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Tagzidy Pitch Deck


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Tagzidy, a new geoSocial experience!

Published in: Technology
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Tagzidy Pitch Deck

  1. 1. A new geoSocial experience. Daniel McCarthy Investor Pitch Deck
  2. 2. MissionTo eventually create an uber connected world,where people can simply live their lives & justautomatically discover & be connected to thethings they are interested in... simply by being near them.
  3. 3. Meet Team Tagzidy Daniel McCarthy / Sith Lord Ramesh Kumar / Jedi Master Home Base: Boston, Ma Home Base: Boston, MaDaniel is a Sith Lord, who trained himself in Ramesh is a true Jedi Master, responsible forthe dark arts of iOS (Objective-C), Front End the development and architecture of theDevelopment, Graphic & UI Design, freakishly entire Tagzidy backend service, and a masterfast to launch Tagzidy. When he is not force- of all things Java. When he is not force-coding,coding, he is skiing or playing his guitar he is leading the life of a remarkable familyturned up to 11, or wrestling with his man and a good friend. The force is quiteSiberian Husky... who is also a Sith. strong with this one!
  4. 4. Problems “Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed... there are still some problems” We’re not connected to the things around us the way we should be. With an initial focus on:1. Documenting & sharing our amazing life experiences2. Connecting businesses & consumers in the real world
  5. 5. Problem One: Sharing Our ExperiencesWe have all these amazing experiences at different places... but not so many great ways to document and share them. • Sure, we have nearby “review” services like Yelp, which are incredible... but a lot of experiences don’t fit there: • Some are too personal for the entire world to see & are just meant for friends. • Some are private & you just want a better way to journal these special moments in your life. • Most of our noteworthy experiences aren’t even a “review” of a local business. • And yes, you can write a post on Facebook and check-in to a Facebook Place, but: • The “sharing” element is finite & almost disposable. Maybe a small handful of friends will see the post within the first few hours, but then it disappears amidst the bazillion other things you do on Facebook. • Also, wouldn’t it be cool if your phone would just tell you that the place you’re standing in right now had special meaning to one of your close friends?
  6. 6. Problem Two: Connecting People & Brands In The Real WorldThe Oldest Local Business Conundrum: “How the hell can we get new customers to walk through these doors?” The Local Daily Deal Incentive! It’s not dead... it just needs a better strategy • There’s a problem with where you have normally seen the deal: • TV Commercial or on a website: You’re sitting on your couch or at your desk. • By the time you get out into the real world again, you’ve forgotten all about it. • Even viewing nearby deals in an app, there is still a problem with how you see it: • You need to actively be using the app to search & discover. • Wouldn’t it be cool to be walking down the street, minding your own business, and your phone beeps in your pocket, saying that you just collected a geo-token for a free X at store Y... just as you’re about to walk by store Y?
  7. 7. So how can we fix these problems & create an uber connected way to live our lives, share experiences & discover cool things nearby ?
  8. 8. Simple... Hack the real worldby creating this digitally geo-tagged versionof it & fusing this virtual Tagzidy world with real life as you actually live it. Allowing you to explore and connect with this virtualworld of geo-tags, automatically as you simply live your life.
  9. 9. Woah!No... we didn’t create a real life Tron... this is not the Matrix, and wecan’t teach you kung-fu in 3 seconds. If we did that, you’d be hearing about us on CNN, instead of being harassed on Twitter & email to read a startup pitch. But the basic concept is somewhat similar: Living in a digital world, within the real world.
  10. 10. Tagzidy (think “Tag City”). The potential for anything aroundyou in your city, to be automatically taggable, just by coming near it! The technical model is simple: • Different features geo-tag different types of things. • Depending on your settings & preferences, you AUTOMATICALLY tag or collect these geo-tags when you come near them. • Our patent pending location tracking method is incredible! Averaging only 5%-15% battery consumption for a full 24 hours of accurate location data.
  11. 11. What is it? Connecting A Feature To The Problem The Problem: Sharing Experiences Solution: Footprints Geo-tag your experiences & moments in your life with a name, note & photo Got engaged! • A Tagzidy Footprint is a geo-note, that you can leave anywhere in the world... about anything you want! • It doesn’t have to be a review of a business. • They can be private, just for friends, or for everyone.My first apartment • So when you have a special moment or experience someplace, you can leave your Footprint behind there. • You’ve left your mark on that spot, and it’s there for ever! Ran a Marathon! • You can view others’ Footprints nearby to discover cool things around you. • And the really cool part: You can automatically “step in” your friends’ Footprints when you happen to be near them!
  12. 12. What is it?Connecting A Feature To The Problem The Problem: Getting New Customers Solution: Coins Connecting Brands to Consumers... in real time, in the real world! • Tagzidy Coins are geo-tokens that we create and can place at any location. • These Coins can represent anything: Deals, discounts, prizes, upcoming event notifications, fun history/trivia about things in your city that you pass by every day & take for granted, etc. • How it works is simple: When a user happens to come near one of these Coins, they automatically collect it & get notified! Remember how much fun old school Mario was... just running around, collecting coins? Yeah, it’s kind of like that. Except you do it in real life.
  13. 13. Yeah, thats great... but how will you monetize? The ca$h is in the Coins Everyone is stressed about how to monetize mobile... our entire revenue model is mobile!The tale of Johnny & the scone: Johnny Tagzalot is walking down the street, thinking about work, chores, in-laws visiting, etc. He most certainly is not thinking about delicious coffee & snacks. Suddenly, his phone beeps with a notification: “You just collected a Squarebucks Coffee Coin and earned a free scone!” Something for free, out of the middle of nowhere? You better believe Johnny is thinking about snacks now. And what do you know, Johny looks up and is about to walk right by a Squarebucks! And who in their right mind can get a free scone without buying a coffee to wash it down? Johnny is stoked... he just got a free scone! And Squarebucks turned a pass-by into a walk-in! Some other ways companies & brands use Coins: • Advertise an upcoming event • Scavenger hunt for increased engagement: ✴ ex: Answer trivia on Twitter for clues • Flash prize days • Can even advertise a job opening
  14. 14. Market Analysis (All the mobile devices in the world) Yeah... it’s really that simple. We all know the staggering numbers & growth of mobiledevices. How many of these device owners do you think have friends they’d like to bebetter connected to? How many of them do you think would love to just get free stuff while they live their life?
  15. 15. Oh yeah... we also do some other cool stuff: Tagz Entourages You can automatically “Tag” other They’re not gonna change the world... users, just by coming near them! they’re just fun :)• Tag only friends, or tag everyone & connect! It’s totally • An Entourage is a disposable geo-hotspot, that you can up to you. Toggle privacy settings on the fly. custom name and join with your friends.• For friends, tagz add to your social stats & can give you • Simply put, it’s a fun way to give your current crew a a heads up when a friend might be nearby. custom identity while you hang out.• Open your privacy settings when you’re in a • You can even check-in your entire entourage to a networking situation & tag everyone. It’s like a virtual Facebook Place with just a few touches and swipes, intro! and the whole group will get tagged in the post!
  16. 16. Thanks for taking the time to check us out! It means the world to us :) If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me. This is just the beginning of Tagzidy. We have a lot of awesome new features in theworks, but we’ve reached the point where we now need some help. Yes, we’re smart. Yes, we’re crazy (in a good way). And yes, we’re obsessed & driven... but we’re also smart enough to realize that this is our first startup, and it’s time to find someadvisors, some investment capital & maybe another cofounder or two, to help get us & Tagzidy off the ground. If you believe in our mission & vision, I would love to talk more. Thanks again for your time. Contact: Daniel McCarthy