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  1. 1. Point Of Sale Unit A.S Project Tachi Lawrence - Rodway Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  2. 2. This is an effective unit as it is interactive This unit is very effective because you canpeople can physically touch and try on the see as a customer exactly what is being soldcaps before purchase, it also catches the eye without having to be directly in front of thedue to the long rows advertising the product unit. This can be helpful when looking forbeing a very vibrant red as well as the brand this specific product which is in this casesign ‘’Mitchell & Ness’’ being displayed ‘’batteries’’. Because of the unusual shape ofclearly above the caps. Although the unit the unit attention will straight away beclearly shows what is being sold the brand is brought to the sale unit. I feel this unit wouldhardly described and so leaves customers appeal to any age range really because itnot actually knowing very much about the would draw anyone in it has quitebrand. Because of the lack of detail on thepoint of sale I would say the age range wouldbe from about 12 to 25 just because they aredrawn in mainly for the hats and not reallyanything else about the unit. This unit is very effective because you can see as a customer exactly what is being soldThis is effective in that the unit is clearly without having to be directly in front of thedisplayed and professionally laid out it also unit. This can be helpful when looking forhas an element of security as it is shown only this specific product which is in this case ‘’behind glass however because of this it HTC mobile Phone’’. Because the unit is alsomakes the product look more exclusive and interactive and the customer can playtherefore make people want to buy it. He around with the phone they are more likelyunit also has a lot of lighting which is another to stay around that product however thisway it gets attention drawn to it. Because of unit could be a bit too interactive and peoplethe way this product is presented I would say will abuse that.the age range would aim towards an olderaudience This unit fits its environment perfectly it clearly displays the unit and is unique. This This unit is very effective because you can would straight away attract attention see as a customer exactly what is being sold because of the way its shaped and once the shoe is shown directly on the front of the people get closer the product is clearly unit as well as branding such as the ‘’Nike’’ displayed however the branding of the symbol or the Foot Locker sign. However the product cannot be seen from a distance. colours werent that eye catching and so Because the product is presented quite doesn’t do as great a job as other point of professionally I would say the target sale units audience for this would be about 20+ . However I would estimate this due to the nature of the product I feel it would draw a lot of attention from young people because of the large scale of the unit Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  3. 3. This is an effective unit as it is interactive This is a good unit as it shows exactly what people can physically touch and try on the is being sold and all necessary information shoes before purchase, it also catches the is displayed on the physical unit however eye due to huge eye catching trainer on the the unit doesn’t really have a special side of the unit, it has clear branding factor to it . It only displays the product including the ‘’Nike’’ symbol. However the rather than advertising it unit has a lack of information on the shoes that are being sold This unit is good as it already has the This unit is good because of its unique quirky product ready to buy which can be look that would make any person walking very convenient however it does not past curious to what is being advertised or have any information displayed ion marketed however the unit does not directly the unit about the product itself and show a physical product and has minimal its colour scheme doesn’t really stand information on what it is advertising. It is out so the unit is not easily noticed. clearly visible and can be seen from a while away which is very helpful in attracting customersThis unit is good because it is a direct replica This unit is very good as it uses a veryof the brand any person walking past curious vibrant colour scheme that is specificto what is being advertised or marketed. The to the product but can also be noticedproduct is also physically stored in the unit from far away . This doesn’t exactlywhich gives it an element of instructiveness. give any information on the productThis has a long sustainability due to the way but the product is clearly displayedthe product can constantly stored in the unit alongside the branding. Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  4. 4. Product analysis :Old Spice & Fish Fish looks like its targeted at people between the ages of 20- 30 its quite an expensive brand, and so I think it would be targeted at richer people. Fish started off as just a hairdressers before they started selling products and so an element of their success is due to possibly the popularity the shop had before they started selling products, they also have celebrity clients which helps to sell the brand. The physical appearance of fish products look as if it would or perhaps should be aimed at a younger age however the website shows a more sophisticated branding in this it is a bit unclear just quite what the age group Fish is directly targeted at. The colour scheme Fish uses is very bright and modern it uses almost luminous colours which is straight away appealing to the eye and cannot be missed this can be effective but can also make the product look a bit cheap. I have mentioned before that the product has a few confusing factors when it comes to its advertising due to its website not entirely reflecting the way the product is presented in shops this makes the product a bit inconsistent with branding old spice was