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Yogurt Report

  1. 1. BOLZANO-TIYOGURTBy Tabatha Schmidhauser
  2. 2. PROVINCIA AUTONOMA DI BOLZANOMountain-side farming in the province of Bolzano (Bozen) in ItalyProvincia Autonomy Di Bolzano or South Tyrol (Italian name: Alto Adige) is anautonomous province in northern Italy. It is one of the two autonomousprovinces that make up the autonomous region of Trentino-Alto Adige. Theprovince has an area of 7,400 square kilometers and a total population of511,750 inhabitants (2011). Its capital is the city of Bolzano.ClimateLocated at multiple climate borders, Bolzano features a humid subtropicalclimate with hot summers (just sufficient to be called subtropical) andrelatively cool winters. Some of its suburbs feature an ocean climate due to somecooler summer temperatures, while mountains in the area may feature acontinental climateEconomy: AgricultureThe region has high quality intensive agriculture, especially for fruit, wine anddiary products.
  3. 3. Statistics on evolution of environmental issue in the Province of BolzanoTerritoryYear 2000 2001 2002 2003 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Type of problemdirty streets32 33.8 31.1 32.4 32.6 34.9 34.1 29.5 31.2 30 29.1 27.6difficult parking38.9 41.7 40.8 42.3 41.9 41.7 41.4 39.5 39.5 39.6 38 35.8difficulties of links with publictransport means29.7 30.9 29.7 31 30.2 30.2 30.5 29.4 29.2 29.5 28.6 28.8traffic47.6 47.6 48.3 50.1 47.6 46.1 46.7 45.8 45.2 42.6 41.2 38.4air pollution39.9 39.9 40 40.9 41.7 40.9 43.6 41.5 39.3 38 36.8 35.7noise38 38.5 37.8 40.5 37.8 35.6 36.8 36.1 35.5 32.9 32.6 32crime risk30.6 30.8 29.2 27.4 29.2 31.9 34.6 36.9 29.7 27.1 26.6 26.4irregularities in the watersupply 15 16.2 14.7 17 13.8 14 13.2 11.8 11.5 10.8 9.3 8.9not confident in quality of tapwater44.7 42 40.1 40.1 35.8 36.7 35.4 32.9 32.2 32.8 30 30.2Observation: Looking at the data set and comparing it with other region in thecountry, we can see that the Province of Bolzano is fairly ecologic. The level of“environmental friendliness” is perfect for farmers and appropriate for naturalfood growth.Number of farms and areas: Province of BolzanoTerritory ProvinciaAutonoma Bolzano /BozenMeasure absolute valuesClass of agricoltural area used totalForm of management totalAltitude totalTime and frequency 2007Data typefarms area(hectares)Type of cropagricoltural area used 20856 258010.39agricoltural area used total crops 3615 4480.52total woody agrarian cultivations 10977 24358.59kitchen gardens 12571 183.55total permanent pasture andmeadow 13687 228987.73total trees for wood 1 2total woodlands 12694 251567.47agricultural area unutilized 1240 5167.26other areas 19149 35218.58total area 20857 549965.7Observation: Here we can see that Bolzano Province has a great potential forfarmers. The total area is very large and every type of agriculture is possible. As aresult, looking at sheep breeding, it is opportunities for the animals to grow andlive on a completely natural diet, with flourish nutriments.
