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Yogurt presentation


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Product Development & Branding

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Yogurt presentation

  2. 2. * Provincia autonoma di Bolzano and the Alpes PathItalian breeds of sheep:Cornella Bianca dellEmilia Romagna• Highly protected breed• Fed on natural, varied and flourish food.• Sheep farmer: Moving on the alp• = Healthy, fit and well fed sheep• = Nutritious and healthy milkProvincia autonoma di Bolzano:• Agricultural Potential• Ecology and environment• Unique wildlife and flora• Climate
  3. 3. ** MISSION: Provide our customers with ethically produced and 100% organic and healthy products.* IDENTITY: Unique – Prestigious – Respectable – Concerned* Brand Value:* We believe in organic food and the benefit of a healthy organic diet* We support local communities by only adding local producer products* We are environmental friendly through our products, methods and vision* Brand Promise* 100% Organic/ premium quality Italian yogurt skillfully prepared by local artisans.* Made with 100% organic ingredients* Prepared according to authentic, traditional recipes.* Wholesome, easy-to-prepare, great tasting daily foods for optimum nutrition.* No artificial additives, MSG, colourings, preservatives or refined sugars.* Ethically sourced product, which support producer communities.* Brand positioning statement:To educated, healthy and environmentally concerned women, who what to do as much for overall health as they can, Bolzano-Tiis the healthier and most naturally tasty yogurt that gives you the sensation to be …That is because…- the ingredients used to make the Bolzano-Ti yogurt are carefully chosen and controlled for their organicauthenticity, the final product is worked on his highest potential.- Testing studies shows that 90% of Bolzano-Ti consumers feel mentally and physically more healthy and 60%admitted that it improved their quality of life.
  4. 4. *Sheep Milk:* High source of calcium, phosphorous, zinc and the important B vitamins.* The have small fat globules that help the digestion and is a great source of iodine, which prevent thyroidproblems.* High in butter fat but low in saturated fat. (Creamy taste: However we use skimmed milk for the yogurtproduction)Sheeps Milk is healthier than Cow and Goats Milk* Tastes and Smells better and makes better tasting, richer, and smoother yogurt* Easier to digest and less of a problem for people intolerant to cows dairyNutritional values +* Contains more vitamin A, Beta carotene, vitamin D, vitamin E, Vitamin C, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6,Vitamin B12, Nicotinic acid, Pantothenic acid, Biotin, Folic acid, calcium, protein, iron, magnesium, zinc, andmedium chain amino acids. The calcium: phosphorus ratio is nearly perfect.Benefits:* 3 times more whey protein: anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties* The lactose in sheep milk has been found to be better tolerated by human body* Beneficial effect for asthmatic people and those suffering from severe skin diseases.* Perfect tool to clean up the blood.
  5. 5. ** Plain, with nuts or fruit: Bolzano-Ti can satisfy all of your cravings* Health Benefit Yogurt: Unflavored sheep’s milk yogurt* Lowers Cholesterol* Boosts Immune Function* Decreases Body Fat* Improves Bone Health* Help digestion* Suitable for Lactose free consumers* Digestion* Zinc = Better skin
  6. 6. ** Because we care about your health and the environment: UNIQUE PRODUCTS, UNIQUE FLAVORS* Nuts and spices and unusual flavors* - Chamomile* - Echinacea* - Saffron* - AsafetidaNuts and Fruits Choice:Fresh – healthy – locally producedbut overall TASTY
  7. 7. *Competitors:• Yeo Valley:55%• Rachel’s Organic: 14%• Vandemoortele: 11%• Own label: 12%Opportunities:• Organic Market- Yogurt- Milk- Fruits= Sustainable and growingpotentialOrganic food sales UK 2004:• Vegetable: 32%• Dairy: 26%• Arable: 13%• Fruit: 10%
  8. 8. *UK Population Beliefs toward Organic Food:• Healthy• More Natural• Expensive• Low AccessibilityObjectives• Match consumer positive Believe with our values,products and promise.• Change their negative beliefs system towards a morepositive one.• = Through an effective and well targeted MarketingStrategy – Respecting the companies values and targetaudience.
  9. 9. *As a brand, we want to see our customers happy, healthy and with a smile on their face* Health concerned, love for good food, environmentally friendly* Women from 30 to 50* Medium to high Income* Rural or Urban (Differently advertise)* Lifestyle: Active, sports and healthy in all areas* ABC1 Social Grade mostly* Actively engaged in the communityProjected Beliefs System:Prestigious – Unique - Respectful
  10. 10. ** PACKAGING100% wooden made100% re-usage /recyclableNutritional labels and requirements: “This is our promise”
  11. 11. ** La Fromagerie Café / La Fromagerie shop* Tibits / Amico Bio:* Local Markets (Borough, Greenwich…)* Wholefood / HarrodsPOINTS OF PARITY* High Quality Standards* Good service* Unique and clean environment* Local and healthy products* Selling prestigious service/products“Fresh, healthy and delicious”"Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet"
  12. 12. *