mainly targeted at an older type of man first of all due to the way it was marketed which was more of a traditional male grooming product, however a new marketing campaign has started to target old spice to a wider range of age groups. Old spice is clearly directed at men due to its advertising and using quite athletic men to advertise their product and with the range of ‘the man your man could smell like’ adverts this is proven. Although old spice has tried to change their add campaign their product is still very much consumed by an older generation due to how it is traditionally made. The physical appearance of Old spice nowadays has a more modern feel in that the packaging is a bit more like modern grooming brands such as lynx. The colour scheme for old spice is quite simple but yet very effective due to its use of red which is proven to make people want to by the product more.. When the product was first presented it the red and white in the product was a lot more subtle to how it is now this is shown by the more prominent use of red in old spices products which is shown in the picture to the left where the product is packaged in plastic to make the product look more modern Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  5. 5. Product analysis : Mr Natty & L’OrealMen Expert Mr Natty is a very unique brand as they use quite old Fashioned drawings on their products which because its different makes people want to buy the age range of Mr Natty products would probably be from mid 20’s to 50’s due to its old fashioned style. This brand can also be targeted at people who are slightly out of the ordinary due to its quirky style. Mr Natty also gives off the impression that it would be aimed at a more mature audience due to its packaging and the way in which its website is presented . Although the product is very easily spotted it also has a closed target audience with some of its products due to its moustache specific products however this also makes the product quirky and new due to its branding LOreal men expert is targeted at older men as it develops products that keep skin looking young, they market there products using ageing celebrities to market there products such as the actor Hugh Laurie from ‘House’ the orange colouring attracts the eye which would lead people to it. The product could also target a younger generation as it makes them want to still remain looking young when they start ageing. Although the information on the product clearly shows that LOreal Men expert is clearly aimed at older men the colour scheme is a bit strange for what it is advertising. The products use of bright orange and white does not exactly present its product well since it is aimed at older men and the colour scheme doesn’t really present this. As this product is aimed mainly at the age conscious it doesn’t. Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  6. 6. Product analysis: Hackett and lynx Hackett can cover a wide range of ages as they advertise young people wearing typically older clothes, it is also targeted at wealthier people because of the cost of the product which is high. Hacketts branding is quite simplistic however this is effective as it makes the brand easily recognisable. Hackett is linked also to rugby and so this further shows it is more of a male brand. The packaging on Hackett products is quite sophisticated and very smart and so this further shows that Hackett is possibly aimed at wealthier men. The Hackett aftershave is very simplistic In the way it is presented and so can easily be looked over, other brands would have the advantage as they would user more distinct colours that are appealing to the eye. Lynx covers the ages of a younger generation as it has quite a bright appeal and its ad campaign is targeted at young men, the advert consists of young men experiencing “premature perspiration” , this is stopped by using lynx which causes women to be attracted to them. Although lynx appears to just aim at younger men however because of the price range lynx has it could possibly be aimed at any age due to its affordability. The Way lynx is packed is in quite bold colours and large text this further shows that lynx is aimed at younger men, however it uses a wide range of colours that easily catch the eye as well as a versatile range of products to sell. Lynx is very successful due to this and will probably further go on with the campaign it has now. Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  7. 7. Mr Natty is targeted at people with a more traditional style and older men other people who couldpossibly find the product interesting could be hipsters would find Mr Natty appealing because it is outof the ordinary and would not normally appeal to younger people so the average age of this productwould generally be people in their late 20’s and middle aged men due to the traditional look Mr Nattyproducts have. The way the products are packaged has a lot to do with the target audience the productattracts as the way is packaged is also out of the ordinary for example the soap being wrapped inpaper instead of plastic. The product has a sort of sailors feel about it due to anchors being regularlyused on the product and sailors jokes used on the website. Is key selling point of some of the productsare moustaches. A variety of Mr Natty products are directly for moustaches and this is good because itmeans Mr Natty products appeal to an even broader audience. Originally a barber Matt Raine (MrNatty) developed a full range of moustache products and then went on to make other male groomingproducts such as aftershave “Mr Natty Jack Tar Bay Rum "and a range of hair products, “Mr NattyGum”, “Mr Natty Paste” etc. this brand is very strange and so does sell, it is proven to be quiteeffective also due to the large number of people that buy the product even though it is not distributedin department stores Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  8. 8. Links FXLogical ScrapThe product needs to stand out Keep Form vs. Function The product will not be able to beand the branding clearly To make the point of sale X Factor Do you need to make your moved away from the unit thisdisplayed this can be done by successful it need to include What makes your point of point of sale look nice and prevents things such as damage tousing large text and bold A unit that is above eye sale good pay no attention to its the product and theft it also saveslettering on the unit as well as level so it can be seen from Why does a brand need a function money as it means the productusing bold colours to draw a distance and also so the point of sale rather than just Do you need to base your does not have to be constantlycustomers towards it. unit and the product is advertising online idea function and leave and replacedThe unit has to be ergonomic straight away noticeable What about the point of leave how it looks until the Stay away from any cardboardso it is practical for customers The unit should be able to sale would entice a end material as it does not last and canto use and easy to use. be interactive so t keeps the customer to want to buy a Do you need to consider cause the point of sale unit to beThe unit needs to be above eye customer at the unit product both forma and function damaged if not taken care oflevel so it can be seen from The product cannot be whilst designing and making properly or overused.quite a distance and draws moved from the unit this your point of sale Due to the simplicity of the brand Illogicalcustomers in, however should avoids theft or any other stay away from bold colours as it The unit needs to have minimal text orstill be able to clearly display safety features surrounding will not advertise the brand for just enough text to explain what thethe product the unit is trying to the product what it is product is this is so that customers dosell. The product will have Minimal interactive features so the not get boredThe unit needs to have a minimalist branding product can be tested but not fully Not enough information can also be aunique selling point that is however enough branding used as this would cause the problem as it means that the productspecific to the product that the for people to know what the product to not get purchased. isnt being properly advertised this canunit is trying to sell brand is and what they are be a problem as it can leave theThe unit must be in a position trying to sell customer confused to what exactly isthat allows it to be easily being sold. Needaccessible so if interactive Lack of branding is an issue as it means The unit needs to clearly display the product socustomers can easily interact customers wont remember what the it is visible to the publicwith the product. product is The unit must be able to attract customers Visual noise can be a problem on the whether that with the font used, the size of the display as customers become unit, the colour scheme and any other aesthetics distracted or cant be bothered when to that is likely to gain attention too much is going on visually Once the customers attention has been directed Having too many interactive features on at the display their attention must remain there a unit can also be a problem as it for as long as possible so the customer is more makes the user not want to buy the likely to purchase the product product but just play around with it an Important information regarding the product example of this is the apple store. must be included so one, the customer knows Its important that the point of sale unit what the product is and what its about, two can last for a last period of time so it , people know who the audience the product is doesn’t have to constantly be replaced trying to attract is and three the customer isn’t standing around too long reading. Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  9. 9. Task Analysis Target Audience Visibility and features Safety Functionality and Features Safety Age Relation to footfall Should be able to withstand a lot of Sharp edges Aesthetics Sharp edges Aesthetics that can be incorporated into this Gender Position in the shop use Electrical wires Electrical wires project can include brand colours so the Personal taste Eye level The product needs to stand out and Tripping hazards Purpose of purchase Ergonomics hazards Tripping the branding clearly displayed this can Breathing problems from aerosols product can be easily noticed and recognised if Breathing problems from Does it stand out? be done by using large text and bold seen again. Shapes specific to the brand aerosols Colours, size, shape lettering on the unit as well as using should also be included so the product is Visual noise, not too much bold colours to draw customers recognisable . Logos are important in the Branding towards it. aesthetics of a product as its what sticks to Products display The unit has to be ergonomic so it is mind when you think about it this goes for anySustainability practical for customers to use and image .Should be able to withstand use Target AudienceTo make the point of sale Age easy to use.successful it need to include The unit needs to be above eye level Gender and Aesthetics Materials Design BriefA unit that is above eye level so so it can be seen from quite a distance Personal taste Aluminium I will design a new point of sale unit for Mr Natty theit can be seen from a distance and draws customers in, however Purpose Cardboardof purchase unit will display at least one Mr Natty product and willand also so the unit and the should still be able to clearly display Plastic, woods, metals be placed in department stores. It will be interactiveproduct is straight away the product the unit is trying to sell. Ferrous so people can test the seemingly new brandnoticeable The unit needs to have a uniqueThe unit should be able to be Non ferrous selling point that is specific to theinteractive so t keeps the Alloys product that the unit is trying to sellcustomer at the unit Coniferous The unit must be in a position thatThe product cannot be moved Deciduous allows it to be easily accessible so iffrom the unit this avoids theft or Thermo interactive customers can easilyany other safety features Thermoset interact with the product.surrounding the product ElastomersThe product will have minimalistbranding however enough Futurebranding for people to know Design Situation Sustainabilitywhat the brand is and what they The brand Mr Natty has a major problem in its How long will the unit last for?are trying to sell marketing in that it is not shown in many places and Materials used will have to be ones that cannot be Target Audience so not many people are aware of the brand it is quite weathered Age exclusive and only available online or in its physical If interactive how can the functions it uses be Gender shop however not in department stores displaying maintained? Personal taste point of sale units where it could potentially get new Purpose of purchase customers Social Networking Twitter Facebook Tumblr Webpage App Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  10. 10. Initial SpecificationAesthetics Function CustomerAesthetics that can be incorporated into this The unit is used to advertise the product as well as The customer is the most important partproject can include brand colours so the product in use as a tester this can be done by making of the point of sale unit as it is who youcan be easily noticed and recognised if seen elements of the unit interactive and also making are trying to sell the product to . Keepingagain. Shapes specific to the brand should also be the unit interesting. Included on the unit can be the the customer happy is important soincluded so the product is recognisable . Logos history or background of the brand so customers things that should be taken intoare important in the aesthetics of a product as its new to the brand can get a feel of what the brand consideration should include anywhat sticks to mind when you think about it this has to offer. The function should also be to keep allergies, the size of the customer as if itgoes for any image . the potential customer at the unit for as long as is too tall some customers wont be able possible because the longer the customer is at the to see the unit. unit the more likely the customer is to buy it.CostCost is important in the development in of a point Size Materialsof sale unit in that the manufacture cost will The size of the unit is important as the size of it Potential materials for a point of sale unitaffect how much money can be spent on the needs to be appropriate for the product as the can includedelivery cost as well as this the cost of materials point of the sales unit is to show off the product as Cardboardas well as shelving is important. The amount of well as making the unit visible. The unit should be Various woodsfloor space the unit covers also costs money in a kept eye level so the product itself is easily noticed Metalsshop. and it keeps the attention of the potential Plastics customerEnvironment SafetyThe environment of the unit has to be one in The unit should take the following precautions inwhich can sustain the product as this will help to order to make the consumers feel; safe as well assave on things such as replacement costs or people assembling the unit. Choking hazards can berepairs. As well as having the product in a suitable avoided by using a minimal amount of small partsenvironment, the environment should also be the unit must not topple over so should be stable.embraced by the product an example of this is An element of security should surround the unit toLondon 2012 where many brands starting having ensure nothing is stolen or damagedunion jacks on their products. Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  11. 11. Environmental Snapshot An environmental snapshot can be a helpful tool when Brand Profiling Research Plan researching as it means I can see if whats around This is an important part of research as it gives me a clear the product directly influences peoples decision when understanding of the brand I am doing my point of sale deciding to buy a new product. This kind of links in design around. I will fully research Mr natty and go into as well with the 10 minute observation as it means whilst much detail about t6he company as I possibly can. This can seeing what people like to go to I can also see also be very helpful when I am actually developing my whether the environment the product is in can affect point of sale unit as it means I can look back at what the sales. I will do this whilst I am doing my 10b minute company is all about and what influences the designs on10 minute observation observation so I can check whether the environment their products.This is effective research technique as I can see first has any affect on the product alongside that. I willhand how people interact with the unit and what types carry this out in department stores and also in highof units straight away pull customers in this can be as street shopssimple as simply watching a specific unit of a malegrooming product. I would carry this out on a high streetor in a department store to see what kinds of products Competitive Productsand points of sale receive the most attention from the I felt creating competitive product research is importantpublic and figure out why. Whilst doping the as it gives me an idea of what kind of products are alreadyobservation I will ask shoppers why exactly they went around and why they sell or dont. most importantly tryover to that specific product from their I can take into and identify what kind of issues these products have andaccount things such as branding and colour scheme what are successful about these products Mood Board I will create a mood board to reflect the feel of theQuestionnaire product and so I feel what would suitable to put onA questionnaire will be helpful in my research as it the unit this could be something as simple as themeans I can get a customers direct opinion of what colours and shapes used. I will do this by takingthey think about point of sale units. Why