Finding the Decision Maker - How Not to Waste Time in Sales


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Plenty of us assume that when we speak with someone at another company and they show interest that we have a potential deal. Ask yourself - is this person the decision maker?

If not then walk away.

In sales we all at one point or another fall into the trap of assuming that the person with the desired interest is the person who will make the purchase.


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Finding the Decision Maker - How Not to Waste Time in Sales

  2. 2. Time is money – for both you and the people you’re contacting. If you can’t find the decision maker, you can’t progress the sales cycle. Speaking to anyone else is completely pointless, unless you plan to make them a Champion.
  4. 4. DO IT FIRST Why do people hate cold callers so much? They don’t, what they hate is cold callers that get in touch offering them something that they’ll never have any use for. This is why it’s so important to Cherry Pick your data way before you start cold calling or cold emailing. - Response rates Lead generation Closing Click on the image to download the Cherry Picking Guide All of the above will increase when you Cherry Pick.
  5. 5. USING APP’S
  6. 6. THERE’S LITTLE GUESS WORK Finding the decision maker has now increasingly become an easy (easier?) process thanks to a wave of app’s and add-on’s that practically eliminate guess work. Emails are easier to find, direct numbers can also be obtained – all of this for either a very little price or FREE (everyone’s favourite word). We’ll explain each app in the following slides.
  7. 7. UNDERSTANDING YESWARE - Tells you when/where emails are opened with total number of opens included. Simply one click tracking. Whilst this won’t really help to directly find a decision maker, it will certainly help to know if they opened your email. Opening up follow up opportunities via phone calls which won’t be cold calls.
  8. 8. UNDERSTANDING RAPPORTIVE Finding rich contact data is made easy with this Gmail app. With the email permutator in the next slide, you’ll be able to combine the two to find the decision makers email address.
  9. 9. UNDERSTANDING DISTILLEDS EMAIL PERMUTATOR If you can find the decision Makers first name, last name And company’s domain name – chances are you’ll be able to find the decision makers direct email. Use this email permutator with the Rapportive app and you’ll have rich contact information of any contact. Google Doc Spreadsheet:
  11. 11. COLD CALLING 2.0 Whilst the argument on cold calling wages on in the background you can be smart and get on with the process. Thanks to the book of Predictable Revenue you never have to cold call again. This is great as we all have a distaste for the process and decision makers seem to have a fortress around them at times. Instead in the following slides you’ll see the email templates recommended by Marylou Tyler over at Strategic Pipeline.
  12. 12. COLD CALLING 2.0 SCRIPTS • • • Email Template #1: SUBJECT: Where shall I start BODY: [firstname], I’m hoping you can help me. Who handles the [insert pain point here] decisions at your company and how might I get in touch with them? Sincerely, [yourname + your CAN-SPAM signature]
  13. 13. COLD CALLING 2.0 SCRIPTS • • • Email Template #2: SUBJECT: [theircompanyname] and [yourcompanyname] BODY: [firstname], I’m sorry to trouble you. Can you tell me who makes the [insert pain point here] decisions at your company and how I might get in touch with them? Thanks, [yourname + your CAN-SPAM signature]
  14. 14. COLD CALLING 2.0 SCRIPTS • • • Email Template #3: SUBJECT: Looking for best [insert job area where you'd like to start] contact BODY: [firstname], I am doing some research on your company to determine if there is (or is not) a need for [insert your strongest pain point]. Could you please help me by pointing me to the best person there for this brief discussion? Thank you, [yourname + your CAN-SPAM signature] You want to look for a 7-9% response rate for emails. Less and you should test and change the templates.
  15. 15. CLOSE.IO SCRIPT If you feel cold calling works well for you, then follow the script that Steli Efti and the team at put together. Added bonus it can be used as an email script too.
  16. 16. CLOSE.IO SCRIPT Opening: #1 Hi, my name is___________. I’m calling some startups in the area to find out if they are a good fit for our product/service/beta program. #2 What we do in a sentence is we provide companies with xyz. #3 Does this in general sound interesting to you? #4 Qualifying: What is your current xyz process? Who are your customers? How do you currently solve xyz? Etc. #5 Test Closing: We would want to start in X weeks - does this work for you? The beta program is heavily discounted. It’s going to be $X/day per. What is the decision making process in your company? Etc. #6 Next Steps Great. Sounds like this could be a good fit. Let me send you our brochure and schedule a time next week to discuss all your questions etc. What’s the best email to send you information and the cal invite? What’s a good time to chat next week?
  17. 17. CLOSE.IO SCRIPT The script in the previous slide does everything that a cold email should do. It tells the person who you actually are, gives them a reason to listen and then it asks them the most important and vital questions that you need answered. No complaints, no problems.
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