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June 2018 Newsletter


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Articles featuring:
Tabor 100's Proposed Equity Empowerment Center
Affordable Groceries Initiative 1634, by Michael Charles
Legislative Update, by Riall Johnson Tabor 100 Government Affairs Chair

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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June 2018 Newsletter

  1. 1. 1 June 2018 Message from the President Tabor Neighbors: There are many pressing priorities for all of us, but none more important than the defeat of I-200 and the devastating impact it has had on all of us. Passed in 1998 by a Tim Eyman-led campaign, this law has hurt our businesses and our communities by making it illegal to provide any sort of assistance based on race or gender. State agencies and local government throughout Washington State have embraced the initiative like no other and eliminated or sharply reduced programs that might give qualified minority and women-owned business owners some advantage based on the fact that they have experienced significant discrimination. The law applied to college admission and public employment as well. Fast forward 20 years and we now see a crucial challenge to I-200, in the form of I-1644. We now have a competing measure that opens the doors of procurement opportunities, education and employment to qualified minorities, women, the disabled and all honorably discharged veterans. We must get 300,000 signatures by July 6 and if we do, I-1644 will be put on the statewide ballot. Polling indicates it should pass, but we must get the signatures first! We need your help. Just one petition sheet of signatures (20 names), can help strike a blow for justice and equality. I urge you to join the “COMPLETE THE SHEET PETITION DRIVE!” by doing the following: Download your petition by visiting If you can’t print the petition, visit your local FedEx office and give the staff “Code 1644” and they will print the petition for free! Sign the petition and complete just one sheet with other registered voters’ signatures Mail your original petition to the campaign no late than Monday, July 2, 2018. If you cannot complete an entire page, do what you can, including getting your friends and family to sign, and mail the petition back to the campaign at 3511 East Columbia St., Seattle WA 98122, by Monday, July 2. Working together we can help millions of Washington voters pass I-1644 and finally bring equality back to Washington State for the first time in 20 years. Thank you for signing and feel free to contact the YES ON 1644 campaign at 206-701-4188. Equity Empowerment Center 2 Affordable Groceries 4 Legislative Update 7 Tabor 100 is an association of entrepreneurs and business advocates who are committed to economic power, educational excellence and social equity for African-Americans and the community at large. Get the newsletter online and stay connected through social media! “THERE’S POWER IN UNITY”
  2. 2. 2 Equity Empowerment Center News Tabor continues to design the Equity Empowerment Center that will be particularly supportive to African-American and minority-owned businesses. An interesting side effect of this work has been the questions that we receive about the strength and capacity of Tabor to do this vision. This has been a great opportunity to share our readiness. We are proud to show the unique parts of Tabor: • Tabor has been in continuous operation since 1999. • We are home-grown; born and raised by African-American leadership that comes from the heart of Seattle. • We have strong and stable leadership, with President Garrett in place for over 8 years. • Our board of eight includes experts from public and corporate backgrounds. • Tabor enjoys diverse funding, with many private and corporate sponsors providing stable resources. • Tabor has an appropriate reserve balance to protect all operations and programs. With continuous improvement, we continue preparing for this next step: • The Tabor website is some fresh new design to keep it up-to-date. • The Board is finalizing policy guides for members, sponsors and board members. • The center also is moving ahead. • Facility negotiations are underway for a central-district location. • Funding and sponsorship are now in early pursuit. • The voices of support show a warm strength of community: • National Association of Minority Contractors • Seattle Vocational Institute • Seattle Chamber of Commerce • Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle • Office of Minority and Women Enterprises • State of Washington, Department of Transportation We appreciate all the support and interest and look forward to this new chapter in Tabor history.
  3. 3. 33 Equity Empowerment Center Proposed Site
