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Power of Music - Debi Cost


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Power of Music - Debi Cost

  1. 1. 1Confidential & Proprietary, Coro Health, LLC Music Provoking Memories and Decreasing Behaviors in Residents with Dementia Today you will…. Gain insight in how therapeutic music can be used as a care tool for people with cognitive and emotional challenges. You will learn how to reduce negative behaviors and improve mood and quality of life through the power of therapeutic music. Debi Cost Director of Client Enrichment & Training
  2. 2. You have many ways to get music, but WE know how MUSIC GETS YOU.
  3. 3. Earning My Right Coro Health is a media company specializing in therapeutic supportive content in healthcare: MusicFirst & CoroFaith  Founded in 2008:Team of passionate experts in a wide range of fields  Clinical trial completed in 2010: UC Davis Music and Brain Center.  Reductions Agitation & Depression up to 54%  Published 2012 Journal of Music & Medicine  Coro Services span across the country: LTC, Memory Care, Hospitals, Oncology Centers, etc.  Awards & Honors: ALFA Best of the Best, Eden Alternative Partner, McKnight Tech 4Confidential & Proprietary, Coro Health, LLC Neuroscientist Physiological impact of music and brain Music Therapist Therapeutic and clinical application Theology Expert Programs spiritual tools multi- denomination Music Designer Creates programs w/desired Outcomes
  4. 4. Step 1: Collaboration: Music Therapist Music Designer Neuroscientist Step 2: Build Programs: Genre/ Sub-Genre Beats Per Min (BPM) Key Texture Layer of Progression Lyrics Step 3: Outcomes: Wake Energy Relax Sleep Activity Programs Environment Supported Dining Lobby Sundowning programs are created with the knowledge of the Emotional, Psychological, Physiological & Behavioral nature of people. Music programs are handcrafted and properly sequenced exclusively for Healthcare. MusicFirst Clinical Trial: UC Davis Music & Brain Center - Results - Reductions in Agitation & Depression (27% – 54%) - Clinical Trial published in the Journal of Music & Medicine, January 2012.
  5. 5. “When words abandoned her music & lyrics helped her rebuild her language.” Meagan Morrow Research proves the Power of Music Reduces Stress Modifies Moods Sooths Pain Improves Sleep Helps During Surgery Boosts Heart Health Eases Anxiety & Depression Improves Stroke Recovery Music Lesson Influence
  6. 6. Dr. Sacks Prof. Neurology & Psychiatry at Columbia Univ.
  7. 7. Exercise: • Outbursts during the activity with subsequent removal decreased 100% • Overall participation raised across centers 23% • Eye contact, singing, laughing and smiling increased by 50% • There was a 50% increase in gross motor movement noted Behaviors & Medications: • Exit seeking with aggression with redirection decreased by 50% • Episodes of increased agitation decreased by 25% • Psychotropic drug use decreased by 27% • PRN Anxiolytic usage decreased by 65%
  8. 8. Using Music First you will discover... ..PASSION ..MOTIVATION …CONNECTION..HOPE ...JOY