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Soc 346

  1. 1. Race, Gender & Class Sample topic: The many faces of black woman in media Sociology 346
  2. 2. Start with your topic Create a research question Select key terms that describe your topic Think of synonyms and related terms or information sources you can use for searching
  3. 3. Use this to look for root endings. For example: rac* looks for racial, race, races,
  4. 4. cUse this to search for phrases. For example: “race relations”
  5. 5. Zombie* and belie* and culture Paranormal and religion and belief Ghosts and fear and psychology
  6. 6. Sociology Gender Studies Ethnic Studies Psychology History Statistics Communication Studies Databases by Topic Depending upon your topic, there may be some areas of research that are better than others
  7. 7. Finding Full Text articles in most databases
  8. 8. ArticleReach Get It @ CSULB
  9. 9. If the record isn’t full text Click on Get@CSULB to determine availability
  10. 10. Get it @CSULB box pops up
  11. 11. makes getting an article as simple as saying, "I want it!"
  12. 12. Citing with EBSCOHOST Click here to get the APA Citation formatted
  13. 13. Common Citation Errors. 1. Part of the citation is in ALL CAPS 2. Every Word Of The Article Title Is Capitalized 3. The journal title is not italicized 4. The ending page number for your article is missing 5. There is no hanging indent Before
  14. 14. Fixing the Errors. 1. Change any words that are all caps 2. Make the appropriate words lower case 3. Italicize the Journal Title 4. Look at the PDF of your document and find the ending page number 5. Create a hanging indent After
  15. 15. Ctrl+ T Creates paragraphs with hanging indents in Microsoft Word. For mac use Command + T
  16. 16. Now that you found the article what do you do with it?
  17. 17. Citing sources OWL Purdue Style Guides This page provides links to a variety of online examples of citing in both MLA and APA styles YouTube Videos Books Articles Book Chapters In-text citations
  18. 18. Get a Library Password If you forgot your password call: 562 985-5512 and get it erased so you can create a new one! Allows you to access databases from home Renew books Request interlibrary loan
  19. 19. Tiffini Travis Check the Sociology course guide for office hours!!! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES CALL- EMAIL ONLY!!!!