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Chapter 2 sec 1


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Chapter 2 sec 1

  1. 1. Thursday,Thursday, September 20,2012September 20,2012 1.What Caribbean island did Columbus land on1.What Caribbean island did Columbus land on and believe it was India?and believe it was India? 2. How many trips did Columbus take to the2. How many trips did Columbus take to the Caribbean in his lifetime?Caribbean in his lifetime?
  2. 2. Chapter Two: Colonizing AmericaChapter Two: Colonizing America Section One: The Spanish and the French BuildSection One: The Spanish and the French Build EmpiresEmpires A. The Conquest of MexicoA. The Conquest of Mexico  The Spanish began takingThe Spanish began taking over parts of Central America.over parts of Central America.  Set up farms andSet up farms and plantationsplantations and usedand used Native AmericansNative Americans for labor.for labor. DID NATIVE AMERICANS MAKE GOOD SLAVEDID NATIVE AMERICANS MAKE GOOD SLAVE LABOR?LABOR?
  3. 3.  Hernan CortezHernan Cortez was sent to Mexico towas sent to Mexico to conquer the Aztecs.conquer the Aztecs.  He rallied enemiesHe rallied enemies of the Aztec toof the Aztec to help him him fight.  The Spanish were well equipped withThe Spanish were well equipped with gunsguns,, cannonscannons,, horseshorses andand armorarmor..
  4. 4.  Cortez marched to the Aztec capitalCortez marched to the Aztec capital and took their emperorand took their emperor MontezumaMontezuma hostage.hostage.  After months of fighting,After months of fighting, the Aztec forces werethe Aztec forces were weakened by disease.weakened by disease.  In May of 1521, CortezIn May of 1521, Cortez defeateddefeated the Aztec and destroyed the empire.the Aztec and destroyed the empire.
  5. 5. B. New Spain ExpandsB. New Spain Expands  Cortez ordered a new city to be built onCortez ordered a new city to be built on the ruins of the Aztec capitol,the ruins of the Aztec capitol, Tenochtitlan. (modern dayTenochtitlan. (modern day Mexico CityMexico City))  This would be theThis would be the capital ofcapital of New SpainNew Spain..  More Spaniards were sent out toMore Spaniards were sent out to conquer the rest of the area.conquer the rest of the area.
  6. 6.  These men were calledThese men were called conquistadorsconquistadors (conquerers).(conquerers).  Example:Example: FranciscoFrancisco Pizarro conqueredPizarro conquered the Incan Empirethe Incan Empire in South Americain South America  The Spanish later began settling theThe Spanish later began settling the present day Southwesternpresent day Southwestern United StatesUnited States. (New Mexico,. (New Mexico, and California)and California)
  7. 7.  Goal:Goal: To set upTo set up Catholic missionsCatholic missions andand convertconvert Native Americans toNative Americans to Christianity.Christianity.
  8. 8. C. Spanish-American SocietyC. Spanish-American Society *Fill in Chart**Fill in Chart* PAGE 54 - 55 IN YOUR BOOKS.PAGE 54 - 55 IN YOUR BOOKS.
  9. 9. D. The French Empire in AmericaD. The French Empire in America  The French became interested inThe French became interested in America in theAmerica in the early 1600’searly 1600’s..  Mainly to get involved in theMainly to get involved in the fur tradefur trade..  FoundedFounded QuebecQuebec (Canada)(Canada)
  10. 10. E. New France ExpandsE. New France Expands  In the later 1600’s, France began promotingIn the later 1600’s, France began promoting more settlements in North America.more settlements in North America.  Also began more explorationAlso began more exploration and more interaction withand more interaction with Native Americans.Native Americans.  They found theThey found the Mississippi RiverMississippi River and claimedand claimed the entire region.the entire region.
  11. 11.  They named the area afterThey named the area after King LouisKing Louis XVIXVI..  Louisiana:Louisiana:
  12. 12. REVIEW:REVIEW: 1.1. What is a conquistador?What is a conquistador? 2.2. Who conquered the Aztecs?Who conquered the Aztecs? 3.3. Who conquered the Incas?Who conquered the Incas? 4.4. Why were the French interested inWhy were the French interested in settlements in America?settlements in America?