Whats new in microsoft desktop optimization package


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Walktrough of the New stuff in MDOP, UE-V, AGPM, APP-V and DaRT. From the Windows Bootcamp Oslo 19. sept 2012

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Whats new in microsoft desktop optimization package

  1. 1. Whats New And What’s Improved!Olav Tvedt Reidar JohansenConsigliore Senior Infrastructur ConsultantSTEP Member, MVP Setup & Deployment
  2. 2. AGENDA New: • UE-V Improved: • APP-V • AGPM Don’t Forget: • DaRT
  3. 3. UE-VUser Experience Virtualization• Capture And Centralize Settings For Both Windows And Application• Supports Microsoft & Third Party Applications• Apply Settings To: - Desktop - Laptop - VDI
  4. 4. UE-VComponents• Group Policy Templates• Setting Storage• Default Templates• Custom Templates• Agent• Generator
  5. 5. APP-VApplication Virtualization• We use it to isolate, distribute and provision applications to end user• Not all applications can be deployed with App-V (like VPN clients)• User can experience slower performance compared to a local install• New in v5: major rewrite of code, powershell 3 required, new fileformat, supports Win8/2012• Install as standalone, with App-v Server infrastructure, or Compined with SCCM• SCCM reduce the App-V Infrastructure to sequencer and client• SCCM can deliver App-V application Streaming or Download and run
  6. 6. APP-VApplication Virtualization• For Windows 8 no prerequisites.• Install client with /ENABLEPACKAGESCRIPTS=1 parameter or use powershell: Set-ExecutionPolicy ByPass; Import-Module AppvClient; Set-AppVClientConfiguration -EnablePackageScripts 1• SCCM has App-V Package Name limit of 50 caracters, edit package with Sequencer if longer before importing to SCCM
  7. 7. APP-VApplication Virtualization• To import App-V in SCCM you:• Create the Application using Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.• After package is created you might want to adjust properties before deploy (remove shortcuts, change to streaming etc).• You should also add Dependencies like App-V client and .NET framework• You must also Create a Virtual Environment• Then Deply the Application to a User Collection
  8. 8. AGPMAdvanced Group Policy Management• Mainly Updated For New Windows 8 & 2012 Server Functions And Features• Functions Of AGPM: - Group Policy Control And Delegation - Version And Change History - Offline Editing Off Group Policy - Group Policy Templates
  9. 9. What is Microsoft BitLocker Administrationand Monitoring (MBAM)?MBAM builds on the BitLocker data protection offering in Windows 7 byproviding IT professionals with an enterprise-grade solution for BitLockerprovisioning, monitoring, and key recovery. GOALS ARE: Simplify provisioning Provide reporting Reduce support costs 1 and deployment 2 (e.g.: compliance & 3 (e.g.: improved audit) recovery)
  10. 10. DaRTDiagnostics and Recovery Toolset• Collection Of Tools For Diagnostics And Recovery• Extending Functions In MDT And SCCM
  11. 11. DaRT
  12. 12. THE END!Olav Tvedt Reidar JohansenConsigliore Senior Infrastructur ConsultantSTEP Member, MVP Setup & Deployment