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Higher Education Marketing with Facebook Pages


Published on - In this higher education marketing webinar, Talmadge and Ross show higher education professionals how to use Facebook Pages and Facebook Insights improve engagement with students and alumni.

Published in: Education
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Higher Education Marketing with Facebook Pages

  1. 1. Social Hour
  2. 2. Your moderators@Talmadge @rossclurman @TWGPlus
  3. 3. Schedule•  Social Media Updates•  How to use Facebook Pages vs Profiles•  Group Discussion
  4. 4. Should I create a second school profile?
  5. 5. No.
  6. 6. Be personal and educational•  Create a comment policy•  Be yourself, not promotional
  7. 7. Create content worth sharing•  Application deadlines•  Student life information•  Financial Aid information•  Fun Stats from campus•  Current student projects•  Dean or faculty updates
  8. 8. Join the conversation•  Use Notes like a blog•  Comment on other posts (be careful)•  Add campus event•  Questions
  9. 9. Use Page Insights•  Track new likes•  Use Facebook as a Page
  10. 10. Build your audience•  Like button•  Events•  Promote your username•  Favorite pages•  Questions