theyre pictures of similar products to find out how they areeffective, what draws their attention when they see shaped and packaged I will also use images onlinethese units how much would they personally spend on from other existing products with similar propertiesone of these. I would speak to members of the public aswell as family members to see what their opinion onpoint of sale units are. This research will be carried out Market Research Customer Profilingin shopping centres such as blue water or the glades. To This is a very helpful research method as it means I This is important as the customer needs to bemake a good questionnaire I will first examine a can see what is already on the market and so I can understood in order for the product to sell. Theprevious questionnaire to see how mine matches up. create ideas that are unique to what other similar customers taste and what attracts them to the unit is brands are doing with their point of sell units . This will especially important as the longer the customer also give me a chance to see what products are doing stands by the unit the more likely they are to by the very well on the market and whether that is due to unit. I will carry this out in a series of interviews and their advertising and point of sell units . I will carry out some questionnaires to find out what people some of this research online and some by observation generally like about these units personally. so I can see what products first hand are selling. Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  12. 12. QuestionnaireI have decided to develop a questionnaire as oppose to an interview as I canget multiple peoples opinions in one single research method this is also veryuseful in that I can see what kind of things customers like and don’t likeabout point of sale units . On the right I have taken a series of different Questionspeoples answers to show overall what kinds of things people like about 1. What attracts you to sale units when you first walk into a shop?current units in shops that consumers are confronted with everyday. I think the size of the unit is the first thing that would instantly make me go over and find out what its trying to advertise . I think the larger units work better as they attract large groups of people and when a lot of people are surrounding a single unit people want to know why and become curious. The unit should be 2. What sort of colours should be avoided when making a point of sale unit? a fairly large size Top I would say to stay away from any dark colours and stick to primary colours like blue or red as the darker colours are not instantly noticed and people will often get bored and move Three on from these kinds of units. 3. Do you think interactive units are helpful in selling the product? I personally dont really agree with units that are too interactive as I think people just have Stay away from interactive units Points lots of fun with them and don’t actually buy the product in the end. I also think these don’t always work because it looks like there’s too much going on , on the unit. 4. How much time would you usually spend at one of these units? I wouldn’t really spend too long so I’d say from about 2-3 minutes maximum, just because I would like to see the rest of the products in the shop. However the ones I do that at for 3 Products should be able to minutes tend to be the ones I remember throughout the day be tested first before 5. Are they any specific safety features that lack on current point of sale units? purchased Yes sometimes with the larger units where the product is placed can be a bit of a hazard and also small parts falling off units can be dangerous because of children walking around the units. 6. Do you like to try products before using them? Yes. I think this is much better than buying the product and then finding out later that I What to take from the questionnaire: don’t like it this is also good as it means if Im with friends they can test the product too and Don’t make a unit that is too interactive give me their opinion on it Have a unit that has some sort of sample so the unit can be tested Try and get people to spend as much time at the unit as possible Take into account the amount of text used on the point of sale unit Put on enough information to show what the product is and what it is about. Think about sustainability so it doesn’t become a hazard over time for any reason Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  13. 13. 10 Minute ObservationApple Store:I noticed from observing the shop that people tended to focus more on theproducts that were closer to the front of the shop and the products with a biggerbanner. They tended to walk pass the smaller products such as the iPodshuffle, and iPod Nano and went for the higher profile products such as the iPador iPhone . I believe this is due to the iPad and iPhone having larger advertisingbanners. This feature quickly entices people to see what the product is all aboutand because of the large groups developing around the product this causes morepeople to be curious and go over to the product. This shows that the peoplestanding around the product is very influential in getting people interested in anew product. From my observation I concluded that customers are very influentialin the selling point of the product as well as the unit and so to get this chainreaction started the point of sale should be quite large so it is instantly noticed. Inthis case the unit is interactive so customers would tend to linger around theproduct for significantly longer. The other thing I noticed was the amount of spacebetween each product as each product had its own sort of area this meant that ifone product was too crowded the others could be used at a different point I thinkI will take this into account when thinking about the placement of my unit as thiscould prove to be an important factor when drawing customers to it. Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  14. 