Tips & Toes Duo Tones Case Study (Tagore Berry)


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Tips & Toes Duo Tones Case Study (Tagore Berry)

  1. 1. Tagss Tips & Toes Duo Tones Product Innovation How an ice cream can create a new product… Year 1997 Author: Tagore Berry
  2. 2. Tagss Background 1997 • After the successful launch of the 80 shades collection the agency under took a consumer research to understand the consumer reaction to the new introduction. • Certain interesting facts came to light : 1. The young affluent adventurous metro women was experimenting with the new wacky shades and increasing her colour wardrobe. 2. The young conservative women was still sticking to the tried and tested colours, with a few experimenting with safe shades ( i.e. colours close to the ones they were familiar with e.g. Browns a shade lighter or a shade darker ) 3. The second group liked the option of colour choices available with the Tips and Toes range, but voiced a concern “ How much can one spend on cosmetics they are expensive and if a colour does not suit -- it goes to waste ”. 4. Nail polish impulse purchase was higher than lipsticks, due to lower price of the product when compared to lipstick. Author: Tagore Berry
  3. 3. Tagss Excise rate changes • Around mid August 97 the government decides to change the excise collection process • Excise would be charged on the Maximum Retail Price instead of the earlier charged on manufacturing cost. • Product price likely to go up by 15% due to this revision Author: Tagore Berry
  4. 4. Tagss The clients brief • The brand stands for quality products with value for money equation. • Address the two issues : 1. Increase Tips and Toes lipstick product consumption by inducing purchase of alternative colours. 2. Help in developing ideas that will make women buy Tips and Toes lipsticks to experiment and get adventurous with their lipstick consumption. Author: Tagore Berry
  5. 5. Tagss Agency brain storms • Tries to address the problem - • How do we get the women to experiment with our colour options without making her spend anything extra ? • Many options were looked at from promotions to special trail offers at discounts.. • But none of them guaranteed that the consumer would bite the offer as it involved spending more to get more. Author: Tagore Berry
  6. 6. Tagss The break makes the difference… • The Trikaya Grey team takes an ice cream break goes to Snowman’s ice cream parlour • Choices available plain vanilla and combination of vanilla with strawberry or chocolate. • All members opt for combinations. • A harmless statement by the executive – “See how greedy we are, no one wants one flavour” • Stops us to think - all wanted the taste of both flavours without paying anything extra. BINGO !!! • Can we give two colours in the same lipstick so that a consumer sees a value addition at no extra cost ? Author: Tagore Berry
  7. 7. Tagss Agency Excited… • Agency sketches a crude prototype of a lipstick with two colours. • Client likes the concept, refines the design and within 15 days delivers the first samples. • Client develops 16 new colour combinations for the new product launch. Author: Tagore Berry
  8. 8. Tagss Advertising development • Target Audience -- • Young women in the age group of 16 -24 yrs who are confident and aware about their looks and presentation. • She would dress with the times and spend money on getting the latest fashions in clothes. • She would be either living of her pocket money, or of small earnings she makes working part time as a hostess or sales girl • She is a smart shopper who would dress like her rich friend, but would pick it up, not at a boutique, but a friendly next door store or at fashion street where she gets value for money deals. • She would regularly visit the makeup counters to keep in touch with the latest happenings and would pickup something new that gives her value for money. Author: Tagore Berry
  9. 9. Tagss Communication strategy • Promote the concept benefit so as to avoid falling into a new fad trap. • Show product usage/versatility of the concept and how it fits their lifestyle. • Avoid the price advantage - let the consumer perceive it i.e. two colours at the price of one lipstick. Author: Tagore Berry
  10. 10. Tagss Consumer Insight • Women have a dual personality i.e. – They are a sister/daughter/mother side – They also have a naughty side of girlfriend/lover/rebel • Duo Tones gave us an opportunity to make the product relevant to the different shades of a women. • There by helping to make a better connect and product relevance in a women's life Author: Tagore Berry
  11. 11. Tagss Creative Execution • The new Tips and Toes Duo Tones ad campaign shows how the option of two colours in a single lipstick can add excitement in dressing up for different occasions/moods without having to use different lipsticks. • The creative developed show real different slice of life situations and how Tips and Toes Duo Tones doubles the fun in looking right for the occasion without any fuss. Author: Tagore Berry
  12. 12. Tagss Results • Tips and Toes launched the Duo Tones in Mumbai in end October ‘97 and planned to go national in December ‘97. • But the response to just one ad released and the P. R. activities undertaken generated an overwhelming consumer demand, forcing the clients to delay the national launch. Author: Tagore Berry
  13. 13. Tagss Author: Tagore Berry
  14. 14. Tagss Author: Tagore Berry
  15. 15. Tagss Author: Tagore Berry
  16. 16. Tagss Tips and Toes Trikaya Grey Team • Creative Team - Ronnie Wadia Creative Director, Tushar Wadwalkar Creative Grouphead Art, Sean Colaco Sr. Copy Writer • Client Servicing - Tagore Berry Director Client Services, Farha Ahmad Sr. Account Executive Author: Tagore Berry