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HLU Presentation.Email.Secure

  1. 1. It’s here. It’s time. Re-Thinking the Traditional Health Plan with YOUR BUSINESS in Mind
  2. 2. Imagine a health plan that offers. . . Introducing: HLU Consultants SCALABLE SOLUTIONS DESIGNED BY YOU NO MORE generic, cookie cutter plans that consist of identical benefits and a limited network of partners ALL OF THESE THINGS AND MORE add up to significant annual SAVINGS year after year! FLEXIBLE, MODERN-DAY BENEFITS NO MORE same-old thinking based on the idea of “this is how we’ve always done it” STRATEGIES FOR MANAGING OUT-OF-CONTROL COSTS NO MORE questionable, error-filled claims slipping through
  3. 3. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan For far too long, choosing a health plan has gone something like this: Renewal time is coming so your broker schedules a visit The same basic year-end spreadsheets are presented and the dreaded news is relayed: rates are going up AGAIN Your broker assures you this plan is still the most cost-effective option (besides, switching now would be a huge headache, wouldn’t it?) You renew, shake hands and hope for the best 1. 2. 3. 4.
  4. 4. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan It’s here. It’s time. But what if there was an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SOLUTION out there for your business that would mean a change for the better? The WAY better? A plan that would help contain costs from day one and especially focus on the key item that is so consistently overlooked: out-of-control claim costs? And what if that plan included predictive modeling once it was in place so you could actually see the future impact of your out-of-pocket cost savings?
  5. 5. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan HLU Puts Plan Control and Cost Savings Back in your Hands Control of Health Plan Employer Insurance company Insurance company Provider Network Access Data Analysis & Forecasting Large Claim Case Management Analysis Utilize Independent, Best-In-Class Vendors to Reduce Claim Costs Pricing Transparency for Employee Medical Services Customizable Summary Plan Description (SPD) Claim Review Procedure Compliance & Employee Onboarding HLU Open-Platform Health Plan with Healthcare Intelligence Hybrid Plan Platform ASO, Insurance Company, Self-Funded, Level-Funded, Balance Funded Plans Closed Platform Humana, Anthem, UHC, MMOH, Aetna, etc. Traditional PPO Networks, National Access and Customizable Networks Typically 1 or 2 PPO options (One size fits all) Typically 1 or 2 PPO options (One size fits all) YES - actionable data Basic claims and expense overview only Data is not actionable No data provided YES - actionable data No No YES No No YES No or limited No or limited No or limited YES Yes - with limitations No Claims are itemized and reviewed for overcharges and billing errors Full Service, Hands-Free Suite: FMLA, COBRA, 5500, ERISA, ACA, FTE Record-Keeper and filings Claims are passed through and paid by a summarized invoice Limited Usually reference materials only Claims are passed through and paid by a summarized invoice
  6. 6. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan We offer a smarter approach. It’s an open-platform health plan that provides the highest quality benefits at the lowest costs with better employee health outcomes. An exciting change for the better, this efficient and cost-effective self-funded plan allows employees and employers to reclaim ownership of their healthcare benefits and costs. It provides data you can act on and use to tailor your plan for the greatest value . . . it’s structured around a long-term strategy to continually control plan design effectiveness and costs . . . and, it simplifies administration and compliance along the way. For the employee, it’s empowering. HLU’s Open-Platform Health Plan provides employees with educational resources to help them make informed decisions to select the best available healthcare plans and options for their needs. The result . . . better employee health and lower plan costs.
  7. 7. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan The Consultant vs. The Broker HLU serves as an independent consultant, not a broker. What does this mean? Operating on our own, we take a totally objective approach to match your plan with the best benefits and partners. We’re not limited to working with a small ecosystem of defined partners or big-name vendors, but rather, we’re connected to a wide-ranging network of systems, resources and solutions to match accordingly with clients. We don’t tack on costly brand-name fees and our business isn’t driven by extra incentives or sales commissions. Your account is handled by the same consultant, not handed off from rep to rep.
  8. 8. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan Understanding Health Care Hikes & Hidden Costs Health care costs are rising faster than inflation and wages. Another problem on top of that? The traditional health plan is bloated with waste and inefficiency and offers very minimal control. 20-40%+ Rate Increases 9.3% Employee Health Plan Costs Increase 10x Amount Overcharged by Some Hospitals 80% Family Premiums Increase There was a 9.3% increase in employee health plan costs from 2011-2012 (Kaiser) Over the last 10 years, family premiums have gone up an average of 80% (Kaiser) In 2012, the 50 hospitals with the highest prices were found to be charging 10 times more than what’s allowed by Medicare (The New York Times) Health insurance companies around the country are seeking rate increases of 20 percent to 40 percent or more for 2016 (2015, The New York Times)
  9. 9. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan How can your business possibly keep up with such unpredictable hikes?
  10. 10. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan Here’s the thing – But things can change . . . Most companies have no idea how much their health claims are costing them or that the issue of excess, unnecessary charges has become so incredibly routine. All too often, claims get processed and paid without a thorough review to catch errors and inconsistencies. Common issues like overcharging, miscoding and duplicate charges are slipping through the cracks resulting in ridiculously high payments that are eating away at your bottom line.
  12. 12. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan Consider Fixed Costs vs. Flexible In a traditional plan, you pay a set amount no matter what your employees’ collective claims add up to at year’s end. But what if you pay more than the care your group actually receives? That money is lost. In the open-platform, self-funded plan, you pay only for the care that’s administered. Your dollars go directly toward the cost of claims, and stop-loss insurance kicks in to cover the very large claims, as needed. This approach eliminates a substantial portion of the overhead and profits paid to a traditional plan.
  13. 13. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan On top of sky-high claim costs, the old, outdated plan model means: • A major lack of flexibility • Less engagement and education among employees, often resulting in unnecessary and costly care • Limited or no claim data to use in being proactive and making informed decisions • Limited selection among benefit solutions and vendors • Renewals driven by extra perks like incentives and commissions • High turnover rates among staff and a lack of experience in who is managing your account • More manual compliance management and HR administration needs
  14. 14. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan Why HLU Open-Platform Health Plan? The reasons are plenty. Simplified compliance is a big one. HLU Open-Platform Health Plan puts YOU back in control through: Employee onboarding with 360-degree reporting and billing that’s seamless and integrated FMLA and COBRA compliance that’s hands-free and full-service ACA compliance and employee notifications for your added convenience 1095-C or 1094-C tracking and reporting
  15. 15. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan It’s simple. This is a smarter way to manage health benefits … one that works AND saves you money now and for the long-term. HLU Open-Platform Health Plan puts YOU back in control through: Meaningful data with the ability to analyze, model and forecast … this significantly reduces the costs of administration, insurance and claims, and allows you to adapt your plan whenever and however needed Better care and improved outcomes because employees are more engaged in their care … this leads to more effective disease management and reduces excess office visits, lab tests, hospital admissions, etc. Thorough claims review to identify overcharges and billing errors and address them before claims are processed and paid Best-in-class partnerships without being limited to a minimal number of vendors A “pay for what you use” approach to care with a plan built from the most appropriate modules Pricing transparency for medical services is achieved by giving employees the resources they need to make the best choices and avoid overpaying for provider services Why HLU Open-Platform Health Plan?
  16. 16. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan A Real Example: Diabetes Management TRADITIONAL PLAN An employer needs more coverage focused on diabetes care, but the current, not-so-flexible plan only includes basic disease management services. HLU OPEN-PLATFORM HEALTH PLAN We offer award-winning programs that address disease management and make employees active participants in their own care. This emphasis on disease management lowers costs to the plan and to the employee . . . and, it also results in better employee health through well-coordinated outreach programs.
  17. 17. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan Why is HLU for You? Benefits Done Better: Our Roots • We are fully independent consultants with each employer’s best interests in mind • We have 55 years of experience in the industry, backed by a team of professionals who truly understand what works in a plan and what doesn’t • We are a focused and efficient company with national reach that takes an objective approach to finding the best vendors
  18. 18. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan Why is HLU for You? Benefits Done Better: Our Method • You’ll work in partnership with the same account representative who is focused on the full relationship, from sales to implementation and strategy • You’ll receive one-on-one customer service with a high-touch, hands-on approach • You’ll never have to worry about brand-name fees, incentives or sales driven by commission coming into play
  19. 19. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan It works for everyone. While some plans might make sense from the owner/CFO perspective, they don’t function for the HR team. And vice versa. Here’s the good news about the open-platform, self-funded design: it works for everyone. The plan saves you for the long-term, not just the first 365 days. Plus, the switch is seamless. It doesn’t put a strain on your HR department or result in any troublesome compliance gaps.
  20. 20. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan The Right Solution: CFOs/Owners The Before: CFOs/owners see that plan costs are rising sharply and quickly, making it hard to achieve a profit. Any experience shopping other traditional plans has typically been limited to some first-year savings, but increased rates (once again) beyond that. The After . . .
  21. 21. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan The After with HLU: Our clients have experienced an average health plan cost increase of less than 3% since 2007. They also benefit from better health plan intelligence through detailed claim reporting that allows them to: • Take action on trends and issues that impact the bottom line • Analyze what-if-contingencies to predict improvement cost and effect • Gain visibility into questionable billing trends • See ROI on cost control features • Take an effective wellness approach to lower costs and improve quality of care The Right Solution: CFOs/Owners Average health plan cost increase of since 2007
  22. 22. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan The Right Solution: HR Team The Before: For HR groups that have tried other plans without seeing results, it’s hard to believe a successful alternative actually exists. Plus, it often feels like there are too many moving parts with hiring, open enrollment, changing insurances, etc., to consider. There’s also the fear that any change in the process could result in mistakes, compliance issues and added headaches. The After . . .
  23. 23. HLU CONSULTANTS | Reclaim Control of Your Health Plan The After with HLU: Things are simpler and more streamlined than ever with our technology-rich solutions. A few ways your HR team will benefit: • Employees keep the same benefits for many years, and there’s no need to tweak deductibles and copays to manage plan costs • Universal ID Cards and Employee ID Numbers remain the same even if you change insurance providers • The renewal process is streamlined, with advance notice of rate changes . . . no need for employees to complete new applications to shop for new providers • A dedicated customer service team provides personalized service and is available to handle billing and answer employee questions The Right Solution: HR Team
  24. 24. It’s here. It’s time. Learn more about HLU Consultants: Are You Ready for a Smarter Health Plan that has YOUR BUSINESS in Mind? Browse our site or sign up for a webinar info@hluconsultants.com513.559.7503