Tagzidy Media Pitch Deck


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Tagzidy pitch deck for press & media. General info & intro.

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  • Tagzidy Media Pitch Deck

    1. 1. A new geoSocial experience. Daniel McCarthy daniel@tagzidy.com Press & Media Pitch DeckMonday, February 4, 13
    2. 2. “Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed...” We’re still not connected to the people & things around us the way we should beMonday, February 4, 13
    3. 3. Problems Some problems 1/5 We have all these amazing experiences at different places... but not so many great ways to document and share them.Monday, February 4, 13
    4. 4. Problems Some problems 2/5 Sure, we have nearby “review” services like Yelp, which are great... but a lot of experiences don’t fit there. • Some are too personal to be for the entire world & are just meant to be shared with friends. • Some might just be for you, like a journal. • Most of these awesome experiences aren’t even a “review” of a business.Monday, February 4, 13
    5. 5. Problems Some problems 3/5 Think of all the cool things that exist & that are going on around you. Unless you live on the outskirts of Tatooine, there’s probably a lot. But you’re too busy to spend every second on your phone, actively discovering what’s nearby. So you’re left in the dark and you miss out :(Monday, February 4, 13
    6. 6. Problems Some problems 4/5 They look different, but act the same sometimes... WTF? City life is like a cattle stampede. We are constantly surrounded by other people, but there’s no sense of connection... Photo Credit: Sai89AJ: http://www.flickr.com/photos/72954351@N05/6807778092/ Photo Credit: anemoneprojectors: http://www.flickr.com/photos/58414938@N00/4528942592Monday, February 4, 13
    7. 7. Problems Some problems 5/5 Basically, we’re just not connected to the things we surround ourselves with the way we should be.Monday, February 4, 13
    8. 8. Problems So how can we create a better way to easily share our experiences & connect with all the interesting people and things around us... ?Monday, February 4, 13
    9. 9. Solution Simple... Hack real life by creating a digital geo-tagged world & fusing it with the real world as you actually live in it. Allowing you to explore and connect with this virtual world of geo-tags, automatically as you simply live your life.Monday, February 4, 13
    10. 10. Solution No... we didn’t create a real life Tron. If we did that, you’d be hearing about us on CNN, instead of being harassed on Twitter & email to read a startup pitch. But the basic concept is somewhat similar: A digital world within the real world.Monday, February 4, 13
    11. 11. What is it? Tagzidy is a new geoSocial experience, that allows you to connect, share & discover things nearby, as you simply live your life!Monday, February 4, 13
    12. 12. What is it? geo-tagging (v.) : Adding a label, note, description, photo etc. to a location or set of coordinates. Each of the 4 core Tagzidy features, allow for a different type of thing to be geo-tagged in this virtual Tagzidy world.Monday, February 4, 13
    13. 13. What is it? Leave the app running quietly in the background of your phone & you become connected to this virtual world of geo-tags, in real time as you simply live your life! Don’t worry about your battery. Our patent pending location method is unbelievably battery efficient! You can even select “single ping” in the app to completely turn off background location, if you want.Monday, February 4, 13
    14. 14. What is it? What can be geo-tagged? Absolutely anything! You, your awesome experiences, cool hidden places, people, groups of friends, deals, discounts, prizes etc.Monday, February 4, 13
    15. 15. What is it? And as we start to grow, this virtual Tagzidy world will get bigger & better. And as that happens, you’ll get more control over how & what you interact with.Monday, February 4, 13
    16. 16. Features Let’s take a quick look at the core features: Footprints Coins Tagz EntouragesMonday, February 4, 13
    17. 17. Features Footprints • A Tagzidy Footprint is a way to geo-tag your experiences with a name, note & photo. • They are geo-notes that you can leave anywhere in the world, about anything you want! • So anywhere something inspires you, you can leave your Footprint behind, along with a note and a photo!Monday, February 4, 13
    18. 18. Features Footprints Use them to share an experience, recommend a cool place, or just leave your mark.Monday, February 4, 13
    19. 19. Features Footprints • You can set yours to Private, Public, or Just for Friends. • You can view nearby Footprints to explore. • But the really cool part is you can automatically “step in” your friend’s Footprints, simply by coming near one. Even if your phone is resting in your pocket!Monday, February 4, 13
