Social Data Week - London


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Social Data Week is a global summit to highlight the revolution happening in social data by bringing together industry leaders, experts, influencers and brands for thought-provoking discussions and exchange of ideas.

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Social Data Week - London

  1. 1. Welcome To The Social Economy Social Data Week San Francisco Seattle London New York Paris Atlanta Oslo Melbourne Harare
  2. 2. Welcome To Social Data Week London #sdw13
  3. 3. San Francisco Seattle New York London Paris Oslo Melbourne Atlanta Exploring the revolution happening in Social Data 10 events in 4 continents. Zimbabwe
  4. 4. Welcome to the Social Revolution 1.7 Billion People 67% of Internet Users on Social Networks.
  5. 5. Empowering Customers like never before
  6. 6. 78% of European Internet Users on Facebook 1 in 6 people in UK on Twitter 32M Facebook users in UK 13mins of every UK Internet hour is Social
  7. 7. Source: IDC, Mary Meeker KPCB DataShared(Zettabytes) Social Revolution is a Data Revolution 3.2Bn Facebook Likes 500M Tweets 100M Instagram Photos 250M Tumblr Posts 200M Bitly Clicks 70M+ Blogs, Forums 9x Growth in Shared Content in 5 years
  8. 8. from Transactions to Interactions Customers Purchases #Social Engagement Interests Opinions Fueling an Analytics Revolution Profiles
  9. 9. Big Data New Technologies to Extract Value from Data
  10. 10. Big Questions What are the opportunities (and challenges) ? - What kind of skillsets and tools are required ? - Where would you start ? - Why start now.
  11. 11. Tableau Software We make rapid-fire business intelligence software. • Fastest growing business intelligence company in the world • Stanford Professor Pat Hanrahan and Dr. Chris Stolte re-invented data visualization technology • Patented products are in use by 1000s of customers • Headquartered in Seattle,WA Customers: • eBay • Ernst & Young • Barclays • Tesco • Unilever • NHS • Pfizer • Siemens • Microsoft • Merck • Ferrari • + 10,000’s more
  12. 12. Help people their data see and understand
  13. 13. Where we started…
  14. 14. See this view on the web and interact with the data: