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  1. 1. Our Work
  2. 2. We only work with clients who want to change a sector or create something remarkable
  3. 3. The Yard Creative is a privately owned,award winning design studio based in South London.Our core design services include interior design, graphic design, strategy, branding and research but we are an experienced bunch with varied backgrounds and will take on pretty much any creative quandary. This leads us to a weirdly wonderful mix of projects and clients. From shops to restaurants, kiosks to car parks, identities to reports, high speed trains to wayfinding - our work explores all that connects brands and customers. We strongly believe this diversity helps us innovate and push boundaries. FOR THOSE DARING TO BE DIFFERENT Research Strategy Design
  4. 4. We certainly didn’t invent the term ‘evidential design’ but it captures the fundamentals of how we have always worked. Today, we offer a full research service that allows our clients to gain insight into their customers, their marketplace and the changing world around them. RESEARCH Financial Client workshops TrendsCreative Day What’s New Tour S.W.O.T
  5. 5. Determining a clear sense of direction and purpose for each project is key to ensure projects achieve their goals, such as changing a sector, raising sales or increasing brand awareness. STRATEGY Brand Positioning Business Drivers Target Audience Market Opportunities
  6. 6. This is where the magic happens; using knowledge from our research and direction from the strategy our multidisciplinary team and expert partners put their heads together to dream big and create the unexpected. DESIGN CONCEPT DESIGN TECHNICAL DESIGN SUPPORT + OPTIMISE Interiors Branding Graphics Experiential Web Packaging DESIGN DEVELOPMENT
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Helping this 308 year old brand understand their customers For the first time in its history, the brand wanted to research its customer base to understand who, what, why and when they engaged with Fortnum Mason. The research, which included both quantitative and qualitative research was undertaken in multiple locations, face-to-face and online across a single live platform. A staggering 1,616 responses showed an expected result and now forms the basis of brand growth across the business. FORTNUM MASON Research - Copywriting - Editorial design
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Changing the UK public’s perception of health retail NutriCentre’s brief was clear from the outset; they wanted to disrupt the industry and help guide people to better health through nutrition. In order to achieve this, TYC’s researched indicated a shift away from the existing traditional markets segments and instead derive a new customer experience based around ‘knowledge’. NUTRICENTRE Research - Strategy - Brand identity - Comms - Experiential design Brand guidelines - Digital design - Store design - Concession design - Rollout
  11. 11. ADVANCED ANTIOXIDANT FORMULA VEGETABLE CAPSULES Advanced Antioxidant Formula Vegetable Capsules is one of Solgar's premium-quality antioxidants. Food Based Antioxidants 50mg 30mg 40mg 10mg 10mg Food Based Antioxidants Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing.
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  13. 13. Change the face of make-up retailing An award winning kiosk design that launched the online retailer on to the high street with massive success. The #Bottleshop created a social media frenzy upon opening and has become an iconic must-have franchise for landlords around the globe. More recently TYC have been appointed to design a new store experience to mark the launch of their #Boxshop cosmetics range. MODELS OWN Research - Comms - Digital interactivity Kiosk design - Store design
  14. 14. Buy 3 for £12 and save £3 The Blossom Collection Spring blooming flowers, calm breezes and warm shades £5per bottle
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Changing the forecourt experience forever To explore a Big Idea of how to change the forecourt experience and maximise the retail potential whilst changing the customer experience from 7 loathed minutes to one of happiness and enjoyment. A fundamental shift on how to view each asset and maximise potential based on the change in societal behaviours. No more guessing which pump will be free next. No more sitting behind a car waiting for a pump whilst someone does a weekly shop. No more need to risk your life walking across a forecourt as a pedestrian. No more bad coffee. The forecourt itself is spilt to suit customer needs, high-tech systems provide assistance to allow customers to move through more efficiently and brand engagement entertain and inform the customer whilst waiting. BP – DESTINATION BP Research - Strategy - Comms Digital interactivity - Store design
  17. 17. Generic Interiors Why use bp fuel? PAY For Now ToiletsTils Generic Interiors Why use bp fuel? Why use bp fuel? PAY For Now ToiletsTils
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Design the world’s best car park experience For most, our car is our second largest investment we own. Yet we’ve accepted that’s ok to park them in concrete shell’s that leak, stink of urine and have bays so small for today’s modern-day cars, that our fellow drivers dent and scratch our precious investments simply by opening their door. Time for a change! This project not only explores aspects of urban design, safety and advances in automotive but the entire commercialisation model for landlords. HAMMERSON Research - Strategy - Brand identity Comms - Car park interior design
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  21. 21. Breathe new life in to a deserted mall The change in behaviours and spending patterns now makes FB play a major role in the success of any mall. Time to create a new heart for the Kings Mall, Hammersmith! Old architecture, strong surrounding competition and no real identity meant TYC had a challenge on their hands. Especially considering that the planning had to be submitted within 4 weeks of commencing the project and the client set high rental expectations to increase the investment value. SCHRODERS Architectural planning - Interior concept design - Marketing pack
  22. 22.
