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The Disconnect in Connectivity


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'The Disconnect in Connectivity' - An article by Mr.Srinivasan S, CIO of TVSi, featured in 'The Economic Times' dtd 16th Sept 2011

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The Disconnect in Connectivity

  1. 1. The Disconnect in ConnectivitySSRINIVASAN service provider ,to give effect up of a microwave tower being in hours, if not minutes. And outsourced to a subcontrac- yet, there are instances where, tors subcontractor, sans guar-The competition commission for several days, there is not antee of safety, acceptance ofhas struck a blow for the con- even an acknowledgement r:esponsibility or liability insumer through a hefty fme on case of afault. from service providers, leavea leading real estate fIrm for alone making the change. A doublewhartuny awaits theramming one-sided contracts Since last-mile connectivity typical automotive supplier in on hapless customers. Offensi- is sensitive and vulnerable, the event of a connectivityve, irrational and high-handed loss. The vehicle manufactur- the ORUS is on service provid-contracts are neither new norconfmed to real estate. Take an ers to provide fail-safe fallback er can levy a penalty tliat is se- links. And yet, there are insta- veral times the value of goodsexample from telecom. nces where the last-mile tech- defaulted due to the outage. On Leaving out the hopelessly nology has c0mpletely failed the other hand, the service pr-vulnerable small business sec- only half-a-day downtime. in bandwidth cuts no ice, and with neither alternative solu- ovider will compensate (a) on-tor for the moment, we can ex-amine contracts between me- However, if this is reviewed such clauses hold sway even if tions nor compensation to the ly if, the outage is beyond the over a one-year span, as inSist- the customer compensates customer. Add to this, there liberal allowances provided,dium-sized organisations and (b) to the extent of the timesome giant communication ed by service providers, seven traffic elsewhere. There is, are many· instances of last- days of ,continuous downtime thus, an insistence that busi- mile link failure on account of lost, and (c) only through extraservice providers. What is the ttsage of serviceandnotthrou- is well within limits. Such a nesses must run uniformly for assorted reasons such as roadexperience of a typical con- gh cash reimbursement. protracted disruption can be years. Other unsaid compul- widening and flooding. Thecern with a service provider Skirting such crucial aspects fatal to business. Though high sive offerings are poor line, service provider accepts no re-while subscribing to a data of performance, service provi-communication network? availability is far more critical quality, abrupt line termina- sponsibility for the jarring in- The customer has to commit during the day, there is no dis- tions and erroneous billing, terruption or for providing in- ders thrust bulky standardis- tinction between night and Other than persevering with fllrmation on the re-establish- ed contracts that deal more insubscription at fIxed rates, peripherals such as hair-split- day,and service levelis reckon- the service provider, there is mentoftheline.Inthelightofanywhere up to three years, ed on 24-hour basis uniformly. little recourse for the custom- such imponderables, since bu- ting terminologies, defmitio-despite steeply falling tariffs. nsandthejurisdictionof cour-In return, the only assurance Key clauses stipulate that the- er, legally or otherwise, as siness continuity cannot be co- re can be no changes in the qu- these would be laborious or mpromised, customers have ts. Will the Telecom RegUlato-from the service provider is a ry Authority of India, the Tele- antum of bandwidth regard- prohibitively expensive: no option but to have redun-service-level guarantee for less of the diffIculty in guaran- One of the signifIcant benefI- dant and idle networks that on- com Commission and the Tele-uptime of the network that is teeing the exact bandwidths in ts of changing from conventio- ly add to costs. com Dispute Settlement Appe-shallow in content. To start llate Tribunal take a leaf outof the same nodes for years. nalleased lines to multiple pr- While it is fashionable to talkwith, an uptime guarantee is , Enhancements in bandwid- otocollabel switching (MPLS) of total responsibility, it is illu- the competition commissionsmeaningful only if the review- ths are welcomed while reduc- protocol is to avail bandwidth minating to see to what extent book and remove the gridlockingtime span is limited. A98% tions are not accepted. The on tap. Here, if a customer this is translated in practice. present in lopsided contracts?performance level, when re- (The author is a senior IT premise that business is dy- asks for a change in bandwid- There are instances of erec-viewed over a month, permits namic and requires changes th, it should be possible for the tion work such as the setting executive. Views are personal)11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 I