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silences is sometimes the best of company but in some cases it is the enemy of your soul as it hurts so profound.

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  1. 1. Like Into The Wind, My Whispers Of Passion Run Away Like Hiding In A Shadow, Inside My Brave Heart’s Secrets Keep.
  2. 2. Silence My Heart… Shush Do Not Feel This Inside Do Not Cry Because It Hurts Way Much Let Us Just Wonder Through Life.
  3. 3. No More Tears, No More Blood, No More Scars In This Broken Heart. Sometimes I Daydream Of A Future Smile So Soon And Still Longing To Have
  4. 4. A True Love, A Chance Of Sparkles And Wine I Only Wish You Heart Of Mine Do Not Feel Things So Very Deep Inside …
  5. 5. Because When Someone Becomes Your Eyes At The End You Turn Out Blind.