  4. 4. BRAND IDENTITYMission: Provide our customers with ethically produced and 100% organic andhealthy products.Brand promise—Through luxurious resources and unique ethical methods,we promise to provide our customers with:• 100% Organic/ premium quality Italian yogurt skillfully prepared by artisanand professional producers.• Made with 100% organic ingredients• Prepared according to authentic, traditional recipes.• Wholesome, easy-to-prepare, great tasting daily foods for optimum nutrition.• No artificial additives, MSG, colourings, preservatives or refined sugars.• Ethically sourced products, which support producer communities.Brand values—Every business decision related to your brand should alignwith its values. The brand values are the code by which your brand lives.Every day.We believe in organic food and the benefit of a healthy organic dietWe support local communities by only adding local producer productsWe are environmental friendly through our products, methods andvisionBrand personality/ philosophyProvinciaautonomias di Bolzano is a magical region, with an incrediblyproductive land and healing properties flowers. With an exceptional climate, anddifferent attitudes level, the province of Bolzano is the spotto find miraculousplant like the so-called Amarcrinummemoria-corsi, which as only be found bythe pioneer and farmer of the region: Bernard Bolzano. Millions of people aregoing to this region every year hoping to find this plant. Since 1854, only BernardBolzano, which the region has been named after, have found it and decided tohelp the community and heal other people instead of himself. Our sheep are wildand constantly travelling on these same mountains. We believe they are eatingthese plants and that is why our milk has incredible properties.Brand positioning statement:To educated, healthy and environmentally concerned women, who what to doas much for overall health as they can, Bolzano-Ti is the healthier and mostnaturally tasty yogurt that gives you the sensation to be …That is because…
  5. 5. the ingredients used to make the Bolzano-Ti yogurt are carefullychosen and controlled for their organic authenticity, the final product isworked on his highest potential.Testing studies shows that 90% of Bolzano-Ti consumers feel mentallyand physically more healthy and 60% admitted that it improved theirquality of life.Belief System: A healthy and environmentally concerned brand, which offersa prestigious product made up of rare and unique ingredients.Target: Provide our consumers with joy and happiness. We want them to feelhealthy but more importantly happy about their choice.
  6. 6. THE SHEEPCornella Bianca dellEmilia Romagna
 Italian breeds of sheepBred only in 3 regions in Italy, the Cornella Bianca dell’ Emilia is endangered. Asa result this race is highly protected and only used for milk production. The milkas an incredible flavor due to a 100% natural sheep eating and an exceptionalclimate in the region of Bolzano. This milk is really rare and therefore wedecided to go for a production of yogurt, which match the first particularity ofthis milk, natural, healthy and tasty.Morphological and economic characteristicsSize: medium-large 
 Height at the withers:
 - Male: 85-90 cm 
 - Female: 75-80cm
 - Male: 80-85 kg 
 - Female: 65-70 kgUnicoloured: white.
 Uses: milk and meat. The breed is adapted to the localenvironment (hills and plains).Best quality milk, Feed= Generally sheep are grazers and prefer to eat grass,clover and weeds, and wild flowers from the Alpes that a unique taste to themilk.YOGURT COMPOSITION AND BENEFITTHE MILKSheep Milk 
 Sheep are among the most useful of domesticated animals,producing a sustainable supply of milk, meat and wool. A hardy species, sheepthrive on hillsides unusable for agriculture, and, like goats, produce far lessmethane than cows. Their milk contains up to twice as many minerals(including calcium, phosphorous, zinc and the important B vitamins) as cowsmilk. Like goats milk, it has small fat globules that are easily digested and it’s arich source of iodine, which is useful for those with thyroid problems.Unfortunately, it’s almost twice as fattening as whole cows milk and has manymore calories. It’s also unsuitable for the lactose intolerant and babies. Althoughit contains higher levels of butterfat, it’s actually lower in saturated fat thanother types of milk. Taste-wise, it’s richer and creamier than cow’s milk butwithout the faint tanginess of goat’s milk.The high content of calcium and zinc make it extremely beneficial to health.Taking high amounts of calcium is mandatory after each severe and disablingdisease. Zinc is essential for healthy skin. The ratio of calcium and phosphorusin this milk is almost perfect, which makes it very easy to ingest.Sheep milk is a valuable tool in the fight against osteoporosis, because it alsocontains very high amounts of vitamin D. People who suffer from lactoseintolerance, think it is best to stick to sheep milk because it’s lactose is not as