  23. 23. A world class entrance for a world class mall Highcross Leicester. 30m people per year and yet from the high street you’d never knew it existed! Following its regeneration to the rear of the mall, Hammerson tasked TYC with creating an iconic entrance to to announce its presence to local traffic and put it firmly on the map. HAMMERSON Conceptual architecture - retail planning
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Take a potentially bad case and maximise the possibilities Following recent news about the state of two major retail brands who occupied 24,000sqft of prime retail space, Hammerson asked TYC to review how they could protect their investment whilst optimising the customer experience. The project included demographic and geographic research to understand the needs of the local community and therefore the attraction to future tenants. A full architectural replan was explored to raise potential income from £750k to £2m. HAMMERSON Research - Architectural planning - Interior concept design - Financial study
  26. 26.
  27. 27. Creating an iconic statement TYC were asked to challenge the expectation of a concierge desk within a mall whilst creating an iconic statement. The design embraced the arrival of the Olympics and the opportunities it provided for the East End of London and those who lived there. The gold and silver organic forms (representing the medals of the Olympics) wrap around the concrete base (the East End), protecting its survival. WESTFIELD CONCIERGE DESK Conceptual design - Technical design
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  29. 29. Reach out to a new audience for Mercedes With the launch of the new A-Class, Mercedes needed an environment to attract the desired younger target audience. One of the world’s most prestigious malls - Westfield London - provided the perfect backdrop. This project explored how to create a totally new activation for the brand that broke away from traditional car retailing. WESTFIELD – MERCEDES Experiential design - Comms
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  31. 31. Revolutionise the charity sector within retail Historically charity has not been welcomed in the mega-malls of retail mecca. Understandable to a degree. Who wants to feel bad when buying a Gucci handbag by seeing the face of a child dying of starvation? Our Worlds are miles apart and traditional approach by charities just aren’t welcome. Exactly why when World Vision, the Worlds largest International child sponsorship organisation, approached TYC, we saw the chance to use our unique approach to try to do something bigger. Something better for the world. WORLD VISION – THE STORY SHOP Research - Strategy - Experience design - Brand identity Comms - Digital interactivity - Kiosk design
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  33. 33.
  34. 34. Create a new brand of extreme health food Time. Time was the essential part of this project. Although an incredibly tight timescale, it was essential for the TYC team to spend as much time with the Founder, Carli, as possible. If this brand was to be a realisation of her, we’d need creative days, workshops, even workouts. We soon captured her values, vision and ethics. From here we created the name, designed the full brand, designed and built the web site, art directed the photo shoot, designed two kiosks, designed all the packaging, set up the social media platforms, created the uniforms and designed the first tees in the clothing line. PROTEIN HAUS Research - Strategy - Naming - Brand identity - Comms - Art direction Website - Packaging - Kiosk design - Clothing design
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  37. 37. Create a new sector in the sneaker market This explorative piece of work was requested from our existing client, JD, to explore the potential for a women only break-off of the sneaker company Size? Established in 2000, the brand brings edgier footwear and apparel products to market before mass-appeal and have over 30 stores worldwide with over 8m footfall per year. The challenge with this project was to understand the female market place, the consumer, the trends around female sneakers and the entry to market for Size? SIZE? WOMEN’S Research - Strategy - Brand identity Comms - Digital interactivity - Store design
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  40. 40. Creating a proud platform for this unique fashion brand Self-described as the more colourful and flamboyant cousin of Reiss, DMN set out to create a theatrical stage for its products and customers. Inspired by the clubs of Rome, TYC designed this unique platform and put a spot light on standing out. DAVID MAYER NAMEN Store design (conceptual and technical) - Concession design - Rollout
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  42. 42. Real sports apparel for real sports people In light of the weakening position of JJB Sports, JD realised the opportunity to capture some of the ‘performance’ end of the sports market. TYC were appointed to research the market place and create a new format to maximise this potential. Our research showed over 70% of people living in major city centres practice 2 or more sports, 81% said that it was important for a sports brand to acknowledge differing levels of participation and 63% of sports shoppers are destination shoppers, not browsers. The instore experience was designed to have a dynamic feel that leads with urban materials and textures, dramatic neon lighting and integrated technology. A category specific experience enabling shoppers to browse all relevant products on offer for a particular sport within one dedicated area. JD PRO Research - Strategy - Brand identity - Comms Digital interactivity - Store design - Rollout
  43. 43. Architecture Monochromespace
  44. 44. A sanctuary for the ultimate pizza lover After working with David Mayer Naman on his fashion brand, TYC we appointed to design a 500sqm restaurant in Rome, Italy. Named ‘Le Restaurant’ it was to be a fusion of a high end pizzeria with a patisserie and coffee bar. TYC created the high-end proposition with lavish use of marble blocks, rich timbers and modern-day chandeliers. LE RESTAURANT Interior design (conceptual and technical)
  45. 45.
