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TWTRCON DC 09 Recruiting

TWTRCON DC 09 case study presentation about how to use Twitter for recruitment and branding. Created by Jessica Lee, Senior Employment Manager, APCO Worldwide (@jessica_lee | @APCOjobs) and
Kerry Noone, Marketing Communications Manager, Sodexo USA, Talent Acquisition Group (@SodexoCareers)

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TWTRCON DC 09 Recruiting

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  4. Case StudyTwitter and Recruiting<br />Jessica Lee, Senior Employment Manager, APCO Worldwide | @jessica_lee| @APCOjobs<br />Kerry Noone, Marketing Communications Manager, Sodexo USA, Talent Acquisition Group | @SodexoCareers<br />
  5. to recruit + hire<br />@jessica_lee<br />@APCOjobs<br />@sodexocareers<br />
  6. Jessica Lee - @jessica_lee, @APCOjobs<br />senior employment manager - APCO Worldwide<br />editor - Fistful of Talent<br />Kerry Noone - @SodexoCareers<br />Marketing Communications Manager - Sodexo USA<br />
  7. three ways to use twitter for hiring: 1) employment branding. 2) candidate engagement/ relationship building. 3) find + source candidates.<br />
  8. “The qualities that make Twitter seem inane and half-baked are what makes it so powerful” <br />– Jonathan Zittrain, Harvard law professor and Internet expert<br />
  9. employment branding’s ultimate goal? being a great place to work.<br />
  10. candidate engagement/<br />relationship building – addressing the resume black hole…<br />
  11. &quot;I&apos;m used to automatic responses. Just to have someone who replies and is generally interested in helping is huge.” <br />– Sodexo Candidate <br />
  12. wordymusic: @SodexoCareers lol hi there. Are you a bot?<br />SodexoCareers: @wordymusic - no I&apos;m a real person!<br />wordymusic: @SodexoCareers Oh, cool. Hi real person! What’s up?<br />
  13. post job openings<br />
  14. retweets = viral postings<br />
  15. within a two hour period of this tweet, 300 clicks, 35 resumes, 5 email inquiries<br />
  16. #<br />#whatido<br />#jobseeker<br />#jobangels<br />#_________<br />
  17. You are here.<br />
  18. How do you measure success?<br />
  19. &quot;oh this is going to be addictive&quot; <br />– Dom Sagolla, Twitter co-creator <br />
  20. Connect with us online! <br />@jessica_lee or @APCOjobs<br />@SodexoCareers<br />
  21. find tweeters based on their tweets, bio content or location<br />jessica_lee<br />Jessica Lee<br />
  22. jessica_lee<br />Jessica Lee<br />
  23. SodexoCareers<br />Kerry Noone<br />“I&apos;m so 3008. You’re so 2000 and late.”<br />
  24. jessica_lee<br />Jessica Lee<br />
  25. boolean, FTW<br />or<br />not<br />and<br />jessica_lee<br />Jessica Lee<br />
  26. popularity is nice… but try to make the right kind of friends.<br />jessica_lee<br />Jessica Lee<br />
  27. jessica_lee<br />Jessica Lee<br />
  28. SodexoCareers<br />Kerry Noone<br />“Facebook is to 2007 as Twitter is to 2009. It’s the most open communication platform out there“<br />– Roger Kondrat, social media consultant<br />
  29. SodexoCareers<br />Kerry Noone<br />“Twitter lets me hear from a lot of people in a very short period of time.”<br />– Robert Scoble, blogger <br />
  30. but why twitter? because it’s cheap and easy. it’s the great equalizer.<br />
  31.<br />