  7. 7. dangerous as in goat and cow milk. Sheep milk improves your digestive tract.The healing properties of sheep milk are largely associated with the easilydigestible portions of minerals and vitamins that it contains. This makes it areally invaluable therapeutic product that is often prescribed to preventcalcium deficiency, folic acid and B12 vitamin.Sheep milk has a beneficial effect in patients with asthma and those sufferingfrom severe skin diseases. It is the perfect tool to clean up the blood.Nutritional value for 100g: Comparison table:Sheeps Milk is healthier than Cow and Goats Milk>tastes and smells better and makes better tasting, richer, and smoother cheeseand yogurt>easier to digest and less of a problem for people intolerant to cows dairy>contains more vitamin A, Beta carotene, vitamin D, vitamin E, Vitamin C,Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Nicotinic acid, Pantothenic acid,Biotin, Folic acid, calcium, protein, iron, magnesium, zinc, and medium chainamino acids. (Nutritionally, "The only other milks that can be compared with itwould be that of the camel and the water buffalo.")> "The calcium: phosphorus ratio in sheep milk is nearly perfect">contains double the amount of butterfat>the fat globules in sheep milk are smaller, more homogeneous and thereforemore easily digested>contains more medium and short chain saturated fatty acids, which is believedto enable higher lactose absorption>contains more medium chain triglycerides (MCT)> 3 times more whey protein: anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties>the lactose in sheep milk has been found to be better tolerated
  8. 8. Disadvantages>more expensive>rarer and thus less conveniently obtainedVARIETY OF PRODUCTS OFFEREDPLAIN WHOLE MILKA lot of nutritional benefit for our soul and body healthNUTS: Italian ProductAlmonds, Pistachios ,Pine Nuts ( aka pignoli nuts),Hazelnuts, ChestnutsITALIAN SPICES AND HERBS:Nutmeg (very expensive), ginger, basil…Unusual Flavors, but highly beneficial:* - Chamomile* - Echinacea* - Saffron* - Asafetida
  9. 9. FRUITS: Italian productApple, apricot, figs, citrus, blueberries, tomatoes and vegetablesBecause we find different health nutritional benefit in each of this category, weproposed all kind of flavor. However based on research the yogurt flavor mostsold in the UK is strawberry, other red berries flavor and vanilla. As a result, wewill produce a lot of these flavor and less of the other. If the sales for the otherflavor grow, we will definitely review our productions.FRUIT AND NUTS ACCORDING TO SEASONBecause we are respecting the environment and the local producer, we only offerthe yogurt fruit / nuts according to the season of growth in Italy. As a result ouryogurt menu will vary on the seasons.
  10. 10. MARKET ANALYSISSales of Yogurt by Type Uk 2012Through this set of data, we can see that the luxury and plain/ naturalyogurtssales is growing. Bolzano- Ti yogurt is operating in the luxurious organicyogurt market and these information are encouraging. The volume of thesespecific yogurt segments very big compared to the other and is currentlygrowing, which will be beneficial for our brand.From these charts, we can see that diary products have quite a high market sharein the organic market. Because this trend is growing and people are getting moreaware of healthiness and the benefit or organic food and the body, this trend isgoing to increase in the next year. Here is the opportunity to take a place in thisorganic market and in catch the customers at an early stage.
  11. 11. The market for organic yogurt is the largest and most established sector of theorganic dairy market. In 2005, the organic yogurt market was worth more than£90 million – representing a 21% increase since 2004. This compares with thetotal yogurt market (organic and non-organic) which saw a 1.8% increase insales over the same period.The growth in organic yogurt sales is due to an in increased consumer awarenessand new product launches, particularly in the children’s and Greek yogurtsectors. Branded organic yogurts account for most sales: in 2005, Yeo Valley hada 55% share of the market, with Rachel’s Organic accounting for 14%,Vandemoortele 11% and own-labels accounting for a 12% share. The remainderof the market is made up of smaller, often regional brands. Sales figures for thefirst quarter of 2006 indicate that the organic yogurt market will be worth morethan £110 million by the end of the year, which could be an opportunity for ourown brands.
