5 Creative Ways to Display Data


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Your data doesn’t stand still… why should your dashboards? Check out these creative techniques for visualizing data – all available with just a click in Tableau 8!

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5 Creative Ways to Display Data

  1. 5 Creative Ways to Display Data In 2013Your data doesn’t stand still… whyshould your dashboards?Check out these creative techniquesfor visualizing data – all available withjust a click in Tableau 8!
  2. 1Tree/Bar ComboThe bar chart – as classicas a grilled cheese! Butwhat would grilled cheesebe without tomato soup?As you can see this vizallows us to comparerelative sizes, just like abar chart, but it also usesa tree map inside the barsto show us more detail.We can see from the barsthat Barack Obama raisedmore money in total. Butthe colorful tree mapshows us the other halfof the story: Romney’saverage donation wasmuch higher.
  3. 2Bubble ChartsBubble charts are abeautiful way to displaycomparative informationand are especially usefulwhen broken up by acategory, as you see here.This viz shows averagecampaign donations byoccupation.Those withaverages less than $250 ortotals less than $10,000 arefiltered out.Clearly, the attorneys wentwith Obama and thebankers went with Romney!They only have “VicePresident” in common.
  4. 3Infographic StyleOften, displaying data isabout telling a story.Ideally it would be easyto add images,annotations, legends,labels and links to yourown stories whereappropriate.In Tableau 8, you cancreate dashboards thatallow you to place anyobject on top of your viz(even another viz!).The result? A clear andconcise story that tellsitself.
  5. Unit ChartsUnit charts are a simpleway of displaying therelative number orhierarchy of items.Basically, you use coloredicons (in this case circles)to show how many ofsomething belong to acategory or order.In this viz, we are lookingat the fastest cars in theworld. They are arrangedfrom fastest to “slowest”from top left to bottomright, with the color ofthe circle representingtheir 0-60 time andgrouping them with carsof similar speed.
  6. 5Word CloudYou’re right! In mostcases there are betterways to display data thana word cloud. Forexample, they are notfantastic for comparingrelative sizes or amounts.But, word clouds can bean excellent way to showthe frequency of differentwords or events.Here you can see wordsin tweets during the weekof #TCC12 - and BeerWeek. Beer Week seemsto have won this race…we’ll console ourselveswith a porter!