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  1. 1. Research Comm 335Image @warrell3
  2. 2. Basic Searching Write down terms that relate to your subjectsInstagram Image by @emmmalinerose Determine vocabulary that may be used in a database
  3. 3. Narrows a search Both terms appear in same recordAND Terms have different meanings example: internet AND socialization Journal of Social & Personal Relationships Broadens a search Either term may appear in recordOR Terms have similar meanings example: interpersonal OR interaction
  4. 4. Can look for multiple endings of a word or pluralsasterisk measure* measure measures Allows you to specify how close you want your terms to appear in the record ProximityPhrase Searching online w4 interaction within 4 words “online interaction”
  5. 5. Most often willScholarly NOT be specifically aboutpublications Long Beach Provide data or theoretical analysis In-depth coverage of a topic References Peer reviewed by experts Written by experts
  6. 6. Popular CAN be specifically about Long Beachpublications Written by paid journalists Will provide overview of a topic Written for general public Vague references to sources NO references
  7. 7. Finding information about Long Beach Local information is not always easy.. City of Long Beach website Long Beach & Local History Guide
  8. 8. Newsstand (Pro-Quest) Full-text of newspapers 1980-Current date Allows you to search by article type Allows the use of quotations for searching!
  9. 9. CQ ResearcherEach one contains this information about anissue in today’s news Overview Background (history) Pro/con Current situation Chronology Outlook Next Steps (forecast)
  10. 10. Opposing Viewpoints Database Contains essays on both sides of an issue Search by keyword or browse topic Beware of date of publication Contains the full text
  11. 11. Lexis Nexis Academic Contains the full-text Use Synonyms Popular Publications Legal and Medical sources Ranks by Relevancy
  12. 12. Academic Search Elite Contains articles on almost any subject full textIf you limit your search to “peer reviewed” it will only give you scholarly articles
  13. 13. has books, electronic books Coast and links to government documents that are onlinecheck out our other Subjectdatabases to make sure Specificyou are using the right Databasesones
  14. 14. Getting the Article
  15. 15. If the record isn’t full text Click on Get@CSULB to determine availability
  16. 16. Get it @CSULB box pops up
  17. 17. If it says… Look at the record and get it!
  18. 18. ArticleReach makes getting an article as simple as saying, "I want it!"
  19. 19. Citing sources Instagram Image by karen_yim Books Articles In-text citations Book Chapters Web SitesOWL Purdue Writing GuidesThis page provides links to a variety of onlineexamples of citing in both MLA and APA styles
  20. 20. Get a Library PasswordGo to Coast https://coast.library.csul in your name, CSULB I.D. #, and a Password of your choiceConfirm Password by typing it twice moreIf the screen shows your name- it worked! If you forgot your password call: 562 985-5512 and get it erased so you can create a new one!
  21. 21. Become a Fan of the Library on Facebook! Dennis Dyck @DennisDyck on Twitter Like Us NOW!
  22. 22. Tiffini Travis ttravis@csulb.eduYahoo/MSN IM: csulb_librarian AOL/GoogleTalk: csulblibrarian Twitter: csulb_library