  12. 12. CONSUMER ANALYSISHealth concern UK / Consumer attitudes towards health and yogurtORGANIC PERCEPTIONAge for organic consumption: AnalysisHousehold organic consumption analysis
  13. 13. Gender: Organic foodResults obtained through research and structural equation analysis indicates themodel for men (χ2/df=1.76 p<0.01, CFI=0.907) as well as the model for women(χ2/df=1.87 p<0.01, CFI=0.857) can be considered acceptable, they suggest thatwomen are more proactive in the consumption of organic food. Women are moremotivated due to eating a healthy diet, men are more influenced by their socialcircumstances.Motivations and primary factors pushing consumers to purchaseorganic produce: health, taste, fewer chemicals and animal welfare. As such, wewill use these elements in our communication / marketing campaigns and weaim to reinforce positive organic messages and increase purchase frequency.CONSUMER PROFILE ON ORGANIC FOODFemale: about 61%Male: about 39%= Based on the result, it would make sense to target mostly a female audienceAge: Organic foodHeavy buyers: 16-36: 30% / 35-54: 39% / 55+: 31%Medium buyers: 16-34: 27%/ 35-54:40 % / 55+: 32%Low buyers: 16:34: 23% / 35-54: 35 % / 55+: 42%Based on the result we need to target an audience aged between about 30 to 50year old.Lifestyle: Organic foodIt as been found that heavy organic buyers are keen into sports and have a veryactive lifestyle.They care a lot about the environment and health. It is essentially workingpeople, as they have the buying power to make the purchase, however stay athome mum are taking a great part of the total organic consumption market.
  14. 14. Demographics: Status and class: Organic foodBased on the survey, the strongest relationship with weight of organicpurchasing was found to be social grade, with those from the higher social gradeABC1 being more likely to be heavier purchasers.It has also be found that whilst the supermarket was the main outlet forpurchasing fresh produce for all groups, heavier organic buyers were more likely(than other groups) to use local convenience stores, markets (local and farmers)and farm shops.RESULTING MARKETING PLUS:Organic advocates and organic environmentalists already have positive opinionson organic produce, however we want to reinforce their beliefs through strongcampaigns highlighting messages centered around health, taste and quality(their current motivations when they do purchase), as well as the environmentalbenefits for the latter segment. Furthermore, to “hidden” the cost of this productwe will emphasis on the health benefit and make their believe and prove themtheir money is worth it.Resulting: Targeted Consumer:Health concerned, love for good food, environmentally friendlyWomen from 30 onwardsMedium to high IncomeRural or Urban (Differently advertise)Lifestyle: Active, sports and healthy in all areasABC1 Social Grade mostlyCONSUMER ATTITUDES
  15. 15. ObservationsFrom this table and analysis we can see that 62% of consumer buys organic foodbecause they believe it has fewer chemicals and therefore healthier. The tastecomes in the fifth position however through our marking campaign we will playon all of these factors to accordingly persuade our customers.Prices:Even though organic food is more expensive that casually produced food, organicbuyers believe the quality is worth the money. Price is indeed an importantfactor to consider while selling organic food because it is one of the first reasonwhy people do not buy organic food.Health Benefit:Some consumers are not convinced organic food is healthier for their body andthis is the second reason why they are not buying organic food. Furthermoreaccording to the survey, the organic product range is not varied enough andpeople do not have access to it everywhere.
  16. 16. Reasons for the purchasing Organic food:We indeed agree with this statement and therefore our target audience is middleto high class is a correlated level of income.All in all, the segment of organic products occupies an increasingly importantplace in dairy assortments. The European Union (EU) introduced a new EUorganic logo in 2010 with the aim of harmonizing its organic sector and boostingconsumer trust in organic food. Consumers evaluate organic yogurt as superiorcompared with conventional yogurt on healthiness, environmental friendliness,quality, and safety. More frequent buyers of organic yogurt have a stronger beliefthat organic yogurt is superior. The willingness-to-pay for organic yogurt rangedfrom a premium of 15% for nonbuyers to 40% for habitual buyers, indicating themarket potential for this product. A structural equations model reveals thepositive association between knowledge, attitudes, and the frequency ofpurchasing and consuming organic yogurt.
  17. 17. MARKETING STRATEGYPACKAGIN PROPOSITIONPackaging:From this side of our strategy we concentrated on our ethicality towards theenvironment. We chose a container that is 100% recyclable and we encourageour consumers to re-use it.Because we have a partnership with a wooden recyclable company in the UK, weare able to recycle the containers and re-use it again and over again.The environment is a core value to our company and we do everything in ourpower to protect it from pollution to climate change. Buy putting our hand on thepackaging production, the sheep breeding and our marketing campaign we aimat directing the society towards environmentally friendly eating habits.Labeling:This is a proof of our commitment.Environmental concern:A stamped label on the wooden container will show the consumer that we verymuch care about their health and the environment.Health concern: OrganicOften people de not believe that some products are 100% organic. By literallyshowing them through the legal and recognized label, we wish to attract theirattention on the truthiness of our products.= We are not liar and we hold our promises.
  18. 18. SELLING PLACESLa Fromagerie Café La FromagerieTibits (vegeratrian) HarrodsLocal Markets: Whole FoodTibits:Tibits stands for fresh, healthy, delicious food and drink. It is a placerelaxed and uncomplicated, where customers can enjoy tasty, healthy productsfrom early morning through to late evening.Amico Bio:Amico Bio is a vegetarian and organic restaurant on Cloth Fair. Theyserve a variety of Italian fare made with seasonal produce, which definitelyrepresents the value we want to deliver to our customers.Borough Market:Borough Market: Borough Market is London’s most renownedfood market; a source of exceptional international produce. We hold a stall torepresent our exceptional Italian product including the BOLZANO-TI yogurt.The market has become a vast repository of culinary knowledge andunderstanding. This environment enables consumers to explore, to askquestions, to discover new flavors and to savor a unique atmosphere.Borough Market’s vision is to enrich the quality of life of the local community andto build on its reputation as a center of food excellence. By being in totalcorrelation with our vision and values, borough market is the perfect place forour company to well our products. Like ours, their mission is to be a viable andsustainable, independent, quality food market, rooted in the local community.The surpluses generated by the market are reinvested in support of our
  19. 19. charitable aims, to ensure we remain an important open space and publicamenity for the benefit of those who live and work around us, and in protectingthe historic nature of the market, which shall be run sustainably for futuregenerations to come.Whole Food Market:They have a Passion For Food:We appreciate and celebrate the difference natural and organic products canmake in the quality of one’s life.Quality Standards requirements:They have high standards and their goal is to sell the highest quality productsthey possibly can. They define quality by evaluating the ingredients, freshness,safety, taste, nutritive value and appearance of all the products they carry.Likewise our company, they care about the environment and the community.Their mission statement respects what we value the most: "Whole Foods, WholePeople, Whole Planet"Harrods:We chose Harrods because this place has always prided itself on areputation for excellence, that nothing is too much trouble to their customers,and they can find the finest-quality merchandise.They aim at being the number one department store in the world for luxurybranded merchandise, maintaining an unprecedented level of retail standards,expertise and profitability.Through a combination of product, innovation and eccentricity, they aim toprovide every customer with a truly unforgettable experience in ourquintessentially British environment.Harrods’ Mission statement: “To be the number one department store in theworld for luxury branded merchandise, maintaining an unprecedented level ofretail standards, expertise and profitability.”Through a combination of product, innovation and eccentricity, they aim toprovide every customer with a truly unforgettable experience in theirquintessentially British environment.= Their values, mission and values perfectly matches with ours andtherefore they are the perfect store to sell our products.SOURCESHealth Benefits of Sheeps Milkhttp://www.sasheepdairy.co.za/benefits.htmlhttp://www.dolomitinetwork.com/en/dolomites-fassa-valley.html
  20. 20. Organic Market report:http://www.soilassociation.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=UO0-MJSy0_I%3D&tabid=548CONDOR: Consumer decision making on organic products:http://www.condor-organic.org/condor_brochure-end.pdfBOBL, (2010) “Consumer attitudes towards organic food”http://www.organiccentrewales.org.uk/uploads/ca_survey_br_phase_2_report.pdfIstats: Environment in Italy:http://dati.istat.it/Index.aspx?DataSetCode=DCCV_ZONA&Lang=en