elkashef Maaan Team
  43. 43.  Taher Abdel-Hameed Freelance Marketing Professional Mobile: +2 0100 29 64 340 Email: