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GCD Panel - Management Strategies (East/Central Texas), Gary Westbrook


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GCD Panel - Management Strategies (East/Central Texas), Gary Westbrook

  1. 1. Management of Groundwater Resources in the Central Carrizo-Wilcox Area Texas Groundwater Summit Presented by: Gary Westbrook, General Manager Post Oak Savannah GCD August 29, 2012Serving the citizens of Milam and Burleson Counties
  2. 2. Summary of POSGCD Management StrategiesAquifer/Formation Over all DFC DFC- Unconfined AreaSparta 30 10Queen City 30 10Carrizo 65 20Calvert Bluff 140 20Simsboro 300 20Hooper 180 20Yegua/Jackson 100 15(These DFCs are expressed as average drawdowns for a 60-year period beginning January 2000 andending December 2059, for the area covered by each aquifer in Milam and Burleson Counties.)
  3. 3. Adopted DFCs: Expressed in Average across District Simsboro (2000 to 2060) 300 ft 237 ft 270 ft 115 ft N/A ft
  4. 4. GCD Management Choices• How will GCD manage groundwater resources, i.e., how will GCD evaluate permit applications?• Based on MAG, DFC, Amount Permitted (Cap), Actual Production, District Philosophy? BIG QUESTION TO ASK-What actually affects aquifer conditions & waterlevels?Permitted Amounts? No.MAGs? No.Actual Production (which fluctuates)? Yes. 6
  5. 5. Simsboro- Permitted vs. Produced Average 2008-2011 (acre-ft) 21215 10531 Permitted Produced**Does not include BWS amounts of 55,993 A/F permitted, or 584 A/F produced
  6. 6. POSGCD Management• Focus on aquifer conditions through monitoring wells – District’s adopted DFCs – District’s thresholds for amendments to strategies• Equitably respects private property rights in groundwater while protecting water levels in aquifer• Equitable distribution of resource at any given time- All applications equitably approved (spacing/acreage)• Includes equitable curtailment of permits if necessary, based on allowable production/acre• How is this possible?.....Time is on our side. 8
  7. 7. POSGCD Simsboro Predicted Drawdown Over TimeYear 2020 2040 2060Drawdown 196 254 306 Note: Draft work in progress; all results are preliminary. Average Drawdown over entire District from year 2000 to 2060
  8. 8. Questions?Contact info:Gary WestbrookGeneral ManagerPost Oak Savannah GCDPhone: 512-455-9900Fax: 512-455-9909Email: gwestbrook@posgcd.orgWebsite: Serving the Citizens of Milam and Burleson Counties