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Creative Resilience Nexus_EN

  2. 2. BENEFITS OFDear Business Leader, Lets face it, most of the economies around the world have been in deep AT T E N D I N G trouble for a couple of years and the problems do not look like they are Tough times require MORE creativ- going to end soon. We have politicians talking of radical reforms, new ity and innovation and in this com- beginnings and innovative policies and then at the bottom of the chain pelling, inspiring and energizing pro- there is us, the businesses both large and small that the politicians are betting on to help dig us out of the mess. gram you will learn how to: A lot of companies are making the right noises that they wish to run inno- Strengthen creative resilience to vation workshops, kick off an innovation programme or make their busi- develop creative approach to change ness more creative, but no serious actions are taken. CEOs have to be com- Strengthen your ability to think crea- mitted to sustainable innovation, and management must make its com- tively and to implement innovation in mitment to innovation palpable. your organization. Overcome organizational inertia and The Creative Resilience Program has been designed to help all partici- resistance to innovation. pants become more creative, resilient and resourceful in the face of chal- Speed up market commercialization lenging circumstances. of innovative ideas that are strategi- cally important Join us for the Creative Resilience Program and be inspired about how to Implement more effective strategic drive the market, instead of being driven down by it. decision making and maximise your organisations performance Sincerely, Help Creativity and Innovation fly in NEXUS Training Solutions your organization WHO SHOULD ATTENDPS: IF THE FUTURE OF YOUR COMPANY REALLY MATTERSTO YOU THEN TAKE BUSINESS CREATIVITY AND INNOVA- Just about everybody can benefit,TION SERIOUSLY AND GIVE IT THE TIME AND FUNDS THAT including executives, managers,IT DESERVES OR YOU MAY NOT HAVE A FUTURE and directors
  3. 3. TEO HÄRÉNOne of the worlds most appreciated and well-knowncreativity speaker and author. Co-Founder, an idea brokerage company with9,000 members worldwide.Teo is a co-author of the Idea Books – sold in 40 countries, publishedin 14 languages. The idea book was recently picked as one of the 100Best Business Books of All Time by CEO READ, and author of Work-ing Outside the Box - nominated as one of the Best Nine Manage-ment Books in 2005 by the Personnel & Management magazine.Given over 1,000 lectures, keynote speeches and workshop sessionsin 25 countries.A selection of Teo’s awards: (1) “Speaker of the Year 2007” - SwedishEvent Academy, (2) “One of Sweden’s 10 most popular B2B speakers2008” – SAJ.SE, (3) “One of Sweden’s most inspiring people 2007 &2009 ” - LEVA Magazine CREATIVITY AND IDEA GENERATION: CREATIVE CAPABILITY DEVELOPMENT AND DEPLOYMENT Techniques to encourage ideation, free thinking and idea generationKEY LEARNINGS: Frameworks to develop a culture that supports and stimulates creativity to build a creative organization Flexing your creative muscle and pumping up your brain and breaking through thinking gridlocks Turning ideas into great business You will gain in-depth knowledge that sparks ideas to lead your organisation through stressful times Leverage collaboration to “get-out-of-silos” and create team synergy.
  4. 4. RAMON BUSINESSVULLINGS MODEL INNO- VATION:A skilled action-advisor & facili-tator for innovation processes, DIFFERENT MODELSa passionate international TO DEFINE YOURpublic speaker and author ofthe internationally acclaimed BUSINESS AND REV-book, Creativity Today ENUE STREAMSRamon gets very enthusiastic aboutinnovation leadership, new business KEY LEARNINGS:models and concept enrichment, beingideaDJ, daring reducing risk Why business model thinking is so impor-aversion and increasing organisations tantinnovative capacity. He is chairman of Understand the power of visual thinkingthe European Association for Creativity Systematic approaches to Business Modeland Innovation. Ramon previously Developmentworked at PricewaterhouseCoopers Practicing the design of a business modeland IBM Business Consulting Services (Business Model Canvas)as senior management consultant on Understand your own business modelCRM and Strategic Change. Currently including strengths and weaknessesRamon owns his own consulting com- Exploring new ways of innovationpany, part of the new shoes today inno- Understanding new areas for businessvation network. model improvement and innovation for your organisation
  5. 5. AYMAN SHAWKY, Ph.D. A skilled facilitator and trainer with a proven Professional, Academic and Administrative track record in providing con- sultation and training programs in Strategy, Marketing and Decisions Science. Dr. Ayman enjoys a great experience in business educational projects with foreign universities and international agencies such as, USAID, DANIDA, and CIDA. He is a lecturer for MBA and PhD programs at Alexandria Univer- sity, Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime, and Pharos University. He received his PhD and MBA in Business from Florida State University, USA and Georgia State University.STRATEGIC DECISIONMAKING FOR INNOVATORS:GETTING DECISIONS RIGHT FIRST TIME Developing a Solution-Centered MindsetKEY LEARNINGS: Use a structured process to make good decisions Use techniques such as scenario analysis to manage risk Understanding your heuristics and biases when making decisions Understand the criteria for making decisions in uncertain times Determining accountability for decisions made facing uncertainty Communicate your decisions with confidence
  6. 6. TEO HÄRÉNSOFITEL SHARM EL-SHEIKH Minutes from the airport and downtown, on the magnificent shores of the Red Sea, Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh combines convenience and charm for a dream vacation or an unforget- table business trip. Captivating guests with its exotic beauty, this exquisite hotel offers a panoramic view of Naama Bay, 4 private beaches, 4 restaurants, a premier meeting room, and endless activities from fitness to relaxation, diving and water sports to Sinais desert excursions and night life. Dis- cover the difference.
  7. 7. ADMISSIONS & PROGRAMGENERAL INFORMATION AGENDAApplication Process DateE-Mail to October 22-24, 2011.request your enrollment in the program,Candidates that are accepted to partici- Translationpate in the program will receive anacceptance letter via e-mail. Due to the Simultaneous translation from English 08:00 DAY OPENINGlimited space and high demand of this to Arabic will be available.program, accepted applicants will needto formalize their attendance through 08:10 1st SESSIONpayment of the program fee. Dress Code BREAK AND AN OPPOR- Classes and activities will develop in an 09:30 TUNITY TO NETWORKForms of Payment informal environment, therefore busi- ness casual attire is recommended. 09:45 2nd SESSIONCash or Wire Transfer. Venue BREAK AND PRAYING 11:20Cancellation Policy Sofitel, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt TIMEIf you are unable to attend, a substitute Academic Material 11:45 3rd SESSIONdelegate will be welcome in your place.If you request cancellation, the refund We will provide you with a package that BREAK AND AN OPPOR-will be processed in the same manner includes all written materials the facul- 13:00 ties have given us. TUNITY TO NETWORKthat the registration payment was made(i.e., wire transfer, cash etc.), less a Certificate of Participation 13:15 4th SESSIONprocessing fee of USD 200. After theCancellation Deadline (14 days or lessprior to the program), there will be no Upon completion of the program, partici- 14:30 DAY CONCLUDESrefunds for cancellations of any type. pants will receive a certificate fromNexus preserves the rights to change Nexus Training Solutions and personallythe speaker, the venue and/or the dates. signed by program faculty.
  8. 8. 13 Abdelaziz Talaat Harb off MohamedElmekarif St., Suite 6, Nasr City, CairoT: +20 (0) 2 22728049M: +20 (0) 11 305 7117E: taher.abdelhameed@gotonexus.comW: