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Telematics in Brazil by Wirelesscar

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Telematics in Brazil by Wirelesscar

  1. 1. Growth Hotspot: Telematics in Brazil Greg Geiselhart, WirelessCar Marcio Luz, Volvo do Brazil Bruno Ritter, Claro Mikael Gustavsson, Volvo CarsWirelessCar - a part of Volvo IT
  2. 2. Topics to be covered•Protocol ACP245 is imminent.•Overcome hurdles imposed by the Brazilian market•Analyze the advantages of utilizing ACP245/Proprietarysystems•Address both consumer concerns and government regulationsto implement a solution•Defining Strategy, Identifying Benefits
  3. 3. DENATRAN Resolution Backgorund Feb-10 Resolution 330/09 New Introduction Sep-10 Aug-09 Date Deliberation 96/10 Jan-11 Resolution 245/07 Law Enforcement Deliberation 99/10 Law Enforcement Date Law Enforcement Date Date Feb 06 - Sep 07 Aug-07 - Jul-09 Jul-09 - Dec-10 Jan-11 - Dec-11 National Program of Security System SIMRAV Project Concept & Execution SIMRAV MPF Adjustments Volvo On Call Production Jan-07 Jan-08 Jan-09 Jan-10 Jan-11 Feb-06 Dec-11 Start of Operations DENATRAN Resolution 364/10 Jun-10 Confirms the ability to start of CONTRAN Operations and define a Feb-06 Jul-07 Oct-08 Jul-09 Deliberation 96 new Introduction date to be valid from May/2011 Law 121 DENATRAN DENATRAN DENATRAN National System Resolution 245 Resolution 295 Resolution 253 Aug-10 !! A new delay is announced !! for Prevention, MPF Functional CONTRAN Surveillance Requirement Review Deliberation 99 and Repression Aug-07 Oct-08 for Resolution 245 Intro. date setof Motor Vehicle and DENATRAN DENATRAN to Dec/2010 Cargo Theft Ordinance 47 Ordinance 102 Technical Requirement Technical Requirement Aug-09 Dec-10 Specification for 245/07 Review for Ordinance 47 New Date MPF Act Addressing Jan-09 DENATRAN Passenger vehicles DENATRAN Deliberation 82/09 & 83/09 & Ordinance 129 Addressing MPF Act Certification & Requirements and Commercial vehicles Assisted Operation Homologation Specification Resolution 329/09 and 330/09 for 245/07 SIMRAV Compliance to MPF Act 1/15-2012: 20% May-09 and new Introduction date 3/15-2012: 40% DENATRAN 6/15-2012: 70% Ordinance 133 Certification Rules & 8/15-2012: 100% Certification Bodies Announcement
  4. 4. Proprietary Solution Certified with DENATRAN 245 WirelessCar Certified Service Call center Provider VIT/WirelessCar ACP Off-Board 245 + Volvo On Call ACP 245 Protocol Infrastructure Protocol implementation implementation Certified Telco Claro Telco Solution Supplier On-Board unit Volvo On Call Volvo On Call e/b-Call , RDU, TN ACP 245 SVT+RVI ACP 245 SVT+RVI, Hardware
  5. 5. Getting Started - Volvo On Call Case Study Current Status in regards of Volvo On Call in Brazil: • Volvo Cars “Volvo On Call” solution is homologated by DENATRAN; • WirelessCar Volvo On Call services is homologated by DENATRAN; • ACTIA Volvo On Call hardware is homologated by DENATRAN; • Gemalto SIM Vendor is homologated by DENATRAN; • CLARO Telco supplier is homologated by DENATRAN; ** Volvo On Call product is Ready and customers desire it ! ** Dependencies: • OTA and HLR Infrastructure in operation at DENATRAN plus some additional government Legal Procedures and system integration to be made by SERPRO (RENAVAM SIMRAV) • Not Ready
  6. 6. DENATRAN SIM245 – Service Activation flow Telco A DENATRAN DENATRAN Telco B CLARO SERVIÇO ATIVO SERVIÇO LIMITADO Telematics Service Provider OPERADORA DENATRAN (TIV) 7. Service 1. Request Activation Activation Key SS7 MAP Request is to DENATRAN Telco Suppliers sent6. SIM245 is pdated STP/MSC/ Hlr/AuC Back Office VLR 2. Provisioning Information interface with Telco CRM. 5. Update Request is sent to DENATRAN SS7 MAP Telco apporved Operator HLR/AuC 4. HLR OTA Server 3. Update BackOffice Back Office Verification Initiation SS7 MAP HTTP Ministério Das Cidades
  7. 7. Volvo On Call The Benefactors Volvo On Call Two years of Safety & Security included in car purchase Benefits for the Customer Benefits for the Dealer Benefits for Volvo CarsSafety •New revenue stream •Comply with Denatran•Automatic crash notification •Additional selling arguments regulation•Emergency assistance •Marketing and PR •Maintain global service approach•Road side assistance •Remote diagnostics •Newly developedSecurity •Breakdown assistance functionality to transfer to•ATSVR functionality – •CRM other markets (ex. RVI)DENATRAN 247/07 Compliant •Increase Customer•Stolen vehicle tracking loyalty•Theft notification•Remote immobilization•Remote door unlock/lock
  8. 8. Thank You!Tack!Merci!Obrigado!