14. Environmental Snapshot The environment a product is placed in can be very important in selling a product to a certain type of audience so I have looked at these two environments one being a male barber shop and one of urban outfitters. I feel these two places are relevant for this kind of product due to its background, the way it looks and the audience the point of sale is trying to attract to the product. As well as looking at ways of the product fitting into the environment I will take ideas from the environment to incorporate into the point of sale design. This environment of a traditional barber shop setting would be perfect for this sort of male grooming product. Because Mr Natty focuses on specific on certain parts of male grooming such as beards and moustaches it is the perfect product to be stocked in these types of settings due to its traditional style and the type of product is more likely to be used in this sort of setting. This environment also can be incorporated into the design of the point of sale itself such as the wood floors and possibly the barber shop chairs being incorporated somehow. This kind of setting is very relevant because Mr Natty started off as a barber before he developed his product , and so this sort of environment may have been important when he developed his product with the quirky but modern style. Another aspect to take from this setting is the lighting used as it effects how it is affected on the product here in this barber picture it has low lights and also spotlights to light the shop. This feature would clearly This environment differs from the previous barber shop as it has a retail setting the picture shown on the right is of Urban Outfitters which I feel would be a good environment for this sort of product as it has the same kind of feel will the barber shop of being vintage with the wooden floors and low level lights. However what this environment has that the barber shop doesn’t is the retail side, the style of the clothes also matches the sort of people that are likely to buy Mr Natty products . The type of fashion included in urban outfitters include vintage, retro, hipster and ironically humorous and I feel the product would thrive in this sort of environment as well as barber shops and specialist stores. This links back to customer profiling aspect of research as it targets this particular audience of people if put into this environment Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  15. 15. Market Research American crew is quite a traditional looking product with a few modern features it has a large fan base is one of the top selling male grooming products. I would predict the age of the product from about 17 to 30 just because the product itself seems like it would appeal more to younger people because of the way the product is presented and the models they use on their site. The way this product is marketed is slightly different from the way of other male hair products in particular in that you cannot purchase the product from its official site so it adds that sort of exclusivity to the product and if really as good as it is presented people will go out of their way to find the dealers that sell the product . Fish looks like its targeted at people between the ages of 20- 30 its quite an expensive brand, and so I think it would be targeted at richer people. Fish started off as just a hairdressers before they started selling products and so an element of their success is due to possibly the popularity the shop had before they started selling products, they also have celebrity clients which helps to sell the brand. The physical appearance of fish products look as if it would or perhaps should be aimed at a younger age however the website shows a more sophisticated branding in this it is a bit unclear just quite what the age group Fish is directly targeted at. The colour scheme Fish uses is very bright and modern it uses almost luminous colours which is straight away appealing to the eye and cannot be missed this can be effective but can also make the product look a bit cheap. I have mentioned before that the product has a few confusing factors when it comes to its advertising due to its website not entirely reflecting the way the product is presented in shops this makes the product a bit inconsistent with branding Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  16. 16. Market Research Vo5 is a very modern and popular brand it is very popular among men and is one of the leading brands in male hair grooming. I would say because of how modern vo5 is I would estimate its target audience at somewhere between 13-25. although this is quite a young age I think it probably wouldn’t appeal as much to older men through both the product itself and the ad campaign it has. Vo5’s marketing is very good as it can be purchased from virtually any department store and can also be purchased from the official vo5 website . The units that advertise vo5 are also very effective they usually have quite eye catching colours like red to attract customers to it. Vo5 uses quite a modern colour scheme and packaging which is good as it means the majority of people will go for their products. It is mainly aimed at people who like new and modern hair styles Brylcreem is a very traditional brand and has been around since 1928 . Because of the long life span this product has ,brylcreem has quite a lot of customers from the older generation . However it has some younger customers for people who have traditional haircuts and prefer the more traditional products as appose to the modern ones. Overall I would probably estimate the target audience of brylcreem to be about 30+. Brylcreem isnt really majorly advertised and its very rare to see sale units for the product this could be because the product is a bit outdated and is being replaced by newer products like Vo5 and shockwaves. It’s a lot cheaper than the other products Ive mentioned ranging from about 2-3 pounds this could further show the decline in the products sales and new audience. Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  17. 17. Brand ProfilingOverview: Brand profiling seemed as a very good research method to have as it means I can go into more detailinto the brand I am basing my point of sale on I felt going into more detail about the brand I am doing could bevery helpful as it gives me a better idea of what the brand is about, how the creator in this case Mr natty wouldlike it to be presented and also a bit of background knowledge of the product. As well as just researching theproducts for my own benefit I can also see how the products compete with other male hair grooming productssuch as VO5. Mr Natty is a brand created by a barber named Matt Raine who goes by the name Mr Natty. It is abrand that stocks a range of male grooming products from wax and gum to aftershave and moustache specificproducts. Mr natty targets its products mainly towards people who have traditional hair styles and cuts and thisis evident through the way the product is presented as well as the way in which the things such as the websiteand other ways in which the product is advertised. Although Mr natty is quite obscure and unknown to themajority of people it has received critical acclaim from reviewers and customers alike saying that the productswork especially well especially with Mr Nattys moustache specific products these are often praised in reviewsonline and are highly recommended. The only problem the product has encountered and has been said negativelyabout is the lack of it, as there is only really one outlet that sells the product and that is the official website. Thedevelopment of Mr natty began as the creator Matt Raine felt the products in stores were not the type of thingsthat were right for himself and his clients. Tradition & Age : the age of MR natty customers largely vary as this product isn’t directly aimed at a specific age group but more fans of the style of barber Mr natty is which is directly influenced into his products. This is evident when you see the type of customers Mr natty has they seem like they are of quite a young age and not at all particularly old so I believe that people buy Mr Natty products purely based on the styles the barber does and so the age range could really start from as young as 18 . All Mr natty products are made and based in the UK which makes just that bit more exclusive they can only be purchased from this country alone and so has quite a small fan base and isnt really distributed on a worldwide scale How Mr Natty Compares to other hair products and aftershaves: because of its exclusivity Mr Natty doesn’t really sell as much as other male grooming brands that are hair specific such as VO5 or Shockwaves and because it doesn’t really appeal to the everyday man, the product has quite a small audience at the moment . At the moment it only really appeals to people who are familiar of the brand and use it a lot and also people who are fans of traditional haircuts Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  18. 18. Competitive Products From this information I have gathered that these products all have a specific target audience and this is judged due to the price of the product as well as the type of style the product has . I will think about I have decided to do competitive products as I felt it would be when coming to the pricing stage of my product design. Although the beneficial to see what products already exist and how well they sell or don’t and most importantly try and identify what kind of issues these products have and what are successful about these products High Cost products do have specific target audiences they all seem to sell very well which also made me think that these small audiences I thought some of these products may attract may actually be bigger that what I had originally thought American Crew: American Crew is fairly traditional Schwarzkopf: from looking at a range but at times can be modern. From looking at the of Schwarzkopf products I noticed that American crew website it has quite a traditional they cost slightly more than other look but some of the styles shown are very modern. competitors such as VO5 and The other thing I had noticed about American crew shockwaves. The product has a quite products is that they cost slightly more than other up to date and fresh look about and so male hair products so I have put it in the higher this shows it is very modern range cost for these types of products.Traditional Modern Brylcreem: Brylcreem is a very traditional male grooming brand purely because of the time it Was Shockwaves: shockwaves isnt a very introduced and the life span the product has had. expensive product but is very modern and Brylcreem was first introduced to the public in popular. The product has vibrant colours 1928, and although the packaging has had slight on each plastic wax container and just alterations to perhaps make the product look a bit generally has a very modern everyday feel more modern it still remains the same product in about it. Its also very simplistic which can the container. Although its quite and old product be a good selling point for anyone isnt and people would assume it would aim at older that concerned about there hair products men it could actually be aimed at a younger and just want something that is very audience that prefer more traditional styling. simple but still effective to use Low Cost Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  19. 