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Clp Newsletter

  1. 1. Group Profile:  The company was established in 1983  Going Public - registered in the Tel Aviv stock exchange since 1993  The Group employs 850 people in 7 different facilities around the globe  In the last three years, the Group shows growth of activity of about 180 million US dollars, which is about 25%  The Group activity abroad is about 50% of all sales
  2. 2. Multi National Group: Kibbutz Negba Industrial Park New Jersey , USA Industrial Area Misgav Barkai Site Johannesburg, South Africa Petach Tikva Industrial Park Prislav Zlatzky, Russia
  3. 3. Germany Israel USA England Spain Portugal Central & South America South Africa Russia
  4. 4. Group Structure: Labels USA South Africa
  5. 5. Fields of Activity Packaging Decoration Flexible Packaging 49% Reflectivity Foils Packaging Systems Flexible Electronics Other
  6. 6. Flexible Packaging: Rollstock Lamination Pouches Retort
  7. 7. Packaging Decoration Self Adhesive Labels Shrink Sleeves In Mold Label
  8. 8. Packaging Systems: Labeling Machines Shrink Sleeve Systems
  9. 9. Flexible Electronics: T – RFID Radio Frequency Identification PCB
  10. 10. Company Profile CLP is developing and manufacturing self standing pouches, retort pouches and laminates CLP is known for its development abilities and has the reputation of one of leading companies in the field of innovative in flexible packages around the world The factory is located in Kibbutz Negba, on about 11,000 square meters, and has storage capacity near the factory for additional 8,000 square meters Production capacity of 30,000 ton of plastic sheets a year. Main production capacity in Israel
  11. 11. Company Profile Approximately 400 workers (including subsidiaries) Sales: 80 million $ (usa) in 2011 (50 million $ usa export) 90 million $ (usa) in 2012 55 million $ usa export)
  12. 12. Millstones Founding of Gal Industries by the Weisfiller family IPO At Tel Aviv stock exchange Purchase 50% by Delek Investments (Delek Group) Completion of purchase by Delek Investments Acquisition of the share of Delek Investments merged company (50%) By Tadbik Pack Ltd (Tadbik Group) Establish of CLP by Kibbutz Negba and Sde Yoav Merge of CLP and Gal Industries Acquisition Polyon Barkai Industries (1993) manufactures polyethylene sheets Completion of the acquisition by Tadbik Pack Ltd
  13. 13. Company Profile: CLP SA CLP USA Plastupack Izaslav
  14. 14. CLP – Activities  Food: Snacks, milk, meat, chocolate candy Sweets , coffee, Pet food  Drinks: water, juices, wine bags  Medical: diagnostics products, disinfection products  Cosmetics: Makeup and hygiene  Other: detergents, agricultural, insulation products, wipes
  15. 15. Roll stock Lamination: Multilayer Laminate Two layer- Laminate
  16. 16. Pouches: Retort Pouch with fitments Shaped pouch Zipper pouch
  17. 17. Retort - World leader Retort Aluminum Retort for micro Liding Films
  18. 18. Ability to develop and produce most advanced Retort Pouches for pet food Retort Aluminum Retort Aluminum
  19. 19. Prestige R&D Dep Why CLP? un compromised Quality Time To Market
  20. 20. Prestige R&D Department
  21. 21. Our R&D department - a worldwide reputation On going technical support Product development by customer demand Technological and development meeting with customers Innovation
  22. 22. Un Compromises Quality
  23. 23. Compliance with standards - international and local Commitment to uncompromised quality control processes Compliance with environmental standard
  24. 24. Quality Assurance
  25. 25. Quality Assurance
  26. 26. Quality Assurance
  27. 27. Quality Assurance- FDA compliant (food packaging, diagnostics)
  28. 28. Environment Less packaging Solvent recycling (re using 25% of the solvents) Recycling Plastic locally and abroad Recycling Air - RTO System
  29. 29. Time To Market
  30. 30. Fast lead time are at the heart of the service policy of CLP Pre sale and after sales support and commitment Production floor – on of the best , advanced and fastest in the world
  31. 31. Presses 8 Color Roto Gravure Cerutti 1270 mm 2 Machines: 8 Color Flexo W&H 1270 mm 8 Color Roto Gravure W&H 1250 mm 8 Color Flexo Uteco + Gravure Unit, 1270 mm 8 Color Roto Gravure Uteco 1270 mm 8 Color Roto Gravure Cerutti 1270 mm + Limitation In-Line
  32. 32. Lamination 8 Laminators, 3 Technologies: 4 Machines: 2 Machines: 1 Machine: 1 Machines: Solvent based Laminators Solvent less Laminator Extruder Laminator Hot Melt Coating Machine
  33. 33. Pouching and laser 8 Totani Machines: Spout Welding Machine W&H Machine for Heavy Duty Sacks Laser Scoring Shapes Pouches Possibilities Zipper Capabilities
  34. 34. +972-8-6790300