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Instant Coverage


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Instant Coverage

  1. 1. Sat_Cell Instant Coverage
  2. 2. Druid Software and iDirect have partnered to combine their technology and skills to deliver an innovative inte- grated Satellite/Cellular Solution. This new product enables local private cellular services to be deployed quickly in remote or hostile environments with minimum set-up time. Druid’s cellular core application (Raemis) has been em- bedded on iDirect’s Satellite router platform enabling a single box deployment with tight operational integration for local cellular and Satellite back-haul applications. This solution is specifically targeted at:  Remote mining/exploration operations  Disaster response/ First responder/ Search & Rescue  Remote communities  Border patrol applications  Utility network Operations Satellite communication solutions designed to deliver the highest quality connectivity & cellular coverage wherever and whenever it’s needed. Druid & iDirect’s Innovative technology solutions support all your networking requirements for bandwidth & location. Integration of Satellite & Cellular Solutions
  3. 3. Solution Overview: The Sat Cell-1 solution hosts an on-board, cellular core application, which can connect directly to cellular small cell(s) to deliver private local cellular services to users at the remote site. Wide area voice and data communications are achieved through integration with existing satellite data and VoIP services. The platform supports local cellular Voice, SMS and Data services. All local voice & data traffic is switched locally to optimise back-haul resources. SatCell-1 can be connected to any 2G/3G/4G cells to fit with available spectrum licensing and coverage require- ments. Private SIM cards are provided as part of the solution. Key features:  Highly portable complete communications solutions  Supports local cellular Voice, Data, SMS and teleme- try services  All local traffic is switched locally, saving on back- haul bandwidth  Uses standard user devices (handsets/smartphones) All local communications are switched locally
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