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Windows 8 news for the enterprise


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Whats new for the enterprise in Windows 8. Session from UTMessan 2012 Iceland

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Windows 8 news for the enterprise

  1. 1. Windows 8What’s The Fuzz All About Olav Tvedt, MVP EDB Ergogroup Twitter: @olavtwitt Blog:
  2. 2. WARRNING: It’s worse then a beta. You will lose sleep and hair.And Everything might be a lie. You have been warned
  3. 3. * ∼200 commandlets in Server 2008 R2 Vs. ∼ 2300 in Server 8)
  4. 4. Windows Server 8 Virtualization Changes VM Replication VM from file server Live Storage Migration VHDX format (up to 16TB) ODX (Offline Data Transfer) HW Improvements hosts 160 Logical Processors 1024 Virtual Processors 2 TB Memory 63 Nodes in a clusters 1024 Active Vms per host 4000 Active VMs per failover cluster HW(?) improvements guests Up to 32 Cores per VM Up to 512 GB memory per VM Cloud Backup
  5. 5. Windows Server 8Storage Changes Faster and more reliable Disk De-Duplication ODX (Offline Data Transfer) Storage Spaces and Storage Pools Check Disk runs FAST Bitlocker on clusted disksDirectAccess Support for non-IPv6 server resources Don’t require PKI
  6. 6. More About AD:Webcast: Brian Desmond - Whats new in Windows Server 8 Active Directory
  7. 7. More About Setup and Deployment:Everything Johan Arwidmark included the session after this one
  8. 8. Windows Client 8 Security Bitlocker Encrypt Only Used Disk Space TPM Pin Set By Users TPM Pin Change For Ordinary Users Windows Defender Secure Boot Windows To Go Boot from USB Complete installation (apps and everything you need)
  9. 9.