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Presentation for nme music magazine

  1. 1. Presentation for NME music magazine The audience for the NME magazine that I chose is for young adults and adults. This is shown through the image on the front ‘Florence’ is a young women. Who appeals to young teens with her music and looks. But with headlines such as ‘Steve Jobs 1955-2011 The man who revolutionised music’ this would then be for adults who knew a lot about his work therefore they may buy it for that reason. Then to young adults the heading ‘The greatest track of the last 15 years revealed’ would be for everyone who is interested in knowing the last best track. This all shows that the audience will be people who are attracted by what the front cover has to offer. This teaches me that it’s important what is put on the front cover, as that is what will attract people to buy it.
  2. 2. The representation of the magazine has been set out tohave a newspaper setting and a magazine setting thecover has been made to look retro/vintage also bold withwhite, red and black writing. The inside of the magazinehas a news paper feel to it and look, in bold capitals‘INSIDE THIS WEEK’ centre of the page at the top. Thenthe page in sections with images next to the page numberthese are the main stories of which are inside themagazine. The images are clear and are a good size, thefont is easy to read for the readers. Lastly at the bottomof the NME magazine cover it says “Plus Justice| foals|Wolf gang| Rihanna glasvegas| Enter Shikari|Radiohead”this then makes the reader want to buy it more afterreading the head lines .
  3. 3. Advertising in the magazine is good for advertisers, as NME is a fairlypopular music magazine. So advertisers see this as a greatopportunity in the inside front cover is a JD advert. On the backinside cover is an ‘orange iPhone 3GS’ monthly contract advert. Onthe back cover is a debut album which is coming out soonadvertisement. And throughout the magazine at least 30 plusadvertisements. These take many pages of the magazine meaningthey pay a lot of money for their adverts to be in there. Inside of front cover advert for JD sports shop. £6,000-£10,000 for this advert to be there.
  4. 4. Inside back cover advert for amonthly orange contact.Possibly £4,000-£6,000 for this.
  5. 5. Back cover advert foralbum release. Possibly£5,000- £10,000 for theback cover.
  6. 6. Lastly the NME magazine has the date and price next toeach other, magazines usually are the same price weeklyNME magazine therefore costing £2.40. NME comes outevery Wednesday and it’s price is okay compared to othermusic magazines which start at £3.50. Their bar code isplaced on the bottom left of the front cover with the priceand date above it again. This makes it easy to scan at thetill.