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Speeding Up WordPress on Shared Hosting


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We all want our WordPress sites run super fast. This becomes a challenge if you have a shared hosting account. Let’s face it not all good sites are on their own server or even a Virtual Private Server. This session will cover what you can do to make the best of your shared hosting account, without the need to code (or at least not much).

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Speeding Up WordPress on Shared Hosting

  1. 1. Speeding up WordPress on Shared Hosting Kevin Cristiano
  2. 2. Do you feel like your site loads like a ….
  3. 3. Why is Speed Important• Why do you care about the speed of your sites? • Because your readers care • The Google Factor • So what can we do about it? What are our options on Shared Hosting
  4. 4. How to Speed up WordPress• Stay up to Date- Update WordPress Core! • Core is faster today than previous versions
  5. 5. Hosting Matters• It’s not just about price – “Unlimited” doesn’t exist • Read the Terms of Service (TOS) • Call them – ask questions – If they won’t answer a question to get a new customer, how will respond if you call for Hosting Page Links to Hosting Sites listed below
  6. 6. Themes• Where do I get a good theme? – WordPress Theme Repository• How do I know it’s a ‘Fast’ Theme – Use a plugin called “Display Queries” to see what the theme is doing to the database – Test Site
  7. 7. Plugins• Plugins: Avoid Plugin Overload
  8. 8. Settings• Home Page – How many Posts are you loading?
  9. 9. Media• Images What format should I use • Use the smallest size possible that preserves quality – In general jpg for photos • Resize to the published size • Don’t resize on the fly • Set your Media Settings to match your theme • Gravatars: Check your Discussion Settings • Video – Use a service built to handle streaming video like YouTube or Vimeo
  10. 10. Sharing and Widgets• Social Media Buttons and Counters – How many times will they load each page • Call home each time they load • Balance your content needs with speed considerations• Widget Areas – Be judicious about what you load – Load dynamically – Use Widget Logic or Display Widgets
  11. 11. Database Tweaks• Post Revisions – Manage The amount of Post revisions stored in your database • Revision Control Plugin
  12. 12. Database Tweaks• Optimize your database – Ensure best performance by keeping your database clean – WP Optimize is a plugin that will assist you in doing this
  13. 13. To Cache or not to Cache• Once you have addressed Hosting, Theme and Plugin issues. Look at Caching • Which Plugin to use? • W3 Total Cache • WP Super Cache Both Plugins are reliable with a solid history.
  14. 14. Finding and fixing Speed Issues• Testing Your Site with External Tools • • Pingdom Tools • Yslow (extensions for Firefox and Chrome) • Page Speed from Goohle
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. Contact InfoKevin
  17. 17. LinksHosts•••••••••