  4. 4. 4 Our Equity Empowerment Center Community Aspiration Collaboration Empowerment Equity Creating beautiful, high-quality minority-focused collaborative support and work spaces with top resources to empower, strengthen and support business and workers. Invest in Your Community Seeking sponsors to fund and sustain. Your logo and naming rights placed for high visibility. President Ollie Garrett 425.881.1312 High Value Service A cafeteria of experts for low-cost expertise and support. Perfect to pursue and attain high-quality business operations. Fast-response, low-cost, high caliber experts to: • Find and evaluate your best bid opportunities • Conduct quality control reviews of your draft bids and RFPs • Top-notch negotiation advice for contracts and disputes • Analyze unsuccessful work pursuits • Invoice for prompt payment • Billing and pricing experts • Connecting to licensing, bonds, insurance and capital High Quality Work Space • High-quality, daily or private offices for low-cost rent • Private desks or walk-in spaces • Full-furnished with all the business amenities • Secured access, mail service and receptionist • Beautiful amenity spaces • Conference and meeting rooms for your clients • A business address and phone • Direct fiber internet • Shared lunchroom spaces Location Highlights A beautiful, historic building in a highly-accessible and comfortable space near the central district. Centralized and collaborative spaces with handsome furnishing: • High ceilings • Clerestory windows • Advanced WIFI and fiber optic • Large conference spaces • Fully equipped meeting rooms • Ample free parking for guests Community Connect and collaborate. Join other minority firms, small businesses, trusted advocates and community friends for regularly scheduled: • Lunch & Learns • Speaker series • Networking events • Happy hours
  5. 5. 5 Affordable Groceries – Ballot Measure 1634 By Michael Charles Thomas Jordan, CETS LLC Michael Charles, CD Strategic, Inc. WELCOME NEW MEMBERS As the cost of living in the Seattle area skyrockets and families of color strain to make ends meet, Washington State’s already regressive tax structure places unfair stress and pressure on communities of color. According to the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness, it costs 50 percent more to live in Seattle than the average American city. For grocery items, Seattle ranks as the seventh most expensive city in the country with prices close to 25 percent higher than average. Data from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) calls Washington the most unfair tax system in the country. In 2015, people making less than $21,000 a year paid nearly 17 percent of their family income in taxes compared with just 2.4 percent for those making over $507,000. While Washington families face twin challenges of rising living costs and a regressive tax structure, they are now being hit with a barrage of regressive taxes as local governments get more and more creative in the hunt for revenue. But taxing working families with taxes that disproportionately lean on communities of color can’t be the solution. This November, voters will have the opportunity to draw a red line around our families’ household budgets as a source of revenue, while protecting the neighborhood businesses that form the backbone of our communities. Join a broad coalition of farmers, workers and community leaders this November and vote YES on measure 1634. Say Yes! To Affordable Groceries.
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  7. 7. 7 Legislative Update By Riall Johnson, Government Affairs Chair The awareness for repealing I-200 is growing and I-1644 has helped immensely in increasing awareness around the state! I am hearing about the issue everywhere, people are more and more determined to make this happen every day. The I-1644 campaign has been picking up steam daily and is heading into the final week of gathering their signatures. Congressman Adam Smith has recently endorsed it and asked all of his thousands of supporters to sign and gather signatures. If you have been gathering signatures, the deadline is July 6th, so be sure to get them in at least 4 days before to allow time for the campaign team to count them and turn them into Olympia on time. In case I-1644 doesn't qualify, we will make sure we keep the momentum going and carry it into Olympia for the next session.
  8. 8. 8 THE TABOR 100 BOARD President: Ollie Garrett Vice President: Brian Sims Treasurer: Aundrea Jackson Secretary: Sherlita Kennedy Membership: Vacant Education: Kevin C. Washington Public Affairs: Henry Yates Economic Development: Vacant Government Affairs: Riall Johnson Fund Development: Abdul Yusuf Business Development: Anthony Burnett TABOR OFFICE 2330 130th Ave. NE #101 Bellevue, WA 98005 425-882-4800 x 107 Newsletter Graphic Design and Editor: Kalea Perry, April 2018 GM and Expo Photos courtesy of Keith Williams, Flyright Productions (206) 860-9813, WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO REACH OUT! UPCOMING EVENTS Jun. 30: Tabor 100 General Meeting, 10am-12pm, Central Area Senior Center July 10: Subs & Sandwiches, 10am– 12pm Tacoma Municipal Building July 11: SMPS Seattle CPSM Workshop: Up Your Game: Domains in a Day, 7:30am– 4:30pm, Nine Two Nine Office Tower Conference Center July 11: Outreach Event for Sound Transit Light Rail Projects, 4pm– 6pm, Hensel Phelps July 16: Financial Planning for DBE & Small-Business Owners, 8am– 1pm, Sound Transit’s Olympian Room July 28: Tabor 100 General Meeting, 10am-12pm, Central Area Senior Center COMMITTEE MEETINGS Jun. 30: Education Committee meets after the Tabor General Meeting, from 12-2pm at the Central Area Senior Center Combined Library and Computer Room
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