  46. 46. Launching a new burger brand in to a saturated market Although an overrun market place, the founders of Amigos saw a gap in the market place - Halal food that appeals to the masses. A £700m market place in the UK provides huge opportunities for those willing to embrace it. Amigos saw this and tasked TYC to create a brand that would appeal across ethnic differences and establish its place in the burger market. AMIGOS BURGERS SHAKES Strategy - Brand identity - Comms - Interior design - Rollout Social media - Website design - Packaging
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  48. 48.
  49. 49. Changing the perceptions of fast food What started with a random email inviting TYC to Greece, we have now become the eyes and ears for this brand in the UK. Having completely reshaped their menu for the UK market, rebranded the business and designed kiosks, inlines and restaurant formats, Olive Oil Oregano has become one of the best financially performing independent FB brands in the UK. Winner: The most Innovative concept across Europe award, 2011, ICSC OLIVE OIL OREGANO Interior design - Rollout
  50. 50.
  51. 51. Create an entirely new high-end destination The Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour has a problem. 90 retail units, all full and a waiting list of premium brands eager to get in to the centre. TYC was approached to explore how to bring to life a disused external space between the two buildings and create a unique retail destination to allow brands entry to this high profile platform. DESIGN CENTRE CHELSEA HARBOUR Strategy - Brand identity - Interior design Design guidelines - Copywriting - Editorial
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  54. 54. Inspire a new generation of mid-mall retailers As the world of mid-market retail has evolved in to a serious retail market, the time had come for Westfield to re-write and re-design their design guidelines. TYC were appointed following our success in this market place and to bring a new perspective to help inspire the next generation of retailers entering the market. WESTFIELD DESIGN GUIDELINES Design guidelines - Copywriting - Editorial design - Print
  55. 55.
  56. 56. Time to reflect on the evolution of our brand Re-branding ourselves was never going to be an easy task but it was a necessary one. We wanted to get to the core of what The Yard Creative stands for and what makes us or the way we work different to other design agencies. The outcome - we’ll let you be the judge! TYC RE-BRAND Brand identity - Comms - Art direction - Website design
  57. 57.
  58. 58. “The most intelligently thought through work we have seen for this unit. It shows a good understanding what is needed both in terms of commerciality and design statement.” Peter Cooper, Portfolio Director, Hammerson “We enjoy a very productive and professional working relationship with The Yard. Their work consistently exceeds expectations, and our expectations are high!” Simon Cochrane, Director of Design, Westfield “The creativity, the originality and the enthusiasm of The Yard Creative were very helpful, in launching our brands in the UK. Working with TYC proved to be a very positive experience and a constructive cooperation.” Dimitris Damianidis, Owner, Glin Glon “It’s refreshing to work with a young, innovative design agency who have the ability to design a unique premium fashion concept, which does not look like its ‘ripped off’ every other retailer on the market.” James Fuller, Group Concept Design Manager, JD Sports “TYC adds value to everything they touch - it’s a retail design Midas touch. Our project looked, on the surface, like we just needed a bit of retail visualisation - what we got was a truly collaborative relationship that facilitated idea generation, improvement and informed challenge - I can’t wait for the next project.” Richard Hammond, Smart Retail “Remarkable concept designers. Great under- standing of retail. Fantastic people to work with. A perfect mix with Models Own” Mark Rodol, Founder and Owner, Models Own Of our work is based on recommendation and we are very proud to work with all of our clients and strive to build great, long lasting relationships.
  59. 59. 020 7183 8326 @theyardcreative 25 Northcote Road Battersea – London – SW11 1NJ