19. Customer Profiling The people likely to buy Mr natty products would include people with a traditional sense of fashion as well as moustache enthusiasts and people who prefer the more traditional method of male grooming. This is evident as the product uses very old style kind of texting and colours which give it this appeal. People who are also just fans of the barber “Mr Natty” may also buy his product as they are fans of his work or just simply think his products work best with their hair. Customers especially the ones who use the moustache specific products often praise “Mr Natty” on how good the products work and so people with moustaches would definitely be one of the key target audience on Mr Natty products. The smell of Mr Natty” products are also often praised and so customers often go for this feature of the product against the rest of the competition. Customers often say that the product itself is appealing because of the way it is packaged is out of the ordinary for modern male grooming products . An example of this is the paper that the soap is packaged in and the way in which the tins with wax, gum and clay are presented, being old fashioned. The product is often complimented on online reviews for being effective and moustache enthusiasts often praise Mr Natty products. I would probably range the age of these customers of about 25 – 45. Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  20. 20. MoodBoard: Mr Natty Mr natty has quite a quirky and vintage style to it so I have decided to base the mood board on the types of materials that people would often associate with the product such as teak wood and old fashioned shipping equipment such as anchors. I have decided to have moustaches as a predominant theme within the mood board as it is what makes the product unique within the branding as well as the moustache specific products for example ‘’Mr Nattys Twizzle wax. As well as the product incorporating moustaches I feel it is important for the customer to straight away notice this feature as although moustache enthusiasts are quite a small obscure minority of people I feel it is important to have a feature relating to this on the unit. This mood board should be very useful in that all these pictures can be taken into account when designing the unit , the thing Im willing to take into consideration from this mood board include the shapes that the wood is carved into as well as the type of wood used . The finishes of the wood is also very important as different finishes have different effects on the wood Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  21. 21. Aesthetics Research SummaryMaterialsIn Shop Details Front of shop Traditional styleEnvironmental Aesthetics Traditional Teak Barbers Male GroomingCustomer Specific Similar Styled Products Black Slate Mr Natty Logo Wood Clear Presentation Hair Specific Exclusive Environmental Snapshot: The environment a product is placed in can be very important in selling a product to a certain type of audience so I have looked at these two environments one being a male barber shop and one of urban outfitters. I feel these two places are relevant for this kind of product due to its background, the way it looks and the audience the point of sale is trying to attract to the product. As well as looking at ways of the product fitting into the environment I will take ideas from the environment to incorporate into the point of sale design. From this I have realised that the environment I target the product in is very important as it is the place that my target audience is the most likely to go to purchase other goods that fit their market . So for this I have decided to advertise my product at places such as traditional barbers and urban outfitters. Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  22. 22. Further Specification my point of sale will contain an wooden element to it preferably using teak wood I have decided to use this based on the appeal of the website using quite traditional looking dark woods , as well as the environments I had looked at also incorporating these kinds of woods . My point of sale will also need to include the Mr natty logo due to the fact its quite an unknown brand. And so many people wouldn’t have heard of it, I have found this when doing my research as when I was doing my questionnaire out of all the people I had asked only one person knew what Mr natty was My point of sale needs to include some sort of logo that is relevant to the brand so I feel the moustache or sort of sailing icon would make sense to use . Especially because this brand is relatively unknown I feel this would be particularly important to have an icon that can be easily recognised and associated with the product My point of sale will need to be at about eye level. This is a feature I noticed people recommended when doing my questionnaire and so I feel that it would make a lot of sense to do this. The size of the unit would also not have to be too big which is good in a way as it means that because the product is of quite a small size, the unit itself doesn’t detach from the product Although people have often said in questionnaires that many customers don’t really tend to buy products from interactive units I will need to make sure that the unit holds customers for as long as possible I feel this can be achieved by the positioning of the product in the shop and the amount of space around it so larger space around the product and closer to the door of a shop would be preferable My point of sale should be similar to the environment I put it in and the two environments I observed and felt would be perfect for the point of sale unit was urban outfitters and a traditional barber shop so barber shop aesthetics could be included in the design of the point of sale unit or possibly any of the urban outfitter fashion designs so that the point of sale unit would fit into its selling environment better This unit will include and mix of dark and light woods due to the way the brand is already advertised and the environments that the products fits into. This is also suitable because of the traditional style.# The point of sale would cost around 20-30 to make due to the cost of the materials used and the cost of the product itself I also think this price is about right due to the types of woods and finishes used on the point of sale unit Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  23. 23. Initial Designs Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  24. 24. Concepts Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  25. 25. Concepts Tachi Lawrence-Rodway
  26. 26. Tachi Lawrence-Rodway