    20. 20. Features Coins (Coin Collecting) • Coins are geo-tokens that Tagzidy will be creating and placing all around your cities. • When you come near one of these Coin locations... you automatically collect the Coin! • These Coins can be anything: Fun geo- facts, heads up about an upcoming event, promotion or discount from a local business, or just a flat out prize!Monday, February 4, 13
    21. 21. Coins Remember how much fun old school Mario was... just running around, collecting coins? Yeah, it’s kind of like that. Except it’s in real life.Monday, February 4, 13
    22. 22. Features Tagz • Tagz are the person-to-person connection feature. • You yourself, and your friends, are also geo- taggable! • When you come near another Tagzidy user, you automatically Tag each other, earning points & adding to your stats!Monday, February 4, 13
    23. 23. Features Tagz You can keep your privacy settings tight, and tag only friends. • Use them for fun social stats. • Or get a heads up when a friend is nearby and you didn’t even know it!Monday, February 4, 13
    24. 24. Features Tagz Or you can open up your privacy settings to tag everyone, and it turns into a powerful networking tool. • New at school? Tag all your new classmates and make some friends. • Tagged Daniel M. 19 times this month? Maybe you work in the same building & can grab lunch. • Made a new friend at a party, but lost their number? You already tagged! Message right in the app.Monday, February 4, 13
    25. 25. Features Tagz Remember the alien at the beginning of the deck who was confused about the people & the cattle? Let’s talk about that for a sec. There is also somewhat of a “social experiment” aspect to the Tagz feature... but you certainly don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.Monday, February 4, 13
    26. 26. Features Tagz It’s sad that we surround ourselves with so many people every day, but are so disconnected. Nobody waves... nobody says hi... you see the same people every morning, and don’t even know their names... etc.Monday, February 4, 13
    27. 27. Features Tagz Even if you don’t want to make new friends, there are privacy controls that let you use Tagz to at least feel a slight sense of connection with the people around you. It doesn’t need to be creepy and you don’t need to share personal info with them. It can be like a digital version of a smile and a wave. Sort of like silently saying, “Hey, how’s it going? I am also a human being in this crazy, crowded world.”Monday, February 4, 13
    28. 28. Features Tagz You can set your privacy controls to tag everyone, but set your name display so non-friends only see your initials when you tag. It is such a cool feeling to Tag someone you don’t know, and just for a split second, feel this quick sense of connection that wasn’t there 10 seconds ago. But again, it’s not for everyone so you can 100% block Tagz with non-friends altogether if you want.Monday, February 4, 13
    29. 29. Features Also, there are NO MAPS of where you are. Let me repeat: THERE IS NO WAY FOR A STRANGER TO SEE YOUR LOCATION ON A MAP! That’s ridiculous. It’s not even a toggle-able setting... it’s just not an option. That’s not what Tagzidy is all about.Monday, February 4, 13
    30. 30. Features Entourages And finally, Entourages. They’re not going to revolutionize the world... they’re just fun.Monday, February 4, 13
    31. 31. Entourages • An Entourage is a disposable geo-hotspot, that you can custom name and join with your friends. • Simply put, it’s a fun way to give your current crew a custom identity while you hang out. • You can even check-in your entire entourage to a Facebook Place with just a few touches and swipes, and the whole group will get tagged in the post!Monday, February 4, 13
    32. 32. What are we working on next? • Category tagz for Footprints & Coins. • Ability to filter Footprints & Coins with said categories. • Preference options so you can set what kind of Coins to collect & ignore. • More Facebook integration & possibly Foursquare. • Android version!!! • Some other top secret stuff ;)Monday, February 4, 13
    33. 33. Meet Team Tagzidy Daniel McCarthy / Sith Lord Ramesh Kumar / Jedi Master Daniel is a Sith Lord, trained in the dark arts Ramesh is a true Jedi Master, responsible for of iOS & Front End Development, Graphic & the development and architecture of the UI Design, Business & Marketing, Product/ entire Tagzidy backend service, and a master Features Planning & Dev. When he is not of all things Java. When he is not force- force-coding, he is skiing or playing his guitar coding, he is leading the life of a remarkable turned up to 11, or wrestling with his family man and a good friend. The force is Siberian Husky... who is also a Sith. quite strong with this one!Monday, February 4, 13
    34. 34. Thanks for taking the time to check us out! It means the world to us :) If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us. This is just the beginning of Tagzidy. We’ve got a lot of awesome new things in the works, and we love to hear any all feedback and suggestions. And remember, the app is free! Give it a shot and let us know what you think :) Contact: Daniel McCarthy daniel@tagzidy.com www.tagzidy.comMonday, February 4, 13