CASE     FILES              SAP All-in-One                                    Business Devi polymers runs better andgrows ...
SAPAIi:i:l-one        I   CASE FILES        I"Why did we.choose                SAP? In a nutshell,                        ...
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TVSi Coverage in SAP Magazine


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TVSi's customer success case-study being carried out in the SAP Partner Link magazine.

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TVSi Coverage in SAP Magazine

  1. 1. CASE FILES SAP All-in-One Business Devi polymers runs better andgrows faster withSAP BusinessAll-in-One Devi Polymers Pvt. Ltd. ast-growing Devi Poly- the software could not be extended to F finely honed through the experiences mers Pl;ivate Limited the firms subsidiary business units, of thousands of customers, and the (Devi) is Indias leading whose operations were entirely man- best practices for using them are well supplier of molding com- ual. Assessing these business units known. Besides, with SAPs stability pounds and components contributions to the overall company and market presence, we know ourfor the automotive, electrical, and was a herculean undertaking. vendor will be there for us for the longother markets. Devi also designs and haul," he added.manufactures its own industrial and SAP FOR LONG-TERM "Why did we choose SAP? In a nut-engineering products both for India STABILITY shell, because we are the leading com-and for export. Devi realized these challenges had to pany in our field and we wanted to Until recently, Devi had no busi- be addressed if it hoped to continue its feel confident of continuing to be theness software supporting its produc- rapid expansion. Therefore, the com- leader," he says.tion operations. Efficiency suffered pany resolved to implement new soft- Another reason Devi chose SAPas a result, and inventory costs were ware with strong, integrated support was the availability of an ideal imple-excessive, especially since many of for production, financials, and overall mentation partner, TVS Infotechthe firms products have a short shelf planning of the business, including Ltd., right in its home city of Chen-life. To boost product quality, manu- the subsidiaries. nai. TVS Infotech, a member of thefacturing productivity, and customer One alternative considered was a US$5 billion TVS Group, is a globalsatisfaction, Devi wanted to measure regional vendor that proposed a highly IT services company serving small andits plants performance but found this customized solution, but then Devi midsize enterprises. The firm special-impossible without the right software. realized how much better and safer the izes in SAP software implementation, In finance, Devi had software in future would be with SAPsoftware. upgrades, enhancements, support,place, but it was poorly integrated, "Standard solutions are much easier and maintenance.hurting the companys ability to make to support," says Dr. K. Sudhakar, Proj- TVS Infotech specializes in thetimely payments to vendors. Financial ect Coordinator for Devi. "SAP Busi- industrial market and has developedplanning was difficult, especially since ness All-in-One solutions have been its own SAP software implementation20 ~PARTNER LINK DEC 2010-MAR 2011
  2. 2. SAPAIi:i:l-one I CASE FILES I"Why did we.choose SAP? In a nutshell, keep vendor satisfaction high. Cus- tomer satisfaction is up as well duebecause we are the leading company in our field to on-time shipments and quality improvements that are demonstratedand we wanted to feel confident of continuing by a reduced reject rate in quality con- trol. With crisper production process-to be the leader," says Dr. K. Sudhakar, Project es and better planning tools, finished goods spend less time in inventory.Coordinator for Devi. This saves substantial costs, espe- cially in the case of short-shelf-life items. With SAP software, Devi canmethodology called Smart Start. Using ness units, Devi today has integrated now monitor and measure the perfor-its methods, the integrator completed its departments and subsidiaries with mance of its plants and the contribu-the implementation on schedule an SAP Business All-in-One solution. tions of its subsidiaries and quicklyand within budget. TVS Infotech is With a single, centralized information deliver results to management. Infor-now providing support using an on- source, Devi has introduced big effi- mation such as this is allowing thedemand model to save on total cost of ciency improvements. firm to make the right decisions atownership, charging for services only With SAP software, Devi has unified the right time to continue its industry the company under a single solution leadership.-when requested by Devi. using a single database. All produc- In terms of operational benefits, cus-ALL ON THE SAME tion steps are integrated, from plan- tomer satisfaction for Devi went up byPAGE ning and raw materials receipt to final 15%; finished goods rejection by.qual- From having poorly integrated soft- shipment and invoicing. ity control came down by 20%; inven-ware for financials and none at all in Accounting is simplified, helping tory costs dipped by 30%; and overallmanufacturing or its subsidiary busi- the firm issue payments on time and operating costs reduced by 5%. ~ DEC 2010-MAR 2011 ~PARTNER LINK 21