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Short presentation tadbik labels


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Short presentation tadbik labels

  2. 2. Our Customers, World Wide- high lights : RussiaGermanySpainPortugalEnglandIsrael
  3. 3. Group Structure:Russia USA South Africa
  4. 4. Packaging Decoration:Shrink Sleeves In Mold LabelsSelf Adhesive Labels
  5. 5. Flexible Electronics:• T – RFID (Radio Frequency Identification):• T – RFID Labels• T – RFID Tickets &Cards• T – RFID Tags• T – RFID In Mold• PCB (Printed Circuit Boards)T – RFIDLabelsT – RFIDTickets&CardsT – RFIDTagsRFID PCB
  6. 6. Package Decoration-Labels:
  7. 7. Self Adhesive: No Label Look• The no-label-look dresses up bottles, tubes and jars with theclean, elegant appearance of silkscreen or hand-painting – ata fraction of the cost• Variety of great benefits:– A durable polypropylene (PP) face stock that resistschipping, scuffing and condensation– High-performance, crystal-clear adhesive for brighttransparency– Razor-sharp graphics for far greater detail thandirect-screening can offer– The flexibility of not having to inventory costly,direct-screened containers
  8. 8. Self Adhesive: Double-Sided Labels• Double-sided labels work foryour package two ways or more• Showing graphics or textthrough a transparent container• Extra space, to highlight thetransparency of the packageand product or to delivera surprise to customers as theyconsume the contents of the container
  9. 9. Special offersfor sales promotionShrink sleeves formilk bottlesBraille writingis also availableSelf Adhesive: Silkscreen Printing
  10. 10. Self Adhesive: Hot Stamping
  11. 11. Aluminum& PET Pre-Cut Lids
  12. 12. Tube labels:• High quality printing.• Silk screen printing• Hot stamping.• Special effects.• Logistic flexibility.
  13. 13. carrying handles:
  14. 14. Small diameter labels (mascara,Syringes):
  15. 15. Soft Lid
  16. 16. • Booklet labels thatmultiply the space forpromotions, recipes,technical information orgamesSales Promotion Labels:• Water-free tattoolabels
  17. 17. Thank you!