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Mobile Library Website Checklist and basics of usability testing for mobile library sites...

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Mobile site usability

  1. 1. USABLE BY DESIGNPRACTICAL USABILITY CHECKLIST FOR MOBILE WEBSITES Tiffini Travis Access by Touch Conference June 8, 2012
  2. 2. The purpose of this presentation is to introduce you to theusability checklist created by Tiffini Travis and Aaron TayBy the end of this session you should be able toIdentify elements that encompass intuitive designUse heuristics to evaluate mobile website designConduct usability testing at your own institution
  3. 3. Mobile usability?The worst thing any librarian can say in thecourse of web design is… “well I don’tthink students….” and not do the mostreasonable thing: ASK THEM But FIRST…. Use the Checklist to ensure you create a good site to test with
  4. 4. Mobile usability?2 different types of ways to conduct mobile usabilityHeuristicTask-based Evaluation
  5. 5. Heuristic evaluationis a proven method for discovering both majorand minor problems in a user interface.Heuristic testing detects 42 percent of majordesign problems and 32 percent of minorissues Jakob Nielsen Nielsen, J. 1992. Finding usability problems through heuristic evaluation. Proceedings ACM CHI92 Conference (Monterey, CA, May 3-7): 373-380.
  6. 6. Creating a mobile usabilitychecklist To formulate a checklist for mobile design the following research questions were used to guide the process:  What current design features exist in mobile library websites and databases  What principles of usability have been developed for mobile interfaces and library sites and mobile library websites  What are the results of using the mobile checklist with current mobile library websites
  7. 7. The mobile usability checklistInterface DesignUser CharacteristicsContent/Purpose
  8. 8. Types of mobile library sites….
  9. 9. Take a couple of minutes toreview the usabilitychecklist…. …Now let’s do our own mini version of heuristic evaluation on four sites
  10. 10. Database Usability
  11. 11. Next Steps….
  12. 12. Task-based EvaluationTraditional usability testing is a way to revealproblems in site design as well as the needs andattitudes of your users. Components include:Pre-Test of knowledge and attitudesTask performance evaluationEvaluate navigation while performing task as well asthought processPost-Test of attitudes and experience
  13. 13. Task-based Evaluation Find the book the Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison What is the phone number for the Science Librarian? Find an article about African Elephants If you need research help which link would you click on?
  14. 14. Wordpress Tricks and Tools Springshare Blogger
  15. 15. What have welearned? Usability can be easy!Mobile design can be easy (and cheap)!Always ask your users what THEY want!
  16. 16. Tiffini mojo_girl