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Example Healthcare Offering

  2. 2. Overview Tabulous Cloud is a tablet “solutioneering” firm based in the United States specializing in customization of tablet devices down to the chip level upon customer request. Tabulous has relationships with best-in-class technology providers all over the world affording Tabulous clients direct access to manufacturers such as FIC/HTC, Encryption and Security Standards (Point Bearing), Voice Driven apps (Voice Assist), Device Insurance (Hot Cloud Mobile), Merchant Processing (Card Flex) and Voice/Text/Data Services (TMobile USA). Tabulous’s Enterprise Level Cloud and "Entertainment Distribution Network" (EDN) provide Tabulous’s clients unlimited potential for hosted applications, media delivery and integrated eCommerce.Think of Tabulous as a philosophy: We believe your technology should fit you. The idea that a customer can be in control of the entire design and development experience of their own, unique tablet device is now a reality. Tabulous clients have the option of suggesting various technologies, selecting features and functionality à la carte, customizing the industrial design and working with Tabulous to develop custom applications, as well as integrate with their current internal systems. Tabulous is afforded "first mover advantage" as well as competitive buying power for technologies and parts, which provides Tabulous with the opportunity to offer our clients quality personalized devices at affordable costs.
  3. 3. Health CareTabulous products represent state of the art technology as well as software and applicationintegration. Below are some of the offerings extended to the health care industry.Tabulous’s Windows device is a computer tablet withintegrated 3G mobile capability that provides aHIPAA/HiTECH compliant solution for yourcommunication needs. Tycoon’s integrated softwareand biometric technology ensure that only authorizedindividuals may use the tablet to access authorizeddevices and sensitiveMobile phone and tablet computer in a single device manufactured by FirstInternational Computer (FIC), one of the largest computer part manufacturers in theworld.• Easy to use 7” or 10” touch screen interface• 3G connectivity with most telephone networks• International VOIP telephony, unlimited voice and data plans• Runs Windows 7 applications, including Microsoft Office• Communicates with web sites and remote applications via multiple protocols, including .NET and FTP
  4. 4. Security Standards• Ensures that only authorized individuals can access data, and limits actions that they may take based on their role (e.g., patient, physician, nurse, administrator)• Biometric authentication of individuals (e.g., fingerprint, handwriting, vein) prevents access by unauthorized persons• Multiple business-driven roles defined during system configuration• Improved security for important userID and password information• Secure data vault holds IDs and passwords for multiple sites — log onto tablet once and it will automatically retrieve and invoke extremely strong passwords for multiple applications and sites• Vault promotes usage of strong, unique passwords that are more difficult to hack• Encryption and security levels defined by security administrator based on business needs• Secure communication between remote locations, local and home offices and any Internet- based application — not just e-mail• Individual, device and network authenticated in a multi-tiered security structure• Dynamically generated encryption protects data in transit and on tablet• System- and user-defined safe and black lists• Uses banking-level (or stronger) encryption• Data vault cannot be opened if the tablet is lost or borrowed by unauthorized individual• Compatible with CAC2 and PIV-2
  5. 5. Tablet SpecificationsThe 10.1 inch, true 1080p HD screen makes videopresentation playback a dream. It includes a modifiedversion of Windows 7 that is touch friendly, 32GB ofinternal storage, blazingly fast 1.66 GHZ Atom N455processor and 2GB of memory.• 3G Radio - T-Mobile Ready• Talk, Text and Data ready including dial-pad software.• Can be rebranded with private label logo on quantities exceeding 500 unit commitments.• Cloud accessibility
  6. 6. CloudDesigned and managed by the founder of Savvis, a data center that has hosted Wall Street forover two decades, our cloud is redundant, reliable, scalable and most importantly secure.Tabulous Cloud was built on an international carrier-class network infrastructure. It is madeup of high-availability servers running state-of-the-art GPUs (Graphics Processing Units),running on top of best-in-class 12-core CPUs. Our three data centers are integrated into a"mesh grid” infrastructure with 40 nodes in Tier One cities. This assures you unmatcheduptime, zero slowdowns and complete data integrity.Key Features Include:• Managed hosting of all data and files in digital locker allowing accessibility from any device or location• Virtual access to full software applications• Collaboration through shared workspacesThis technology (with six patents pending) is not onlyour competitive advantage, it’s yours, too. Oursolutions and ongoing development will put you aheadof any competition.
  7. 7. VirtualizationStop thinking of a tablet as a device that can only run small software applications. Onceconnected with Tabulous Cloud, our technology allows us to stream core software to youat a faster rate than any other provider. Applications such as Microsoft Office, AutoCADand Adobe products are examples of the thousands of titles available for licensing. Ondemand, our platform loads the software for you with the click of a button in the cloud.Key Features Include:• One click access to any software program available for licensing from tablet• Dynamically spun up virtual machine instances (automated)• As much memory, graphics or processing power needed per instance (horsepower)• Individual firewall assigned to each machine (top-notch security)• Can host entire Operating Systems on each instance. (Virtual Windows Desktop)In addition, your own software can be loaded into our system for sale to your end users.
  8. 8. Digital Media DeliveryWe are taking the Content Delivery Network(CDN) concept to the next level. Our"Entertainment Distribution Network" (EDN)will enable you to stream any type of digitalmedia from the "cloud" to any tablet device.Key benefits include:
  9. 9. Tablet E-CommerceTabulous provides an enterprise-class e-commerceplatform for the marketing, selling and distribution ofdigital content and physical goods on tablet devices.Through a single application, Tabulous tabletowners have access to purchase both digital andphysical goods through one, unified shopping cart.Key Features Include:• Customized application maintaining client store branding• Sell of all forms of digital content including video, audio, eBooks and software• Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection• Integrated Digital Download Manager (DLM)• Global currency and language support• Real-time reporting and analytics• Social Media Integration (sharing, liking, community feeds)• PCI Compliance
  10. 10. Trusted PartnersFirst International Computer, Inc (FIC) is a world leader in the design and production ofcomputer motherboards, PC systems, notebooks, Industrial PC, mobile solutions, and otherelectronic devices. HTC Corporation (HTC) is one of the fastest growing companies in themobile industry. HTC creates innovative smart phones and tablets.Point Bearing’s Trusted Exchange Controller™ software creates a reliable, low cost, flexibleand user-friendly environment needed to securely conduct business on the Internet usingweb browsers, mobile telephony and computer tablets. The software’s multiple securitylayers provide a spectrum of identity protection that is configurable to meet changing needs.Hot Cloud Mobile provides optional insurance for Tabulous devices. Upon submitting aclaim, a replacement device will be express shipped including all content that was on theoriginal device based on data that is be synced with the Cloud. The lost or stolen device’sproprietary content can be wiped remotelyCard Flex enables Tabulous devices to act as mobile merchant terminals. Typical packagesinclude a peripheral credit card swipe that lets any store or business person take credit card(or cash) payments on the tablet (supporting finger signatures on the touch screen, email orSMS receipts, sales tax calculation and an online accounting dashboard to keep track ofsales.)Voice Assist enables Tabulous devices to be entirely voice driven. With this option, deviceusers can speak commands to the device and the device will utilize Tabulous’s advancedvoice recognition technology. Features include 2-way text-by-voice allowing transcription oftext messages and e-mails, dial by name, and listen and reply among others.