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Soc 355


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sociology research for quantitative reasoning class...

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Soc 355

  1. 1. RESEARCH
  2. 2. What are the main issues. Think of terms and variables that characterize your thesis topic. Think about what discipline in addition to sociology would research your topic.
  3. 3. Identify Empirical Articles 1 2 3 4 5 10-15 pages long Published in an academic journal Contains words like: Data, Participants, this study, methodology, further research 20-40 references Written by academics with university affiliations
  4. 4. Created with Haiku Deck Use these to connect your terms.
  5. 5. Use this to connect different variables. For example: black and white and
  6. 6. romantic or interpersonal
  7. 7. Use this to look for root endings. For example: rac* looks for racial, race, races,
  8. 8. cUse this to search for phrases. For example: “social media”
  10. 10. Microaggres* and workplace Stereotype* or microaggres* and legislation Microaggress* AND retail and customer
  11. 11. So you need to format in ASA Citation Machine Or Son of Citation Machine
  12. 12. Common Citation Errors. 1. Part of the citation is in ALL CAPS 2. Every Word Of The Article Title Is Capitalized (APA only) 3. The journal title is not italicized 4. The ending page number for your article is missing 5. There is no hanging indent Before
  13. 13. Fixing the Errors. 1. Change any words that are all caps 2. Make the appropriate words lower case (APA) 3. Italicize the Journal Title 4. Look at the PDF of your document and find the ending page number 5. Create a hanging indent After APA citation
  14. 14. Ctrl + T * Creates paragraphs with hanging indents in Microsoft Word. Command for Mac *
  15. 15. Photo by gdudg - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License Created with Haiku Deck
  16. 16. Finding the full text. HTML PDF Get it @CSULB BeachReach
  17. 17. Click on Get it @ CSULB IF THERE IS NO FULL TEXT
  18. 18. Arrives in about 48 hours BEACHREACH
  19. 19. Images from online art piece by Kiyun Kim Kiyun Kim