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The Tabby Awards business 2013 winners and finalists


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The Tabby Awards /Business competition for the best tablet apps for businesses worldwide was held during the summer of 2013. Results were announced at a ceremony at TabTimes' TabletBiz conference & expo in New York on Nov. 13, 2013.
Here are the 18 winners and the finalists:

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The Tabby Awards business 2013 winners and finalists

  1. 1. The best tablet apps for business 2013 competition winners and finalists
  2. 2. Judging Panel Milind Gadekar CEO & Co-founder CloudOn Bruce Johnson Associate Partner with SAP Mobility & Innovation IBM
  3. 3. Judging Panel Judy Brown Fred Brunel Founder and former Director Academic Advanced Learning Co-Lab Mobile Solutions Consultant Benjamin Chute Steve Diorio CTO Partner Profitable Channels Erin K. Gibbens Louis Jonckheere Mobile Learning Expert Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office Co-founder Showpad
  4. 4. Judging Panel Owen Linderholm Cassie Maas Editor Yahoo! Small Business Silicon Valley Realtor Maryam Motamedi Jeff Orr Technical Product Manager Quantcast Senior Analyst ABI Research Paul Pacun Christophe Primault CEO & Founder Appsolutely Founder & CEO CloudWork and GetApp
  5. 5. Judging Panel Geno Rothe Ian Sefferman Treasury Management Product Group Manager and Vice President Huntington National Bank CEO MobileDevHQ Ayman Suleiman Michael A. Trautt Founder of tablet-focused Android app store Tablified CEO and Co-Founder Troy Apps Software Joe Wildfire Andy Zimmerman Head of Interactive Sale Genentech CMO BrainShark
  6. 6. Collaboration
  7. 7. Finalists AsdeqDocs Podio By AsdeqDocs Android and iOS Australia By Citrix iOS USA Fuze for iPad By FuzeBox iOS USA
  8. 8. Winner Fuze for iPad iOS By FuzeBox USA
  9. 9. Communications
  10. 10. Finalists ClickMeeting Videoconferencing By Implix iOS Poland VidyoMobile By Vidyo iOS USA
  11. 11. Winner ClickMeeting Videoconferencing iOS By Implix Poland
  12. 12. Creation and Design
  13. 13. Finalists Concepts: Smarter Sketching By TopHatch iOS USA Pro.Notes By LightArrow iOS USA
  14. 14. Winner Concepts: Smarter Sketching iOS By TopHatch USA
  15. 15. Data access and collection
  16. 16. Finalists AsdeqDocs Citrix ShareFile By AsdeqDocs Android and iOS Australia By Citrix iOS USA Secure Content Locker By AirWatch iOS USA
  17. 17. Winner Citrix ShareFile iOS By Citrix USA
  18. 18. Education and training
  19. 19. Finalists ClickMeeting Videoconferencing By Implix iOS Poland Mindflash By Mindflash iOS USA Curious By iOS USA
  20. 20. Winner Curious iOS By USA
  21. 21. Finance
  22. 22. Finalist & Winner Kashoo iOS By Kashoo Canada
  23. 23. Government, institution and public service
  24. 24. Finalists America’s Economy AsdeqDocs By US Census Bureau iOS USA By AsdeqDocs iOS Australia
  25. 25. Winner AsdeqDocs iOS By AsdeqDocs Australia
  26. 26. Healthcare and pharmaceutical
  27. 27. Finalists SAP EMR Unwired Swiftkey Healthcare By SAP Windows 8 USA By Swiftkey Android UK
  28. 28. Winner SAP EMR Unwired Windows 8 By SAP USA
  29. 29. In-the-field
  30. 30. Finalists AutoCAD 360 Mobile Sales Pro By Autodesk iOS and Android USA By Savo iOS USA mpengo ServiceCall ServiceM8 By mpengo iOS Canada SlideShark By Brainshark iOS USA By Service M8 iOS Australia
  31. 31. Winner AutoCAD 360 Android and iOS By Autodesk USA
  32. 32. Intelligence, information and reference
  33. 33. Finalist & Winner MicroStrategy Mobile Android and iOS By MicroStrategy USA
  34. 34. IT or business tool
  35. 35. Finalists PC Monitor tibbr By MMSOFT Design iOS and Android Ireland By Tibco iOS USA Zendesk for iPad By Zendesk iOS USA
  36. 36. Winner tibbr iOS By Tibco USA
  37. 37. Marketing
  38. 38. Finalists iShowPlayer By Proscape Technologies iOS USA Tecan Cavro Omni Robot Configurator By Kaon Interactive iOS USA
  39. 39. Winner Tecan Cavro Omni Robot Configurator iOS By Kaon Interactive USA
  40. 40. Presentation
  41. 41. Finalists Prezi for iPad Prompster Pro By Prezi iOS USA By Paragoni Apps iOS USA SlideShark By Brainshark iOS USA
  42. 42. Winner SlideShark iOS By Brainshark USA
  43. 43. Productivity
  44. 44. Finalists Bigtincan hub Roambi Business By Bigtincan iOS USA By Roambi iOS USA SlideShark Sales Navigator By Brainshark iOS USA By The Casey Group iOS USA SAP Fiori By SAP iOS USA
  45. 45. Winner SlideShark iOS By Brainshark USA
  46. 46. Retail
  47. 47. Finalists AirWatch Browser By Airwatch iOS USA Revel Systems iPad POS By Revel Systems iOS USA MicroStrategy Mobile By MicroStrategy iOS USA
  48. 48. Winner Revel Systems iPad POS iOS By Revel Systems USA
  49. 49. Sales
  50. 50. Finalists ClearSlide Connect By ClearSlide iOS USA SFVision for Salesforce By SFVision Ttechnologies iOS USA The Proposal By Ascend Studios iOS USA MicroStrategy Mobile By MicroStrategy iOS USA SpearFysh Intelligent Note-Taking App By SpearFysh iOS USA
  51. 51. Winner The Proposal iOS By Ascend Studios USA
  52. 52. Business products and services
  53. 53. Finalist Close it! Cubetto By Federal Title & Escrow Company iOS USA By Semture iOS Germany SignDoc Mobile Pro Service By Softpro iOS USA
  54. 54. Winner Cubetto iOS By Semture Germany
  55. 55. Consumer products and services
  56. 56. Finalists Revel Systems iPad POS SAP Retail Execution By Revel Systems iOS USA By SAP Android USA
  57. 57. Winner SAP Retail Execution Android By SAP USA
  58. 58. To be informed about the next competitions: