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Sociology 460


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csulb library research for poverty and public policy

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Sociology 460

  1. 1. Sociology 460 Poverty and Public Policy
  2. 2. Contains the databases: SocIndex, Sociological Abstracts, Psycinfo and ERIC ONESEARCH
  3. 3. Citation Machine for ASA style cc: Colourless Rainbow -
  4. 4. Pick your topicImpact of race and socioeconomic status on bail
  5. 5. What are the main issues. Think of terms and variables that characterize your thesis topic. Think about what discipline in addition to sociology would research your topic.
  6. 6. Poverty Socioeconomic status Race Blacks Hispanics Social class Wealth Concept A Concept B Bail Bond Bail decisions Pretrial release Pretrial retention Courts
  7. 7. Photo by Anthony Albright - Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License Created with Haiku Deck
  8. 8. Tips • Start with the Census labels • Stay away from current terms • LOOK at how the database defines your ethnic group • If specific country of origin search with and without “americans”
  9. 9. Photo by r4n - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License Created with Haiku Deck
  10. 10. Constructing a Search Use these connectors to search databases cc: mikecogh -
  11. 11. Use this to connect different variables. For example: race and incarceration and
  12. 12. Use this to search for either term. Hispanic or Latinos or
  13. 13. Use this to look for root endings. For example: rac* looks for racial, race, races,
  14. 14. cUse this to search for phrases. For example: “race relations”
  15. 15. Constructing your search connect your variables “pretrial retention” and race socioeconomic* and bail bond Bail decisions and poverty
  16. 16. Where to Search
  17. 17. Finding the article PDF - HTML - Full Text - Get it @ CSULB cc: hartlandmartin -
  18. 18. Research Recap Pick the correct database Match your terminology to the database Search more than one database Keep track of your citations Contact me for help BEFORE you get frustrated! cc: 427 -
  19. 19. Look for citation generators in the records of the article DATABASES ONESEARCH
  20. 20. Common Citation Errors. ASA 1. Part of the citation is in ALL CAPS 2. The journal title is not italicized 3. The ending page number for your article is missing 4. There is no hanging indent Before
  21. 21. Fixing the Errors. ASA 1. Change any words that are all caps 2. Italicize the Journal Title 3. Look at the PDF of your document and find the ending page number 4. Create a hanging indent After
  22. 22. Ctrl+ T Creates paragraphs with hanging indents in Microsoft Word. Command + T for MACs
  23. 23. Takes 48-72 HOURS We deliver it to you via link in your email
  24. 24. Tiffini Travis Please put your course and name in the subject line!