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Peegar: a new prototyping starter kit for everyone


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Peegar is a new prototyping starter kit. For more information, please visit:

Published in: Engineering
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Peegar: a new prototyping starter kit for everyone

  1. 1. Peegar Prototyping Starter Kit for Everyone
  2. 2. Two major prototyping kits Arduino: mbed:
  3. 3. Are they really easy to start? Download and Install Software Arduino Coding mbed Create Account Constant Internet Connection
  4. 4. Solution Compiler in Browser + Visual programming + Audio
  5. 5. All you need is a web browser Existing Prototyping Kits
  6. 6. Platform free
  7. 7. Conclusion • No constant internet connection • No need to download and install • Visual Programming • Run on any device • Advantage in developing countries