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Comm 110 Research Assignment


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overview of the online version of library research

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Comm 110 Research Assignment

  1. 1. FIRST: Look at the slides for an overview of your comm 110 assignment. Then click on the links as needed to complete your assignment!
  2. 2. You need the checklist to do this assignment successfully. SO… Download the checklist before you start your assignment and review it AFTER you think you are done to make sure you are including everything you need. COMM 110 Research Checklist
  3. 3. PICKING KEYWORDSThink of all the related terms for your topic Topic: First impressions on social media Face to face Initial interaction Impression formation First Impressions Facebook Snapchat Instagram Twitter Social media Remember synonyms Search more than one term Different terms in different boxes
  4. 4. CONNECTORS. AND use to search different variables Searching OR use to search related terms
  5. 5. SEARCHING. * Asterisk is for root terms SHFT+8 Advanced Latin* looks for Latin, Latino, Latinos, LatinX
  6. 6. SEARCHING. Advanced “romantic relationships” “Quotes” use to group words together
  7. 7. Sample Searches Interview* and nonverbal emoticons and interpersonal disclosure and “electronic mediated communication” cloth* or dress and first impression
  8. 8. THE DATABASE. And searches in own or same boxes Search OR searches ALWAYS in same boxes Limit to scholarly peer reviewed
  9. 9. Journal List COMM Consult this list to make sure your article comes from a reputable communication studies journal
  10. 10. 1. Find your article in the database and click on the title of the article 2. Look at the SOURCE line of the record 3. Look at the COMM Journals list (pdf.)to make sure your article citation is there. Journal Title Journal Title
  11. 11. Is my article scholarly? 1 2 3 4 5 Usually 10-15 pages long Contain in- depth analysis about a very narrow topic with DATA! If it is a Scholarly Comm Studies article the journal will be on the LIST. Contains words in the abstract like: Data, Participants, this study, results 20-40 references