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How to generate leads from a niche blog


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How to turn your passion into profit. Discover what you are good at and how to monetize it to benefit others as well as yourself. We teach you the HOW To. Why a blog and how to create your funnel to generate leads as well.

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How to generate leads from a niche blog

  1. 1. Mastermind with Holley and Samantha Sunday November 24 th 1pm EST How to create a Niche Blog focused on YOUR passion Generate targeted leads that are attracted to work with YOU Turn those leads into multiple streams of income
  2. 2. How to Generate Leads from a Niche Blog Turn your Passion into Profit Samantha Studebaker-Carl
  3. 3. Overview ● Choose a Topic for a Niche Blog Topic & Do Research ● Decide what you're going to sell ● Mindmap your plan – create a map of what your funnel will look like. ● Determine what tools you need ● Create each part of the funnel ● Put it all together ● Test ● Begin creating content ● Follow up with your leads
  4. 4. Choose Niche Blog Topic ● Evaluate your passions, interests, hobbies, and knowledge ● What do you like? ● What have you always wanted to do or learn about? ● What are your favorite activities? ● What would you do if time, money, etc wasn't an option? ● Make a list of possibilities ● Narrow the list to 3-5 topics ● Can You easily talk about these? ● Is there enough subtopics to keep you and your audience interested?
  5. 5. Research Your Topics ● Find Related Content ● ● Magazines ● Blogs ● Newsletters ● Fan Pages ● ● Sites Forums Begin Doing Keyword Research ● Find Keywords from popular articles on those related sites ● You just want to get an idea of whether your topic is going to be popular enough to generate some traffic
  6. 6. What will you Sell? ● Affiliate Products ● E-Books ● Amazon Books ● MLM Products ● PLR Products ● Courses ● Training Guides ● Etc...
  7. 7. Map out your Funnel ● Write it out ● Use mind mapping software ● Use spread sheet ● Use Power Point ● Draw it on paper ● Etc
  8. 8. What are the Parts of your Funnel? ● Content ● Incentive to opt-in (What are they going to get?) ● CTA (call to action) ● Menu buttons ● Banner ● Landing page (sales page) ● Opt-in form ● Thank you page ● Follow up messages ● Buy Pages
  9. 9. Determine What Tools you'll need ● Blog ● Autoresponder – Optin forms ● Capture pages/Optin pages ● ● Capture page creator What is your freeby? ● Do you need to purchase PLR? ● Ebook Created?
  10. 10. Create Each Part of the Funnel ● Setup your Autoresponder ● Videos for landing page, thank you page, and maybe welcome message ● Landing page and/or Opt-in page ● Thank you page ● Welcome message and attach your freeby ● Follow up messages at least one (Depends on what you are doing) ● Create your banner ● Menu buttons ● CTA buttons ● Begin creating your blog content
  11. 11. Put it all together ● Link banners, menu buttons, and CTAs to your landing page ● Connect your landing page to your autoresponder ● Add your thank you page to the confirmation email ● Attach your freeby to your first message ● Begin putting CTA's in all your posts ● Connect a sharable url to your landing page
  12. 12. Test the funnel ● Test your funnel ● Enter your email in the optin page ● See what happens ● Did your email address end up in your autoresponder? ● Did you get redirected to the thank you page? ● Did you receive the welcome message ● Was your freeby attached? ● Do all your links work? ● Ask a friend to test it too
  13. 13. Follow up with your leads ● ● This is the most important part of your funnel If you set everything up correctly, people will want to hear from you. ● Email your blog posts ● Share content you think they would find valuable ● Send them a holiday greeting ● Encourage them to interact in your community if you have one ● Let them get to know you
  14. 14. Get Traffic ● ● ● One of the best ways to get traffic is to connect with other people who are talking, blogging, commenting, etc about similar topics Connect with people in communities, groups, and forums Comment on sites similar to yours and on where ever your target audience hangs out ● Consistently Engage with people and they will reciprocate ● Share your content on your facebook page ● Post in fb groups ● Post in linkedin groups ● Post in Google plus groups ● Post in Forums ● Keep this in mind – comment, like, share for other people 80% and yourself 20%
  15. 15. Options for Help ● Complete video series ● Shows you how to do each step ● Determining your niche & Research ● How to create a simple mindmap ● Creating each part of the funnel ● From creating your 1st autoresponder account to placing the links on your blogs, social media profiles, or creating a domain ● Putting them all together ● Showing you how to test ● Begin to get traffic ● Private Support Group for Q&A ● Cost $297 Only $97
  16. 16. Pricing and Schedule ● $1997 not even $997 ONLY $397 ● First person gets first choice of days and hours ● ONLY taking on 4 students ● 1 hour/weekday btwn hours of 10am and 3pm Eastern ● Or 5 hrs Saturday and Sunday 12 to 5pm ● Don't know if I will ever do this kind of coaching again. Might be your only chance.
  17. 17. Options for EN Team Members ● ● ● All New EN team members that upgrade to the inner circle will get a recording of this LIVE webinar IC and Costa Rica members will get the recording and the Complete video course If you are on our team and purchase the course, you may offer this course as a bonus to your team members as incentive to upgrade